I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 516


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“Found it!” Xu Xiangwen suddenly stopped, the Heavenly Eye on his forehead exuding a brilliant golden light, and in the distortion of his vision, the camp hidden in a canyon was unobstructed.

The group of four came to the vicinity of the camp, carefully avoiding the guard and looking at the camp condescendingly. The black clothed person goes in and out, what is it if the costume is not a shadow killer? From the perspective of the size of the camp, there should be 2,000-3,000 people in small numbers.

In a different space, building a house and so on is very simple. Earth Element star martial artist presses on the ground, and as long as the ground structure is suitable, he can directly build a stone house, adobe house and sand sculptures.

“Little Lan, did you do it?” Xu Xiangwen looked at the shadow killer camp in the distance, as if a big girl was acting coquettishly on the bed. Being so defenseless, and being invaded by them in such a deep place, such a godsend opportunity would be thunderous if you don’t do it.

“I have one more question that I haven’t figured out yet.” Wang Lan frowns pondered then said, “How did they get in? You also know the level of defense of the scouting space. Don’t even think about so many people, just a titled powerhouse. Come in.

even more how, entering the scouting space has to cross our 700-kilometer line of defense, and then stealth to a depth of 500 kilometers in the chaotic fog, a full 1,200 kilometers. How did they come here? “

“This…” The faces of the other three changed all, but they couldn’t think of it. Normally, the bird of paradise is absolutely impossible to lurk to this place, not to mention that it is still on this scale?

“Forget it, this question should not be answered in a short time. Since the Bird of Paradise base is here, we should not have a problem with it.”

While speaking, Wang Lan stood up, star force surged around him, and Phoenix Form opened instantly. Actually, it is not necessary to open Phoenix Form in general battle Wang Lan, but the colorful Phoenix Form is really easy to use.

Under the colorful Phoenix Form, the release of skills is as simple as playing games, and the release of any star martial skill or attribute tends to be instinctive. The best way to destroy a camp is to destroy it with one blow.

A loud phoenix sounded, and instantly, a colorful Phoenix appeared in the sky.

“Heaven and Earth Grinding Disc!”

In an instant, the ground in the middle of the camp suddenly spewed out of lava like a volcanic eruption. In the sky, meteorites burning with flames fell like heavy rain on the ground.

The shadow killers in the camp were stunned. They couldn’t foresee a sudden attack, and they were so sharp at first. The Shadow Killer is not strong, just like the two that Wang Lan won before, both of which are the cultivation base of the Nebula realm.

In Wang Lan’s eyes, this level of strength is a gift. Using two super S-Rank star martial skills to clean up them is considered a high praise.

Most of the shadow killers who stayed in the camp were killed by lava and meteors before they even understood anything, but a few of them became a fish that escaped the net.

The sparse silhouette rushed out of the attacked camp desperately, and ran to the rear in a panic.

Normally, Wang Lan doesn’t need a breathing time to kill them, body flashed, and can instantly wipe out these a fish that escaped the net. But things that Wang Lan didn’t want to understand before must be fully understood.

If Demon Race can enter all scouting spaces at will, the threat to Jade Country is very terrifying. This group of desperate people is not aimless, they have an accurate direction, which shows that not far from the camp, there is a place to help them survive.

Sure enough, when they rushed four or five kilometers away, there was a gorge with waves of space fluctuations, and a mirror-like gate of time and space flickered.

Seeing this scene, Wang Lan’s long unanswered question finally has an answer. space channel, Demon Race opened a space channel connecting the northwest scouting space.

Although old questions have been answered, new questions follow one after another. How did the space channel be opened? There is only one space channel whether it is a different space or a scouting space. The complexity and randomness of space makes each open space channel connect to different spaces.

As recorded by humans, the space channel is directed to open, that is, the passage from Demon Realm to the human world. So seeing that there is a second space channel in the Northwest scouting space, Wang Lan’s face suddenly became gloomy.

“Let’s go!” Wang Lan said to the ground, and his body instantly turned into a streamer to rush towards the passage.

There are only seven or eight shadow killers who can escape the Wang Lan four-person team. After rushing into the space, they all stunned, because they originally thought it should be their base on the island after rushing through the passage, but didn’t expect it turned out to be a secret room, and this secret room seems to be in a different dimension?

But their doubts did not last long. In an instant, seven or eight people knelt down to the person who seemed to be shrouded in black mist.

“The leader, his subordinates are incompetent, the base was discovered, and an expert with the titled powerhouse level chased us and the base was destroyed.”

“Since I know incompetence…why is there any face to come back?” The leader’s low voice sounded, making the faces of all his men changed.

That’s not what at first said? The rules of the Bird of Paradise are very cruel, the mission loser, die! Greed of life and fear of the dead, death!

If the base is destroyed, it would be a dead word to escape to the bird of paradise, and it would be very miserable. But if the above confessed that if they were defeated, they could retreat, then nothing would happen.

