I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 631


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In the southern hemisphere, there is a life exclusion zone called the mountain range of death. There may not be a drop of rain because of the perennial drought for decades.

During the day, the temperature here can be as high as 60 degrees, and at night, the temperature will drop sharply to minus 20 degrees.

This is a real life forbidden zone. Even the most drought-tolerant cacti can’t survive here. It stretches for thousands of miles, and the same scenery is endless. Occasionally, a few plumes of smoke can be seen rushing into the sky, which is harmful gas emitted by volcanic activity.

There is no life in the life forbidden zone, which is almost common sense in the whole world. But no one would have thought that the Bird of Paradise headquarters, which has been searched by the whole world for hundreds of years and listed as the second enemy of human civilization, is hidden in the restricted zone of life.

It is also inappropriate to say that this is the headquarters of Bird of Paradise, because Bird of Paradise says that it’s not at all headquarters, but that’s all where the top leader is hiding and where is the headquarters.

The depth of several hundred meters underground is a place where heat cannot be conducted.

In the dim underground space, each and everyone silhouette is active. They have no communication, no smiles, their faces are like a mask, and they will never show expressions.

In the depths of the base, in the palace made of ice as a material, there is a scream that makes people have one’s hair stand on end from time to time, just like the howling of the evil spirits of hell.

In the center of the huge palace, there is a frozen throne over five meters high. On the throne, sits a youngster with white hair. The youngster clutched his forehead, and a scream came from the youngster’s mouth.

During the day, he will endure the scorching of True Solar Fire, and at night, he will endure the scorching of hell fire. No matter where he hides, he cannot escape this torture.

Even if he endured it for ten thousand years, he still couldn’t bear it.

“Is there no news from Saintess? How long has it been since I haven’t found it?”

“My god, I got a reply from Saintess not long ago. She said that she has succeeded, but it will take some time to avoid tracking.”

“I can’t wait for a moment. No, I don’t want to wait anymore. Tell her to send the Xuanyue Mask to me immediately, immediately!”


The white man just quit, and suddenly turned around in surprise, “My god, Saintess is back, back.”

Yulia with blond hair appeared in the great hall stepping on the hard and flat ice, one-knee kneels, “Master, do not shame my mission, I bring back the Xuanyue mask.”

Speaking, lifted the Xuanyue mask with both hands.

Swish, the Xuanyue mask turned into a stream of light and fell on Luxi’s hand, his eyes burning with flames looked at the mask in his hand, “Can the curse on me disappear with this mask? “

“It is said that it can…”

Luxi Bang, put the mask on his face, and the cold feeling instantly spread from the face to all around. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a cool spring water poured down from the top of the head, extinguishing the burning flame within the body.

“gā gā gā…Kakaka…”

Suddenly, there was an unpleasant and jerky sound in Luxi’s mouth, and her body curled up shiver coldly in the frozen throne.

“Master, what’s the matter with you?” Saintess asked hurriedly.

“hahahaha…hahaha…” Suddenly, the white-haired man laughed wildly, “It can really suppress the curse, it can actually suppress the curse… 10,000 years, I have been tortured by this curse for 10,000 years… …Hahahaha……”

Luxi stood up slowly, raised her head, the mask on her face had already changed. The Xuanyue mask, which was originally exquisite as a butterfly, now turned into a hideous grimace. It is born from the heart. The good-hearted person appears on the mask as beautiful, while the evil person on the mask appears as a ghost.

“God, you tortured me for ten thousand years, but you certainly didn’t expect, the mask you left behind to release me in the end, right? hahaha——”


Suddenly, a group of white light exploded behind Luxi, and the white wings of the 12 Pairs protruded and fluttered.

Dragon Tiger Moun­tain, Zhengyi, is the Place of Origin of Taoism, the ancestor of Dao Sect. Although Taoism worships Three Purities and Laozi is the ancestor of Taoism, it is Zhang Daoling who really founded Dao Sect.

Thousands of years have passed, three thousand Taoists, but Dragon Tiger Moun­tain is always the ancestor.

Dragon Tiger Moun­tain mountainside, a white clothed youth gently squeezed a chess piece. On the chessboard in front of him, the water was gurgling. The water ran over the chess pieces, leaving a beautiful ripple one after another.

Suddenly, the white clothed man suddenly raised his head and looked to the south, his chess piece bang broken.

“How can this be? Very powerful, terrifying breath.”

“Old Ancestor, what’s the matter with you?” Yu Ruoyan asked in surprise, having been with Jiang Shan Wang for so long, I have never seen Jiang Shan Wang such a lost self-control look.

“A peerless evil demon was born, and the world seems to be going through another catastrophe.”

“Peerless fierce demon? With Old Ancestor guarding the world, the fierce demon is just a sword to Old Ancestor.”

“One sword? He he he…I raise a sword, but it is only worth a finger.”

“What?” Yu Ruoyan was shocked, “Old Ancestor’s strength has reached the semi-fairy realm, how could there be any better than Old Ancestor in the world…”

“In the mortal world, I am invincible, but the opponent is probably not a human…” Jiang Shan Wang waved his hand slowly, and the chessboard in front of him was swept away, “This is the breath of God.”

