I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 517


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Heart Demon’s body suddenly burst into red flames, but at that moment his expression was still awkward. He really can’t understand, why? Why can Wang Lan break free from his Heart Demon illusion without warning?

Impossible, haven’t you successfully raised the doubts about Wang Lan deep in one’s heart? Only those who truly see through the illusion and are completely relieved of Heart Demon can break free from the illusion silently.

This is the legend that he forced him to be strong, the moon shining on the river, he turned him horizontally, and the breeze blew the hills. What you care about will be hurt. If you don’t care, Heart Demon is nothing more than an emotion.

So Wang Lan broke free from the Heart Demon illusion, and backhanded him a red lotus karma fire.


Suddenly, Heart Demon let out a scream, and the black mist surrounding him also disappeared at this moment, revealing a skinny cheek with a black cloak.

But at this moment, Heart Demon’s eyes are bright red. It is not bloodshot bright red, nor bloody red, but bright red dancing with flames.

The red lotus karma fire burns the souls of sinners, sinking in endless regret and fear.

The mournful scream echoed, and Heart Demon rolled over the platform painfully. The three people who were trapped in the illusion were successfully released in this brief moment. I have to say that Heart Demon is really powerful. There is no sound, no shadow, no shape, even how he activates it.

Regardless of whether the target is Stars Realm’s first Scholar or Star Soul Realm’s top expert, they will all be drawn into the illusion. As long as you have secrets and things you are afraid of, you have Heart Demon.

“hmph!” Jiang Xinyu a groan, his feet staggered slightly, and Wang Lan body flashed to hold Jiang Xinyu.

At this moment, Xie Sisi finally broke free from the illusion, but she was the one who was hurt the most. There was a scream in an instant, spurt a mouthful of blood.

Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu complexion greatly changed and hugged Xie Sisi quickly. Xie Sisi looked pale, her cheeks were still shaking.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!” Jiang Xinyu hugged Xie Sisi tightly and held it in his arms, “Thinking about not being afraid, we are here, what I saw just now is fake, it’s all Illusion Technique… “

Hugged by Jiang Xinyu, Xie Sisi gradually regained her sanity. Wang Lan quickly threw a halo of life to Xie Sisi, and Xie Sisi’s face finally became better.

After a long time, Xie Sisi’s buzzing voice sounded, “Xinyu, I’m fine…Don’t worry too much, I saw that I was a kid…”

Xie Sisi was almost molested by a Messy Old Man when he was a child. Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu both knew about it, so Jiang Xinyu understood it instantly. But Wang Lan felt wrong. After the other Xie Sisi left, Xie Sisi’s knot should have been solved.

Xie Sisi looked towards Jiang Xinyu’s eyes secretly, and suddenly there was a guess in his heart.

“Damn it, this old man’s yin group, it scares me so.” Xu Xiangwen angrily walked towards Heart Demon, but at this moment Heart Demon is already under the red lotus fire the soul flew away and scattered.

Xu Xiangwen looked towards Heart Demon suddenly took a step back in fright. There were no scars on the surface of Heart Demon’s body but there was pitch black in the eye sockets, as if it were an empty shell.

“Let’s go out, that guy’s mouth can almost guess that things in the northwest scouting space are directed at me. This is the plan of lured the tiger away from the mountain. Now the shadow killer base has been all strangled. The Northwest scouting space is basically over, we can take a good vacation and rest.”

Wang Lan said, supporting Xie Sisi, “I will carry you.”

“No…” Before Xie Sisi finished speaking, Wang Lan was already behind him. Jiang Xinyu only glanced at it without thinking too much.

Xu Xiangwen punched Space Node and the four of them flashed out of the alien space.

At this moment, the Northwest scouting space command is already as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. The hummingbird noticed the loss of contact with Wang Lan when Wang Lan chased into the space-time channel, and quickly notified Bai Shaoqi.

What is the value of Wang Lan? Of course, Bai Shaoqi knew well. After learning that Wang Lan had lost contact, he immediately called the four titled powerhouses in the Northwest scouting space to look for. But within a few minutes, the hummingbird came back to Wang Lan to contact him.

“Isn’t this a joke?” Bai Shaoqi roared flustered and exasperated.

“Commander Bai, this matter is not my responsibility. Let Greedy Wolf Crown tell you in person.” Hummingbird handed the communication to Wang Lan and Bai Shaoqi.

“Commander White, this is Wang Lan, I am on my way back now.”

“I said Young Master Wang, Major General Wang, can you give me a breath before you do something, and you will be scared to death if you lose contact without a sound.”

“Isn’t it just a few minutes?”

“A few minutes? You are also an expert at our level. Don’t you know what will happen in a few minutes? Don’t you know that I thought you were dead when you lost contact?”

