I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 515


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The frontline defense zone in the northwest scouting space that had been sluggish for three months suddenly began a full-scale counterattack.

And it’s not a temptation in one place, but blossoming in all directions.

What is going on here?

Hidden in the depths of the chaotic fog, in a secret base, a black robe mysterious silhouette is faintly discernible in the thick black fog. After listening to his report, two sparks suddenly appeared in the silhouette of the black robe.

It looks like it is his eyes, but it may be his eyes.

“You said that the scouting in the Northwest scouting space suddenly fought back? They hired foreign aid?”

“I can’t see it for the time being, but I think it should be. The subordinates speculate that they should be expert in the ordinary scouting team, waiting to catch us.”

“Well…Even if they are mixed with expert in the ordinary team, there are only so many experts in the expert. Impossible every team is mixed with expert. Get out the people under your hand.”

“Get out? Isn’t that… isn’t it walking right into a trap?”

“Everyone knows that people have thrown fish hooks. You have to figure out how to eat the bait without being caught by the hooks. If you don’t even have this ability, it’s a waste of tissue training. It deserves it.”

“Yes, my subordinates understand.”

Fishing is a game with fish. Fish want to eat bait, but not every time a fish eats the bait, the bait is hooked. If the fish is smart enough, there is a way to eat the bait without hurting itself.

But if you can’t eat the bait without hurting yourself, the fish won’t choose to take the bait. Everyone in Bird of Paradise understands this truth.

So although the front-line recovery operations were in full swing, the shadow killers who appeared and disappear did not appear.

For example, some students who do not have enough acting skills and powerful star martial artists. Teammates are doing life and death battles with alien beasts. Are you holding your arms around to wait for work? Is this telling others that you are an expert waiting for the Shadow Assassin to come?

Although there are some who did not make a gesture of being an expert on the side, your strength is obviously higher than the others by a lot. Hey, are you really blind as a shadow killer?

There are a few who have passed the acting skills, pretending to be very difficult. Also successfully attracted the shadow killer to make a vote. But fishing requires patience. Seeing the shadow killer appeared, the impatient shot, and then the attack was interrupted by an alien animal and the hooked fish escaped.

This happened to Bibi. Although the counterattack went smoothly, there were not many fish actually caught.

Even if they have good acting skills, the timing is right, but once the Shadow Killer escapes without hope, even if they don’t want the brain eating insect in their head, they will be instantly excited.

This method is helpless even for Wang Lan.

Wang Lan’s four-man team is also one of many actors, and they happen to be the one with superb acting skills. Four-player configuration, Jiang Xinyu is the main attacker, Wang Lan is the medical star martial artist, Xu Xiangwen is in close combat, and Xie Sisi is assisted.

Follow the scouting regiment to encircle and suppress a tribe with about a hundred strange animals. Probably because of lack of experience, the four-person team is 30 metres away from the larger unit. This distance is equal to nothing for the expert, but it is fatal for a rookie who has just stepped into the scouting space.

Ten strange beasts have blocked Wang Lan’s four-person team, and there are two strange beasts on the way back close to the large group. The large troops in the distance kept urging the Wang Lan team not to stay away and hurry up, but the four of them were fighting hard with the alien beasts. Although they tried to leave the battlefield and approach the large troops, they failed several times.

In this scene, the eyes of the two shadow killers who were hiding in the dark flashed with green light, and the four rookies of Wang Lan were walking EXP in their eyes, great heads.

“Do you want to do it?”

“The strength of this scouting group is excellent, and their cooperation is also very subtle. The leader is still an expert above the Star River level. Based on the experience from the brothers, this scouting group should have no bait.”

“Yes, I’ve seen this scouting group before. I tried to kill him several times but I didn’t have a chance. These four may be really novices, and this ticket can do it.”

“That’s OK, let’s get closer and wait for a chance to make a move.”

At this moment, Jiang Xinyu knocked an alien beast into the air with an Icicle, and Xu Xiangwen went up to make up the knife instantly. At this moment, another strange beast jumped from behind and pounced on the unsuspecting Jiang Xinyu.

As a medical star martial artist, Wang Lan instantly discovered the danger of Jiang Xinyu, and immediately creded out in surprise, “Xinyu be careful!”

Pounced towards Jiang Xinyu.

In an instant, two figures appeared, shooting Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu like ghosts. The timing is good and the speed is fast. Either Wang Lan or waiting for them to give a thumbs up from Unable to Bear.

In the eyes of the two shadow killers, Wang Lan is dead. Under such an opportunity, the two newcomers to Star Radiance Realm Peak impossible have experience in coping, and this team is over.

It’s a pity, four great years.

It’s a pity, this medicine category star martial artist seems to have a lot of potential.

Suddenly, the two of them only felt saw a flash, and their vision changed. Wang Lan’s thunderbolt flashed with both hands, and the two foreheads were instantly buckled. The thunderbolt pierced the two’s heads instantly, accurately killing the brain eating insect that was activated instantly in the head.

