I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 518


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Five minutes later, the soldiers whiz whiz whiz from the Heavenly Sword Bureau rushed out of the Heavenly Sword Bureau’s Headquarters. No one was driving, all on two legs.

The situation is urgent and you can no longer take care of driving. In case the vehicle encounters a traffic jam on the road and delays the fighter, you will have to kill yourself on the spot even if you don’t shoot it.

All experts above the Galaxy Realm can move lightly at no slower speed than cars, and they can go straight. Especially those experts in the Star Sea realm can fly.

The monitored area was originally the residence of Duanmu Clan. After Duanmu Clan was destroyed, it was developed as a commercial center. It has only been two years, so development has only started construction, so the site is now a messy construction site.

Because of the continuous heavy rain in recent days, the construction site has not started, and only a few workers on the construction site sleep in the dormitory built with color steel plates. No matter which world they are in, the workers on the construction site are the hardest group of people.

Soldiers of the Heavenly Sword Bureau fell from the sky and locked some workers who remained on the construction site through induction.

Broken in, “Heavenly Sword Bureau is working, a major event is about to happen here, you immediately evacuate.”

A group of unidentified workers were invited out by the Heavenly Sword Bureau without even understanding everything. The migrant workers looked at the constant influx of Heavenly Sword Bureau agents in military uniforms, each and everyone was full of question marks.

Deep underground on the construction site, candlelight flickered.

This is a secret room buried two hundred meters deep underground, and it is also the final refuge of Duanmu Clan. Duanmu Clan was destroyed at the beginning, but there is no news of a complete disappearance in the records of the Heavenly Sword Bureau.

Duanmu Qingqing, the younger sister of Duanmuyi, just went to the senior high school. Heavenly Sword Bureau tried to find it but there was no trace for more than a year. Heavenly Sword Bureau only thought Duanmu Qingqing was sent away by Duanmu Clan in advance. Anyway, a senior high school student who didn’t know anything would escape.

But in fact, Duanmu Qingqing was taken away by the spies of Demon Race on the eve of Duanmu Clan’s fall. Wang Lan thought that there was only one poisonous stinger in the magic city infiltration plan, Duanmu Fanghua, even if there were other poisonous stings, it shouldn’t be Duanmu Clan.

But he didn’t expect Duanmu Fanghua, Duanmu Qingqing.

Duanmu Qingqing does not need to be a stinger, because she is Duanmu Clan’s Treasured Young Lady. Demon Race was also impossible to make a beloved direct child of the Star martial family the sting of Demon Race.

But by coincidence, Duanmu Qingqing has a handle in the hands of Demon Race. You can never imagine how terrifying a spoiled and distorted girl will be.

Duanmu Qingqing was a boy who liked to work in the sixth grade of elementary school. That kind of liking cannot be called love in the eyes of adults, but to Duanmu Qingqing it is love. The one who loves has to own all of the male child, and the one who loves does not allow any girl to approach that boy.

Unfortunately, an act recklessly girl approached the boy, and the relationship between the two in Duanmu Qingqing in front of one’s eyes is getting better and better. Duanmu Qingqing’s obstruction actually alienated the boys’ attitude towards her, which made Duanmu Qingqing jealous, twisted and crazy.

Finally, on a thunderstorm night, Duanmu Qingqing found a chance to push the girl into the river and drowned. Duanmu Qingqing thought it was a top secret, but didn’t expect this scene which was watched by her Demon Race spy who had been observing for a long time and filmed it.

Three days later, news of the girl’s accidental drowning came out, and no one doubted it was an accident. Soon, Duanmu Qingqing’s favorite boy also transferred and left sadly.

For Duanmu Qingqing, this may be just a pain in the growth process. But soon, Duanmu Fanghua brought her video of pushing her female classmate into the water.

For Duanmu Clan, this kind of thing is not difficult as long as it works properly, but it depends on whose hands the evidence falls. Demon Race has a way to turn this small matter into a major event in Duanmu Qingqing, and it can also completely ruin Duanmu Qingqing’s great years.

So Duanmu Qingqing took the bait and succeeded in becoming a stinger in the infiltration plan.

Duanmu Qingqing has a vicious heart, but her innate talent can only be said to be average. It can’t be compared with Duanmu Fanghua, and even more can’t be compared with Duan Ziqi. But she is Duanmu Qingcang’s prostitute, this is her greatest value.

A woman who has problems with the Three Views, witnessed the destruction of the huge Duanmu Clan by the Heavenly Sword Bureau and Yu Family. Coupled with the guidance of Demon Race, Duanmu Qingqing soon regarded Jade Country and even the human race as enemies, and even this kind of hatred is even more fierce than those who are Demon Race.

The value of Duanmu Qingqing was originally his identity, but when Duanmu Clan fell, she lost the value of identity. Later, even Grandpa Lu Family fell, and he was completely a poor creature of no use value.

The more you taste the warmth and coldness of the world, the more you will hate the world. If there is an opportunity to destroy the whole world before her, she will do it without the slightest hesitation.

Duanmu Qingqing waited for two years. In the past two years, she has become a stray dog ​​from an aloof and remote aristocratic Young Lady. Finally, she waited for this opportunity, Demon Race, to successfully send the time and space gems to Jade Country, and even to the magic city.

However, specific equipment is required to activate the Time Gems, and the construction of this equipment cannot be noticed by the Heavenly Sword Bureau. With the Heavenly Sword Bureau setting up a network of heaven and earth, how difficult is it to quietly build the equipment?