Listening to the roar in his head, Wang Lan can’t take the phone farther away like making a call. Bai Shaoqi’s roar can only be allowed to rush back and forth in his mind.

“It’s okay, it won’t be next time.”

“There is another time? And next time you report directly to the Ministry of National Defense, Laozi will not be there anymore, let’s talk, what’s the situation?”

“We found the base of the Shadow Killer and successfully wiped it out. But there is one more question, how did these guys get in? I decided to follow a fish that escaped the net, and finally found out that Demon Race actually opened up a second channel in the scouting space.”

“The second one? Are you sure?”

“I lost contact with you only after entering the second channel. So it is certain that Demon Race has the ability to open the space channel. But why didn’t I have it before, or why I didn’t have so few space channels open. I know.

But after we chased in, they obviously changed the space channel. This incident was mainly aimed at me. Our decoy operation seemed to go well, but their decoy itself was a bait for me, and it was also very successful.

Unfortunately, the people they sent were not good enough. They failed to take me and were killed by my backhand. “

“It’s not that the person they sent is not good, but you are too fierce.” Bai Shaoqi smiled relaxedly.

“By the way, I would like to remind you that Demon Race might be causing trouble. I think it is only part of their plan to lead me to the northwest scouting space and to assassinate me. The 2nd floor plan is most likely to lured the tiger away from the mountain. Maybe the time I arrived in the Northwest was when Demon Race was about to open the Time Gems in Jade Country.”

“I understood, I will talk to the hummingbird right away.”

At the same time, under the national level of regulation, the space-time gem detector was put into production almost immediately, and all companies capable of production were expropriated and converted to production lines.

In just a few days, five hundred sets of space-time gem detector parts were produced. Immediately, the produced products will be assembled by professionals.

Wang Lan previously calculated that if Demon Race plans to open time and space gems in Jade Country, the best locations should be Magic City and Kyoto. Both are the most densely populated cities, and both cities have extraordinary value in the heart of Jade Country.

So the first batch of space-time gem detectors produced are the first to install these two cities, covering from the city center outwards.

Madu City God District, this is the center of the Magic City Center, with the most listed companies and the most financial institutions. Moreover, it is close to the Bund and Modu Port, where the logistics, finance, and commerce gather and talented elites gather.

The latest batch of space-time gem detectors arrived in Magic City this morning, and the talents of Magic City immediately organized manual installation. Although it has been less than five days since the space-time gem detector was developed, Modu has successfully installed fifty sets.

“Work hard, and finish debugging this set before changing shifts, and those who change shifts don’t need to come over and install them directly at the next installation point.”

“Understood!” everyone responded enthusiastically.

Inventing a space-time gem detector is a technical activity, and producing a space-time gem detector is also a technical activity, and installing a space-time gem detector is a technical activity. The precision of this detector is no less than that of assembling a satellite and a rocket.

Although there are such talents in Jade Country, there are definitely not many. It is never money, nor who, but talents that restrict speed and efficiency. If these talents can be doubled or tripled, the full coverage of the magic city can at least double.

The sky is a bit gloomy, as if a heavy rain is about to come. The installation technician was so busy with sweat, but he didn’t dare to pause at all under his hands. The sweat dripped into his eyes and he couldn’t care about rubbing his eyes.

“The installation of No. 43rd is complete, start debugging.”

“Debugging, monitoring organization, monitoring organization, whether the signal channel is received.”

“Received signal channel, connecting…”

“wū wū wū ——” Suddenly, a stern alarm sounded in the monitoring station, scared all the debugging and docking staff jumped up.

“What’s the matter? Why did the alarm suddenly sound? No. 43, No. 43, please confirm whether there is a failure in the operation?”

“Report to the monitoring station, there is no fault code reminder, everything is running normally…”

“Everything is normal? Everything…” Suddenly, Chief-In-Charge’s face suddenly changed, and his eyes suddenly became round.

“Quick, open the map–“

On the holographic projection screen, the Beidou map appeared. The Beidou map fish monitoring station was perfectly connected, and each monitoring point on the map was marked. And one of the 43 red dots on the map flashed continuously.

“Zoom in!”

The three kilometers area around the red dot is enlarged.

“Accept testing data.”

“Report to the head of the station, at seven o’clock in the direction of the inspection point, two kilometers away.”

“Connect to Heavenly Sword Bureau now!”

Seng Sword Dragon is clearing his desk. Today is another simple and boring day. The Heavenly Sword Bureau throughout the city is on duty to monitor the entire city, but it is this kind of waiting for surveillance that is the most tormented.

“dīng líng líng ——”

“Hey, I am a Sword Dragon…what? I have detected it? Really? It’s in the magic city? I know, I will rush over immediately.”

After Cheng Sword Dragon hung up the phone, he picked up another phone and said, “The action group, the intelligence group, all gather–“

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