I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 627


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Wang Lan’s figure instantly went to the deep sea. It was not easy to find a 700-year shipwreck within 300 kilometers. Wang Lan took Jiang Xinyu’s hand and flashed like a ghost in the water.

The ability of the water monster in seabed is worthy of the existence of a bug. Each flash can reach a distance of one kilometer, and each flash, the detection range of spirit strength can be as high as three kilometers, even if it is a three-hundred kilometers vertical and horizontal range. It doesn’t take long to probe all over.

After all, the Vienna number is not a small thing anymore.

The fighting distance behind him is getting farther and farther, Wang Lan pulls Jiang Xinyu and keeps making seabed flashes.

“Found it.”

Wang Lan closed his eyes slightly and opened his eyes fiercely. Looking out, a luxurious cruise ship was lying peacefully on the seabed not far away.

Wang Lan body flashed, he is about to rush to the Vienna.

Suddenly, a crisis hit, Wang Lan quickly hugged Jiang Xinyu, and a holy light shield flashed all over his body.

With a bang, the powerful impact machine struck, and Wang Lan flew upside down. A silhouette crossed Wang Lan and rushed towards the sunken ship.

“Angel!” Wang Lan gnashing teeth shouted.

Fiercely, Wang Lan waved his hand, the star force surged out, and a red array appeared around the wreck of the Viana.

“Swelling Lava——”


The gushing lava burst out of the array, instantly engulfing the Vienna. The angel who rushed towards the Viana suddenly stopped, and looked at the Viennese destroyed by Wang Lan with deep anger in the eyes.


A wave of air swept over, and Yulia braved the wind and the waves to approach, and the terrifying breath stirred the sea’s violent twists. In the face of Wang Lan, the angel can still have the power to fight, but to face the combination of Wang Lan and Yulia… She must be unable to fight.

“hmph!” The angel was coldly snorted, and the whole body was disappeared.

Yulia came to Wang Lan’s side and looked at the lava spewing in front of her. Yulia complexion changed, “You ruined…Vienna?”

“If you can’t let the angel get it, then just ruin it.” Wang Lan said with a smile.

“However, the Xuanyue mask is a Divine Item. Although it is not a battle Divine Item, it…isn’t it that easy to destroy?”

“Actually, this is just a mimicry change of the star martial skill.” Wang Lan put away the cracking a joke and said, body flashed to the front of the spewing lava, raised his hand, the spewing lava in front of him slowly separated, but it was exposed The wreck of the Vienna ship intact inside.

Yulia slightly sighed in relief, “It scared me to death. This is a Divine Item of the Godsect. If it really ruins us, we will feel bad for a long time.”

The three entered the wreck of the Vienna ship. The ship was huge, with three floors in total. After searching for three hours, Wang Lan finally found the Xuanyue mask in an iron box.

Xuanyue mask is like a white jade carved with only half of the mask, shaped like a butterfly with open wings. The start is cold, with an indescribable touch.

“Is this the Xuanyue mask?”

Yulia glanced at nodded, “It contains divine force, which is impossible for a fake Xuanyue mask. The Xuanyue mask that has been sealed in dust for 2000 years is finally born again.”

The three returned to the surface, and the White Eagle nation Star Martial army group, who survived by chance, also rushed out to the surface to board the ship. Wang Lan arrived immediately after getting the clues, but he was caught by the White Eagle nation the early bird catches the worm. There was only one explanation. White Eagle nation had already obtained accurate information before, and asking himself to go to Babylon to find the diary was to delay time.

This is really the style of White Eagle nation.

Ignoring the White Eagle nation fleet, the three rushed into the sky and flew directly back to the headquarters of the International Safety Committee.

“This is the Xuanyue mask? What material is it made of? It looks like jade, and it feels like ice. Isn’t it cold on your face?” Leo touched the Xuanyue mask curiously asked.

“No one knows what the Xuanyue mask was made of. Just like the Holy Grail and the original Bible, even with the most sophisticated instruments available, the structure of their materials cannot be analyzed.” Yulia looked at Xuan on the table. Moon mask, a trace of desire flashed deep in his eyes.

“What do you do next?”

“The angels all over the world are doing things to find the Xuanyue mask. Now the Xuanyue mask is in the International Security Committee, what do you think she will do?”

“Come and grab it? That’s really good news.” Leo smiled, “Put the Xuanyue mask in the underground vault, and all S-Rank independent teams suspended missions will stay at the headquarters. As long as the angels come over, we will directly Take her down, I think Angel It shouldn’t be so stupid, right?”

“Whether he is stupid depends on how important Xuanyue’s mask is to her.”

Wang Lan and a group of international security committee agents stayed in the base with peace of mind, waiting for the angels to deliver them to the door. But after 5-6 days, the angel not only didn’t find it, but also disappeared.

But Wang Lan, they are not in a hurry. The angels are just killing their patience. When the International Security Council relaxes, it is when the angels sell again.

In the afternoon of the sixth day, Wang Lan was fighting the landlord with Yulia and the others in the room, when the mobile phone’s message prompt sounded.

Wang Lan turned around and glanced at it, frowning slightly. The source of the information is an unfamiliar number, but the content of the information is two words to save me.

