I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 514


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“long time no see, Wang Lan classmate.”

I was talking and laughing with Xu Xiangwen when I heard a female voice. Wang Lan turned back, “Xu Yu, long time no see.”

“Congratulations, although I have known that you will be great in the future, but didn’t expect you to be so great. I wanted to call you greedy, but I think you should prefer me to call you Wang Lan Classmates.”

“Of course, those who are greedy for wolves and not greedy for wolves are called by someone we don’t know. We are considered Old Friend.” While speaking, Wang Lan’s eyes glanced at Xu Wei again inadvertently.

“Do I have any problem? I feel that the look in my eyes is a little confused.” Xu Yan looked down at himself, thinking there was something wrong with him.

“No, I’m just wondering if Xu Yu has ever been injured…”

“Huh?” Xu Yu suddenly remembered that Wang Lan not only possesses a strong strength, but his medical star martial arts are also unique in the world.

As a star martial artist, and also a star martial artist in the late stage of Star River, how can he not get injured after battle? Xu Hui suddenly thought that he had some internal injury that Wang Lan had discovered without realizing it?

Deserving to be the star martial artist of Jade Country’s first medical care, he found a problem I didn’t find at a glance.

“My generation of soldiers, is it not commonplace to be injured?”

“Oh…so too! Don’t be sad. I shouldn’t talk too much. Just seeing you, I feel that your height has become shorter… Actually you shouldn’t give up like this. Why didn’t you contact me? Your mother There should be my contact information……”

at first, I still think it’s human words, but Xu Yu gradually felt that Wang Lan’s words were wrong. When Wang Lan finished speaking, Xu Yan felt like he was cracking.

What has become shorter? What self-giving up? Are you when I am amputated? I…

Xu Wu’s face suddenly turned dark, and he turned around silently, all his friends on the spot.

“Hey? Student Xu Wei, your complexion is not so good…what’s the matter?”

“It’s okay, I still have a chance to talk later.” Xu Wei left without looking back.

Wang Lan still looked dumbfounded, “What’s wrong with her? It doesn’t feel right.”

“Wang Lan, what did you and Squad Leader Xu say?” Xie Sisi curiously leaned over.

“It’s okay, just ask her if she was injured before, and then cut it off for a while? I feel that her height seems to be a bit shorter than when she was in Provincial grade martial gathering, so I’m concerned… Who knows what happened to her? Suddenly.”

“Kukukuku…” Suddenly, a very uncomfortable laughter sounded, Xu Xiangwen’s face flushed.

“Wang Lan, at Jin City Xingwu Academy, no one can crack a joke of Xu Yu’s height. She just has a black face today and it’s fine for you.

Squad leader Xu has never been injured and so on, but she has barely grown in height since her third year of high school. Wang Lan, it’s not that Xu Wei’s height has become shorter, but yours has become taller. “

“Uh…this is embarrassing. I think Xu Yu is about the same height as Xinyu…Forget it, I have to apologize.”

“Isn’t going to apologize at this time to add fuel to the fire? You really thought she didn’t dare to cut you. Forget it, let me accompany her for you, right? I have a good relationship with her.” Xie Sisi hurriedly covered Said the mouth.

“The purpose of Demon Race is a bit elusive. We not only have to face the current difficulties, but we also have to figure out what Demon Race is doing. Do we really intend to use this tactic to win the Northwest scouting space? This is impossible.

Tactics are dead and people live. This tactic can quickly find the weak spot. I now have two guesses about the purpose of Demon Race. “

“The two guesses?”

“One is lured the tiger away from the mountain, Demon Race wants to use the northwest to transfer me, and then secretly prepares to activate the space-time gems behind, you should have heard about the space-time gems, right?”

“Of course I know that there was a lot of noise before. Yes, you are the only person to deal with Time Gems, why are you here?” Bai Shaoqi suddenly reacted and asked hurriedly.

“Lured the tiger away from the mountain, I have already dealt with it. I have a messenger bee hidden on my body. There will be a hummingbird coming to scouting channel entrance. Once I find the gem of time and space, the hummingbird will immediately send it to me.”


“Time and Space Star Martial Skills?” Bai Shaoqi’s eyes immediately lit up. Even as a titled powerhouse, he only knows the name of space-time attributes. Space-time attributes are too scarce and too powerful.

“en! The second guess is that it is similar to the one in the scouting space in the sea of ​​clouds. There is something in the scouting space in the northwest that Demon Race needs, so they will provoke the alien beast to counterattack.”

“Time Gems?”

“It is possible, but no matter what it is, we first have to figure out how this group of people came and how they are active in our scouting space. I plan to personally lead the team to catch those sneak attackers.”

“You go fishing with a titled powerhouse? What can you catch? When people see you, where do they dare to catch your head?”

“What you said reminded me.” Wang Lan suddenly thought, “Notify all the experts who come to fish. After the target does not appear, all the hidden strengths are similar to those of the surrounding scouting, and wait for the opponent to take the bait before taking action.”

“Yes, I almost forgot.”

Wang Lan’s four-member team was also distributed. The scouting team he was in was a small scouting team with 20 people. Regardless of the fact that this scouting group is small, but the battle strength is not weak, the average strength is in the Nebula realm, and the group leader is an expert in the Star River realm.

You must know that the general scouting group leader in the scouting space is only in the Nebula realm. There are three or two Nebula realms in a group and the same Star Radiance Realm is a good configuration.

Don’t look at Wang Lan’s Star martial grade as a rocket. In fact, 80% of star martial artists have enjoyed a level increase, and the rest are the Living Years series.

As we age, the shackles that bind realm will become stronger and stronger, and the speed of absorbing the star force cannot keep up with the speed of breaking the shackles and becoming solid. Breakthrough becomes a luxury.

Even if you are lucky and successfully broke the shackles, the shackles of the realm above are even stronger. Therefore, the best period to break the shackles is still before 25 years old. That period is from the physical development period to the peak period of the body, and then gradually begins to decline.

breakthrough, have to be as early as possible.

The Scouting legion doesn’t know much about the identities of the Wang Lan four, but it’s somewhat known that the expert sent by this matter is specifically designed to catch those ghostly shadow killers.

These sneak attackers have the name of Shadow Slayer among scouting.

After the Academy’s support arrived, the counter-offensive order was issued from the headquarters. In the past few months, the Northwest scouting workers have been shrinking, and they have accumulated a lot of anger. They have been ordered and experts are hidden in the team. What are you waiting for? Just hit it.

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