I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 626


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“We can’t stop the angel’s next move if we can’t find the point of contact between them.” Wang Lan said with a very serious expression.

“The White Eagle nation has now entered a state of full alert, but… with the strength of angels, we can’t stop her even if there are seven superheroes. A powerhouse in the astral powerhouse is illogically destroyed too terrifying.”

After waiting patiently, the hero will gather all the data of the three in a database, and there will be as many as one G in text records. If these data need to be screened and classified to find common ground, it will be a lifetime if they rely on manpower. series.

Wang Lan sent Xiao Ai to the computer. Xiao Ai is now better at organizing databases.

After waiting patiently for an hour, Xiao Ai successfully completed the data sorting. It’s much easier to view this wine through Xiao Ai’s data catalog area. But even so Xiao Ai sorted out more than one hundred points in common among the three.

“Found it!”

Wang Lan’s voice suddenly sounded, raising his head, the sky was unconsciously dark. In the Conference Hall, Yulia Jiang Xinyu and the soul controller suddenly stood up and surrounded them like Wang Lan.

As for the others, Linda Earl left the Conference Hall after the attack.

“Xuanyue Mask.”

“What is this?” Jiang Xinyu curiously asked.

“I don’t know what it is, but there is a collection of Xuanyue masks in the bank’s underground vault, and the rich businessman also has Xuanyue masks in his collection. As for Linda Earl, she is a collector, Xuanyue The mask is also one of her collections. And all three Xuanyue masks have been certified as authentic.”

“Xuanyue mask is something in the legend.” Yulia thought for a while and said.

“It is said that 10,000 years ago, Demon God gave birth to a girl with a human woman. Although this girl had the bloodline of Demon God, she was kind-hearted. Demon God was angry at her daughter’s betrayal and cast a curse on her .

Every time you do a good thing, you will have an abscess on your body, and every time you do a bad thing, the abscess will not only get rid of one but you will also feel as fast as possible. But a few years later, the girl was covered with abscesses, and she couldn’t even stand up and walk, she could only crawl on the ground, and the carrion on her body kept falling. But even in the face of such torture, the girl still bears it with optimism.

Later, the gods took pity on the girl and created a Xuanyue mask for him, which is immune to all curses. The girl put on the Xuanyue mask and eventually became the War God of the Celestial Sect. “

“Is there really a Xuanyue mask in this world?” Jiang Xinyu curiously asked.

“2000 years ago, King Lich was cursed by a witch when he was young, and later survived when he got the mask of Xuanyue, and completed the imperial undertaking to unify the European continent.”

“How many sides does Xuanyue face?”

“There is only one side!” Yulia shook the head said, “Those who have been identified as authentic must be fake. Legend has it that the real Xuanyue mask was brought into the grave by King Lich, but King Lich’s tomb has not been Found.”

“If you don’t find it, look for it.” The soul controller gently tapped on the desktop and said, “Since the angel’s goal is the Xuanyue mask, we can’t let him get it anyway.”

Finding the grave of King Lich has become the main task of the next action, and it will be communicated to any country in the world through the International Security Council. And every place with a collection of Xuanyue masks, whether it is fake or genuine, has a strong strength guard.

unconsciously, half a month passed.

I don’t know if the angel gave up, or if the angel was shocked by the nervous reaction of the whole world, the angel did not make another move this half a month. The whole world is running in an orderly manner, but behind this operation, the test of Ancient Boundary seems to boil like suddenly boiled water.

Wang Lan’s group of three took a plane and came to Babylon quietly.

Under the reception of specialized personnel, the three people came to Holy Land Yale. There is a sacred church in Yale, Holy Land. The church was built 700 years ago, but it has not been completed until now.

This God Holy Sect Church was nicknamed by netizens a church that retires with the world. Some even cracking a joke said that the construction of the God Holy Sect Church is the countdown to the end of the world. When the Holy Sect Church is announced, it is also the world. The moment when the end comes.

Wang Lan three people enter the church, and an old priest receives Wang Lan.

“In fact, King Lich’s tomb was discovered 700 years ago, when Babylon was in the midst of war. The funerary was stolen at will by tomb robbers and sold on the black market, including the Xuanyue mask. .

Fr. Degu bought the Xuanyue Mask. This is a Divine Item made by the gods himself. Fr. Degu intends to dedicate the mask to the Holy See. But on the way to the kingdom of gods, the cruise ship hit an iceberg and eventually sank.

Fr. Degu wrote all this in his diary. I also found out when I read the diary of Father Degu when I accidentally read the literature six months ago. “

“That ship is…”


Wang Lan immediately picked up the phone and dialed the number, “Check, where did the oil tanker Vienna sink?”

The International Safety Committee quickly found the silent location of the cruise ship, located in the Southern Ocean. However, due to the limited scientific conditions at the time, it was impossible to obtain an accurate area. The approximate range deviation could reach 300 kilometers.

But this is a clue after all, and the three of Wang Lan immediately turned to look for it.