The reaction in an instant is between 0.2 second.

Looking at Wang Lan’s face with a joyful smile, the expressions of the two shadow killers were black question marks on their faces.

What’s the situation? where am I? What happened just now.

The next second, after reacting, I suddenly realized that my mother, I’m planted! At the thought of being planted, the two shadow killers suddenly looked pale in fright. They have seen the end of their companion being caught.

The head burst open, and a brain eating insect with a round body crawled out of the head. That scene can make them regret having been in this world. But the next second, they were stunned again.

Brain eating insect didn’t even start? Are we still alive? La la la, still alive? How open the forest——

The joy of joy has just risen from the bottom of my heart, and a smile has just appeared on his face. Suddenly, the star force of Wang Lan’s body surged, and the surging mental power instantly invaded the two people’s minds to read each other’s memories.

After a long time, two shadow killers who had become idiots were left on the ground by Wang Lan casually.

“Huh? What’s the matter with these two?” Xie Sisi carefully looked at the two people who were left behind by Wang Lan, “Why do they have a smile on their faces when you caught them? Is there a conspiracy? ?”

Generally speaking, being caught by Wang Lan will show fear, even more how, after being engraved by the spirit, the panic expression will freeze, and then it will be expressionless because of becoming an idiot.

But even if the two people in front of me turned into idiots, the smiles on their faces were so…happy!

“There is no conspiracy, maybe because… life has too many ups and downs.”

“Have you found a clue?”

“There is a base for them in the depths of the Chaos and Fog. They do belong to the Bird of Paradise, but they are not of the faction we met before. It is really ridiculous to say that the Bird of Paradise is divided into a human faction and a Demon Race. Faction.”

“The Demon Race faction of the human faction? Are they all traitor spies?”

“Birds of paradise have existed for a long time, and it may be a thousand years old. After this thousand years of evolution, although birds of paradise are still public enemies of the whole world, their nature is indeed not as simple as before.

In the current bird of paradise, the human faction has the upper hand. Eighty percent of the bird of paradise is human, and 20% is the Demon Race. Moreover, the human faction and the Demon Race faction seem to be a bit different, as if they are fighting for dominance.

But anyway, the bird of paradise is the enemy of all of us. This time it is led by the Demon Race faction. I don’t know what the purpose is.

The reason why they can’t be attacked by alien beasts is because they are implanted within the body with a special spar, which is newly developed by Demon Race, which can shield their perception in front of alien beasts.

Although alien beasts have eyes, noses, and five senses, the way they distinguish between enemy and self is still star force perception. Even if the human being seen by the eyes is not of the same kind, they will be based on perception.

If they can’t perceive their star force fluctuations and star force levels, they will be classified as harmless. Also, the leader of their operation is the star martial artist known as Heart Demon. “


“He doesn’t know, but from his perspective, the opponent seems to be a human. The approximate location of the base is almost understood, several brothers, do you want to vote?”

Looking at Wang Lan’s expression and tone of speech, the four of them seem to have returned to the scene of the senior high school period. The three of them all showed knowing smiles.

“Fuck, with Little Lan’s titled powerhouse taking the lead, why not do it?”

“That is, with our team’s current strength, it is obviously inappropriate to quit.”

“We took their base.”

Xu Xiangwen has Heavenly Eye reconnaissance, Jiang Xinyu and Xie Sisi assist Wang Lan in the main attack, and the combination of four is definitely a war machine level.

Wang Lan led four people with the earth movement technique. The chaotic fog in the northwest scouting space is more dangerous. There are strange beasts everywhere in the chaotic fog, and once humans are discovered, they will be attacked by groups.

But this is relative to most star martial artists rather than Wang Lan and the others. In the final analysis, all the so-called dangers are due to insufficient strength. If you have enough strength, the danger is a smooth journey.

They don’t know how big the Northwest scouting space is, and no one even knows. But the base of this group of people turned out to be five hundred kilometers away from the depths of the chaotic fog. This is beyond the limit of human star martial artist’s exploration.

Generally speaking, the human reconnaissance team can only enter the fog of chaos for 100 kilometers at most. The deeper you get into the titled powerhouse level or even the abyss level monsters, the greater the chance.

Even if the four of them didn’t get along with each other, it would take eight hours to rush the road. “

“Commander Bai, Wang Lan just passed back information to me.” In front of Bai Shaoqi, a hummingbird sent out waves of electric waves, and this kind of electric waves formed language in Bai Shaoqi’s mind.

Because the hummingbird wants to contact Wang Lan extremely, he must guard the entrance of the scouting space so that he can immediately get news from the outside world and notify Wang Lan immediately.

“Oh? Is there something to be gained from greedy wolves?”

“He successfully caught a live mouth and completed the spiritual engraving. The black hand behind the scenes is indeed the bird of paradise and learned the location of their base, deep in the fog of chaos. Wang Lan has led his team to encircle and suppress.”

“Notify the greedy wolf, be careful of everything, don’t take risks.”

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