At this time, Duanmu Clan’s hidden secret room became the best construction platform. Because this secret room is big enough and concealed enough. They have been in this all black, no daylight secret room for a month. This month they can only satisfy their hunger by catching mouse insects.

Demon Race is okay. For them, taste is a superfluous thing. As long as it can replenish energy, everything is food. But for Duanmu Qingqing, this is purgatory on earth, and it is unbearable torture.

“It’s almost done, almost done… The excitation device is almost complete, and soon… soon the army of our clan will come…” Quickly debugged amidst the crazy mutters of a Demon Race.

“hong long long ——” Suddenly, there was a roar like thunder, and the earth trembled suddenly.

“What’s the matter?”

“Not good anymore, humans have found us, they are using the Earth Element star martial skill to turn over us.”

“Damn it, how was it exposed? Isn’t it you!” A Demon Race grabbed Duanmu Qingqing, and slapped him off the face without saying anything, “Did you inform Human Race?”

“If I wanted to inform the humans, I would not tell you about this place.” Duanmu Qingqing returned coldly, “And here is two hundred meters underground, their star martial skill can’t be turned here, wait for them I will naturally leave after turning over.”

To build the secret room in such a deep place, Duanmu Clan certainly has this consideration. Although the release range of the Earth Element star martial skill can be several hundred meters, the depth can only be several ten meters.

Even the titled powerhouse is impossible to find out the depth of two hundred meters. Normally, if you can’t find it, you will default to not, and naturally look towards other places.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know that Jade Country had mastered the space-time gem detector, and the accuracy of detection could be reduced to within ten meters. The detector says that the time gem is here, so it must be here.

“Director, no.”

“Could the instrument be mistaken?”

Sword Dragon eyebrows slightly frowned, “It can’t be wrong…it should be here.”

“Let me come.” A voice fell, accompanied by a bald middle-aged man who was less than 1.5 metres tall and slowly fell from the sky.

“Landwalker? Why are you here?”

“I went home to visit relatives during the holiday. I happened to be passing by and I was going to see you, but I just happened to see you rushing here non-stop, thinking about what major event happened. So come and have a look.”

Speaking, Qiao Shan slapped a palm on the ground, and a vigorous star force spouted from Qiao Shan. In an instant, Qiao Shan’s face changed slightly, revealing a look of consternation.

“Interesting, the secret room can be built in such a deep place… Sure enough, there is something. Get me!”

hong long long, the land was surging violently, and the secret room hidden two hundred meters deep underground suddenly rose up like an elevator. At this moment, the Demon Race in the secret room panicked.

The equipment debugging progress is still at 50%, and it will take at least one minute. Sufficient time must be delayed. Several Demon Races looked at each other and made a decision instantly.

“Danmu Qingqing, when the debugging is 100% complete, you will press the start button. This is your only chance to take revenge, otherwise we will all die.”

“Understand, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.”

On the other side, Wang Lan is still rushing to the headquarters quickly. Although he has just added a little space energy from the Time Gems, the amount of space energy is very scarce this time, and it is only enough for Wang Lan to move a few times instantaneously.

“Under Wang Lan’s crown, hurry, time and space gems have appeared in Demon Capital.” The hummingbird’s voice suddenly remembered.

“So fast?” Wang Lan didn’t have time to hesitate, “Xinyu, Xiangwen, grab my hand.”

The two of them had just grabbed Wang Lan, and they just saw a flash. They appeared at the entrance of the Northwest scouting space. Putting down Xie Sisi on his back, Wang Lan rushed out of the alien space.

As if walking through a mirror, one step across a world. After returning to the outside world, my mind instantly sensed the coordinates of the house in the magic city, his body was slightly distorted, and the person had disappeared.

Back home, Wang Lan hurriedly called Cheng Sword Dragon, “Success, where is the gem of time and space? Give me a coordinate.”

Receiving a call from Wang Lan, Sword Dragon’s heart is determined. Wang Lan is the only one who can prevent the opening of the Time Gems. With him in the Demon City, Demon Race impossible opens the time gem.

“At the old station of Duanmu Clan, come here quickly.”

“Yes!” Wang Lan shouted, jumping out of the window, the starry sky opened, the Phoenix holy cloth was worn on his body, and the wings stretched out from behind, the gently clapped person has turned into a violent wind and charged into the sky.


Suddenly, several terrifying attacks spurted out of the surging mud towards the dirt walkers. There are time gems here, so there will naturally be Demon Race spies. So Qiao Shan was prepared.

As soon as the attack struck, a wall of soil was in front of you, four or five Demon Races rushed out of the soil to kill all around.

A few Demon Race spies at this moment are nothing but turtles in the urn in everyone’s eyes. Two titled powerhouses, more than a dozen Star Sea experts, and a large group of star river peaks. Can only a Demon Race spy team find tricks?

Sword Dragon shot instantly, a sword light cut down and killed a Demon Race spy on the spot. With a sword back, it was another cut in the middle.

Demon Race spy, in front of Sword Dragon is a fruit ninja, shua~ shua~ shua~, one sword at a time.

“Duanmu——” The last Demon Race spy screamed Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry before he died.

The instrument at this moment also happened to jump to 100%.

Duanmu Qingqing showed a ferocious smile on her face, and pressed the start button with a palm…

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