Yu Ruoyan was breathing a little short, and quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

Yunhai Province, Heavenly Sword Bureau’s Headquarters. Wang Lan came to the interrogation room under the leadership of Secretary Chepur. When he saw the white man in the interrogation room, Wang Lan’s unexpected expression appeared on his face.

“Is it you?”

“Fire Phoenix? Are you the Fire Phoenix of the Great Desolate team?”

“Oh? Do you know?” Chapur asked.

“Recognize, kill, don’t waste time.” Wang Lan said indifferently, and turned to leave.

“Ai, Fire Phoenix, you can’t do this, I have merit, I have merit to you.”

“The head of the bird of paradise is engraved with art, and cannot be engraved by the spirit, so… just kill it.”

“He is a bird of paradise?” Chapur’s face suddenly turned bad. Every country has regulations. If you encounter a bird of paradise, you don’t need to intervene to kill it.

“No, I’m out of the control of the bird of paradise. I don’t have any technique in my head.” The white man said in Interlingua quickly.

“oh?” Wang Lan stopped when he stepped out, “You are out of the control of the Bird of Paradise? How did you do it?”

“It was after I was kidnapped by the angel not long ago, she helped me break the technique in order to get the secret in my head. Then she threw me away.

I originally planned to swim back to the mainland, but didn’t expect to be captured by the Holy Grail. It was I who saved Saintess, the kingdom of God, and I have credit for you. “

“That’s it?” Wang Lan coldly smiled, “Are you a bird of paradise? And let you be a Chief-In-Charge of a base. Your status in the bird of paradise is not low, and you have been a bird of paradise over the years. Do things right?”

“I can’t blame me. I didn’t have a choice before. I just want to be a good person. But you don’t listen to my explanation. You just want to make people engrave me. Don’t I know? Once I’m engraved Just an idiot, what’s the point of living like that?”

“Who told you that you are an idiot once engraved by the spirit?” Wang Lan asked coldly.

“The expert who is proficient in spiritual engraving, with the cooperation of the engraved person, can do so without hurting the brain to engrave memory, but how do I think there is no such expert here? I can’t put my head on their integrity issues , Huohuang, don’t you believe me honestly? I promise to say everything.”

“We also don’t dare to bet on your guarantee?” Wang Lan sighed slightly and shook his head.

“I swear by my personality.”

“Your personality is worthless in my eyes. Besides, it seems you can resist or something?” Wang Lan’s words made the white complexion changed. In front of other people, he could still resist, but facing the Fire Phoenix of the Great Desolate team, it seemed that the resistance was really futile.

“Come, don’t be afraid, behave, cooperate with my spirit strength and perform spirit strength resonance.”

Wang Lan put his hand on the white man’s head and said, “It doesn’t matter if he cooperates, he just forcibly hit the door without cooperation. Fortunately, the white people can clearly recognize the reality, and obediently manipulated the spirit strength to resonate. Soon, Wang Lan entered the white people’s memory through the spirit strength resonance.

Speaking of this, Hilk is really bad luck. He was only fooled and eventually convicted as the murderer of the president. After being listed as an S-Rank traitor, he had to join the Bird of Paradise for his life.

Perhaps Prussians are born with that sutra and have no other minds. Now that you have joined the Bird of Paradise, then do things for the Bird of Paradise steadily. He worked hard, willingly moved bricks and tiles for the bird of paradise, and became more and more respected by the bird of paradise. Fifteen years later, he was promoted to become a notable leader of the bird of paradise.

The leader of the same rank as him has either worked in the bird of paradise for decades, or is a person cultivated by the bird of paradise.

After becoming the boss, he has more confidential information. Especially the leader of the bird of paradise is called Holy Son, he is located in the underground space division of the life forbidden zone.

Bird of Paradise does not have a headquarters. In the best way of saying in heaven, Bird of Paradise is undying bird. Even if you cut off all the top leaders of Bird of Paradise and take away 95% of Bird of Paradise’s power, as long as there is one Bird of Paradise The existence of the power of the bird of paradise still reborn from the ashes, re-development and growth.

This bird of paradise organization is longer than the lifespan in many countries in the world.

About half an hour later, Wang Lan’s hand moved away. Hilker shuddered in front of him. The first thought he came back to his senses was, who am I and where am I? Am I stupid?

When he was sure he hadn’t become an idiot, Hilke wanted to roar towards the sky.

Wang Lan brows frowned, rubbing his chin into thinking.

“Can our nuclear bomb hit the depths of seven hundred meters underground?”

“Seven hundred meters underground?” Che Poor thought about shook the head, “It depends on the type. The scope of nuclear bombs is mainly in shock waves. If they are underground, the shock waves cannot spread. Otherwise, it will not pass. Hide on the ground to avoid nuclear bombs.”

“I think we have found the whereabouts of the bird of paradise Holy Son.”

“Who?” Chapur didn’t react for a while, but the next second, he stood up abruptly, “Who do you mean? Holy Son? Bird of Paradise leader Holy Son?”


“Where? Blast him, bomb him with nuclear bombs. The whole world has been looking for him for decades, and finally caught him.” Chapel exclaimed excitedly.

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