Southern Ocean, within the sinking range of the Vienna tanker. sun shone brightly, the sea breeze is warm. The white seagull uttered a cheerful cry, spread its wings and glide across the blue sky and white clouds.

700 years ago, the oil tanker Vienna hit an iceberg here and sank. But now, the climate here is like the climate near the equator. The temperature is around 35 degrees, and the sea water on the surface is warm and comfortable.

If it weren’t for the latitude and longitude markings, I would never believe it. There was an iceberg here?

This is a deserted Sea Territory. Few fishing boats go to this place to work. Even if there were, there were one or two fishing boats alone. But all of a sudden, the ships in the Southern Ocean Region seemed to emerge out of thin air.

A large fishing boat cut through the sea water like a beast and advanced forward. On the edge of the bed, people kept throwing detection instruments into the sea.

In just half a day, as many as tens of thousands of detection robots have been put into seabed.


In the detection data analysis room, there was a sudden sound of clear information, “Mr. Lieutenant General, I found it!”

“very good, Star Martial army group, launch!”

The Star Martial army regiment, which is already ready to go, appeared on the deck, and everyone was wearing outer skeleton armor. Accompanied by walking, there were waves of metal activity.

For Wang Lan to see, he thought he was making a science fiction movie.

The soldiers of the Star Martial army buckled their masks, and suddenly each and everyone rushed out of the deck and jumped into the sea. After a year of improvement, the outer skeleton armor has matured a lot. In addition to assisting the star martial artist in battle, there is also a three-breath environment assist system.

Under the guidance of the loaded navigation, hundreds of Star Martial army soldiers went directly into the deep sea 2000 metres deep.

“Where is it? Not at all.”

“Report to the headquarters, report to the headquarters, no wreck of the Vienna ship was found.”

“Wait, what is behind you?”

Cry out in surprise came from the headset, and the Star Martial army turned around and suddenly saw a huge cone-shaped submarine rushing like a prehistoric giant beast.

“A cone-shaped submarine was found, please confirm if it is a friendly force?”

“No, only us, no other friendly forces.”

“Not good, they opened fire, it’s the enemy.”


It stands to reason that a star martial artist in the water has to kneel when he encounters such a large high-tech submarine. But these star martial artists of the White Eagle nation are also armed with high technology. Who is afraid of whom?

The opponent’s submarine fired dozens of underwater missiles instantly, and the missile was intelligently locked by the outer skeleton armor as soon as the missile fired. Under water, the speed of the missile is not that fast, and the star martial artist has enough reaction time.

In an instant, a group of star martial artists raised their palms, and one after another laser cannon intercepted the missile.


The White Eagle nation Star Martial army group sent this time is all proficient in Water Element star martial skills. After the missile attack was solved, dozens of combined star martial skills shot out in an instant.

“Dense Net Water Jet——”

“Super Iron Egg Water Cannon——”

Although this huge submarine is a high-tech product, it is still Earth’s creation. In the face of the flexible attack of the star martial artist, the submarine has only one chance to shoot that’s all.

Almost instantly, more than a dozen attacks fell mercilessly on the submarine. In the deep sea, as long as a wound is cut, the terrifying water pressure can ruthlessly tear the submarine to pieces.

When the submarine deformed and squashed rapidly, several silhouettes rushed out of the submarine. The woman in the front is enveloped in the hazy golden light, and the silhouette that flashes quickly is like each and everyone spot in the deep sea.

“Not good, there is expert ——”


“Support, we request…”

The one-sided slaughter has begun.

Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu came to the sky above the target Sea Territory, and the three of them jumped off the plane and fell like a meteorite. All three of them are proficient in Water Element, and the battle strength in the seabed battle will not decrease much.

boom~ boom~ ——

The three rushed into the sea and exploded a huge wave of waves.

Just entering the sea, the three of them felt the star martial artist fight in the deep sea at the same time.

“Someone arrived earlier than us?” Wang Lan asked in surprise. They set off without stopping after learning about the whereabouts of Xuan Yue’s mask. This way someone can be one step faster than them.

“No matter who it is, Xuanyue mask must grab it.” Wang Lan’s voice fell to the ground, the water monster star martial skill was activated, and his figure instantly dived into the deep sea like a ghost. As soon as I arrived at the battlefield, I saw angels chasing and killing the outer armored star martial artist frantically.

Even if these star martial artists are supported by outer skeleton armor, their average strength is only in the Star River realm. Before the angels, they are weak babies.

Wang Lan’s Zanpaku Knife was unsheathed, and his figure disappeared instantly. An angel’s blade of light split a star martial artist with the outer skeleton armor into two halves, suddenly turned his body around, and erected a holy light behind him.

Wang Lan’s Zanpei knife slashed fiercely on the holy light.

The angel’s face suddenly changed when he saw Wang Lan. The white light gushing all over his body, instantly entered the form of an angel. But underwater, Wang Lan cannot activate Phoenix Form.

While Wang Lan was about to use the sword of light to start solving, a silhouette followed him to Wang Lan’s side and thumped the angel with a punch.

“Wang Lan, give it to me, you go find Xuanyue mask–“

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