“Who?” Wang Lan’s mind quickly screened the people who knew his number and might have sent these two words…looks like there isn’t, right?

“ding dong ——” At this moment, Jiang Xinyu’s mobile phone suddenly sounded an information alert tone.

Jiang Xinyu picked up the phone and took a look, “Help me? Who?”

“Have you received it?” Wang Lan’s expression became serious. If he can know his and Jiang Xinyu numbers at the same time, then this person must be a very important person.

Wang Lan hurriedly called back, but the busy tone was displayed. Jiang Xinyu also called back again but prompted that the phone was no longer in the service area. The weirdness of this call made Wang Lan’s heart a little uneasy.

Wang Lan picked up his mobile phone and dialed Auntie’s number, and Auntie was successfully connected. After Wang Lan asked the auntie, everything was safe. Since it’s not auntie, who would it be?

Just hung up, Jiang Xinyu’s cell phone rang.

“It’s Xiangwen’s call.” Jiang Xinyu answered the phone while talking, “Hey, Xiangwen.”

“Xinyu, are you and Wang Lan okay?”

“It’s okay, what’s the matter?”

“I just went shopping with my girlfriend, and suddenly received a text message with only two words to save me. Then I called Sisi, and she also received the text message. She went to check the source of the text message. I was not at ease. So make a call to confirm, and you will be fine.”

“All four of us receive text messages?” Wang Lan frowned. If there is only one person, the range of sending text messages will be very large, but the range of four Wang Lan receiving at the same time will be very small.

It is better to send it to the Wang Lan four than to the Great Desolate team. Since the establishment of the Great Desolate team, the mobile phone numbers of the four Wang Lan have changed. So not many people have all four numbers.

A person who can think of four people at a time of crisis must have an extraordinary relationship with them. But in addition to confirming the safety of his aunt, Wang Lan also confirmed the safety of Yu Ruoyan, and Yu Ruoyan is fine.

Who would it be?

Soon, Wang Lan’s cell phone rang again. It was a call from Xie Sisi, “Wang Lan, I can only trace the information from Yunhai Province. If you locate it, you can’t trace it. This cellphone The number is an international number, and immediately lost contact after sending the message.”

“I’m understood, Yunhai Province. I happen to have a phone number from the director of the Heavenly Sword Bureau in Yunhai Province.”

After Wang Lan hung up the phone, he immediately dialed the cell phone of the director of the Heavenly Sword Bureau in Yunhai Province. It took a long time before the call was connected. The police siren on the other end of the phone was loud and noisy. Obviously something was wrong.

“Chief Che, what happened? Why are you so noisy over there?”

“Wang Lan…your news is too well-informed, right? We haven’t gotten ten minutes before it happened, but you are already understood?”

“Know what? No, I called you to ask you to check the number, what happened to you?”

“Just ten minutes ago, two Xingwu experts fought each other and caused an explosion range of more than two kilometers. Fortunately, the explosion was in the suburbs, but the aftermath of the explosion and splashing stones were also It caused a lot of chaos in the city.

I have just arrived at the scene of the incident, my dear, a mountain was directly blown up, and the residual star force fluctuations can even produce star force suppression on the brothers in the Star River realm. “

“Coverage of two kilometers?” Wang Lan’s face suddenly became serious. “This is the degree of damage that can only be caused by the collision of the star martial skill of the star soul level. Is it sure who is not one of the 5 Emperors? “

“Sure not, by the way, our satellite breakthrough took a picture, do you want me to send it to you?”

“Send it to me.”

Wang Lan wouldn’t take seriously a battle at the Star Soul level in other places, but in Jade Country, Wang Lan had to take it seriously. It was the 5 Emperors who took the shot. Wang Lan needs to be concerned about it. If it was not the 5 Emperors, the situation was even more serious.

The photo came quickly, the satellite image is not clear, maybe the target silhouette is moving at high speed. But even if it was just a blurry photo, Wang Lan recognized the person at a glance.


“Angel?” Jiang Xinyu hurriedly came to think about the phone to look at.

“Angel?” Yulia put down the card in her hand and looked confused, “The angel went to Jade Country?”

“No, Xinyu, we need to return home immediately.”


Before returning to China, Wang Lan needs to report to the International Security Council. Sword edge and the others were surprised when they learned that the angel had just appeared in Jade Country. Don’t angels look for Xuanyue masks all over the world? Now the Hyun Yue mask is here, what are you going to do in Jade Country?

“Well…Wang Lan, you went back to Jade Country, what should you do if you are attacked by angels here? There is only one super expert at the headquarters, Yulia. Jade Country has 5 Emperors stationed, so it should be fine Right? This may be lured the tiger away from the mountain.”

“White Eagle nation still has seven superheroes, but they can’t do anything under the random destruction of angels. I have left a space coordinate in the camp. If the headquarters is attacked, I can come back instantly, it’s okay.”

“Then… I wish you all the best, it is best to get rid of the angels in Jade Country, then we don’t have to be afraid of it here.”

Wang Lan directly took Jiang Xinyu’s hand after the leave was completed. In an instant, the two disappeared in the Conference Hall and appeared in the dormitory of the magic city.

“It’s convenient to be able to move instantly…” Leo said enviously.

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