The previous leader said well, if the base is found to be under siege, everyone can try to save the battle strength and withdraw it. Why did you suddenly change your mind?

“The leader, we…”

“There is no rule to make a circle, do I still use the rules of the bird of paradise? Die!”

“Leader, please spare me, we can retreat but you said–“

“Boss, we are following your instructions…”


Suddenly, seven or eight shadow killers screamed and rolled painfully on the ground.



The mournful scream didn’t last long, each and everyone gradually lost their breath, and their bodies became scorched with naked eyes. But the strange thing is that there is no flame at all, and their bodies are gradually turning into coke.

At the moment when they were not breathing, the four Wang Lan rushed through the passage and came into this small and confined space. The surrounding environment seems to be an underground karst cave, with a ray of light shining from the sky and hitting a platform in the depths.

On the platform, there was a black robed man sitting cross-legged, surrounded by black mist. Under the platform, several scorched corpses were lying upside down.

“Wang Lan…old man I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. You finally came…” A gloomy voice sounded from the black robe’s old man.

“Who are you? Are you a traitor to the Bird of Paradise?”

“Traitor? he he he…If I am a traitor, then you are also a traitor!”

“I’m a traitor? It’s been a long time since I heard this level joke. The Demon Race spy who died in my hands, there are countless human traitors. You said I was a traitor? Old man, are you confused?”

“When I say you are a traitor, I don’t mean a traitor of the human race, but a traitor of the Divine Race. Wang Lan, because you are not a human being, you are the child of our Divine Race…”

As soon as these words came out, Wang Lan eyes immediately stared round.

“Don’t you remember? Then I will let you remember…”


The flames soaring into the sky rose, and the familiar memories unfolded before Wang Lan’s eyes. That was 20 years ago, and Wang Lan just crossed over. The surrounding flames were burning fiercely, and there was a noise of fighting in the distance.

Wang Lan is still a child who has just been born less than seven days old, hugged by his mother. mother is an individual girl, and father is indeed a nobleman of Demon Race. It is also the most human-like noble in the Demon Race, with almost the same body as the human. The only difference may be the pair of small horns on the pointed ears and forehead.

Father is a high-level spy lurking in the human world, but it is a pity that Jade Country discovered his whereabouts, and it was the Flame Emperor who was ordered to crusade. Father hugged himself and mother deeply, and then went out without hesitation.

Half an hour later, the door was knocked open, and father’s head was thrown into the room by a fierce woman. A woman with flames all over her body came to Mother coldly.

Then raised the butcher knife in his hand and chopped off Mother’s head with a single knife, and the blood spilled all over him. Just as the woman raised the butcher knife to fall, the woman suddenly stopped.

She discovered that Wang Lan’s body didn’t even have any Demon Race features, and a strange smile appeared on her face suddenly.

“You have the Demon Race bloodline and the human bloodline. It should be more valuable to train you as a double agent…”

This scene of memories unfolded in Wang Lan’s mind like a picture scroll. Wang Lan was so angry that he almost thought it was true.

Are you bullying me when I was born? If it weren’t for labor and management, or for the memory of labor and management from the moment of birth to the present, I would think that I was a hybrid of Human Demon.

You can insult the IQ of labor and management, but you cannot insult the variety of labor and management.

In an instant, the surrounding fantasy disappeared, and the picture before me became the picture before. And the silhouette shrouded in black robe, still sitting on the platform.

Wang Lan quickly looked at the three of Xu Xiangwen, Jiang Xinyu, Xie Sisi, Xu Xiangwen and Jiang Xinyu were calm, but Xie Sisi’s expression became very frightened.

In her illusion, the good deeds between herself and Wang Lan were broken by Jiang Xinyu. In order to redeem Jiang Xinyu, Wang Lan actually said that she seduced Wang Lan… Actually, Wang Lan didn’t love Xie Sisi’s words at all. In the end, Wang Lan ruthlessly let Xie Sisi disappear and never show up again.

Finally, seeing the two leave unrelentingly arm in arm, Xie Sisi’s world collapsed in an instant…Fear, despair, fulfilling her world.

Heart Demon is to evoke the most feared, most feared, and least known thing of people deep in one’s heart, and amplify them to destroy people’s will.

Heart Demon is not in the ranking of Bird of Paradise, but it is the most terrifying existence of Bird of Paradise. Even Sony didn’t want to meet Heart Demon, let alone be an enemy.

Seeing the state of Xie Sisi, Wang Lan knew that she was completely hit, and if she didn’t break the illusion, Xie Sisi might collapse.

The body flashed in an instant, and the person turned into a streamer and appeared in front of the black robed man. The black robed man also looked at Wang Lan with a dumbfounded look. He had already hit his Illusion Technique, and he had already fallen deep in it. How could Wang Lan break free?

Even if you break free, how come you break free without me noticing?

Wang Lan is killing intent at this moment.

Don’t you like soul torture? Don’t you like to make Heart Demon? Then try this!

“Red Lotus Industry Fire——”


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