I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 632


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Finding the Bird of Paradise headquarters. This is a major event. Wang Lan quickly contacted international and domestic leaders.

“Although Bird of Paradise does not have a fixed headquarters, it is good to be able to find the location of Holy Son.”

“They happen to be in a no-man’s land, so there is no need to be polite.”

On the screen, the number one and six heads are all in place, and after listening to Wang Lan’s report, lightly saying.

“Do I need to take action?” Wang Lan asked tentatively.

“No, I will contact the United Nations immediately, and you will mark us the most accurate coordinates.”


The resolution of the United Nations is also very fast, and there is an international attitude towards the traitor organization like Bird of Paradise. Those that can use missiles will never use bullets, and those that can kill will never leave alive.

On the other side, in the ice palace, Luxi’s terrifying imposing manner ravaged Heaven and Earth, and the entire ice palace trembled violently in the terrifying imposing manner, densely packed cracks were densely packed throughout the ice palace.

In front of Luxi, several heads of bird of paradise stood respectfully.

The strength of Luxi made the faces of several leaders show uplifting smiles. Although they have now been knocked down from the leader of aloof and remote to humble slaves, it still depends on whose slaves they are.

“Congratulations to my god for eliminating the curse, my god, what should we do next?” The former Holy Son bowed down and asked.

“The next step is of course to announce my presence to the world, but before that, I must teach the gods to get rid of them.” Luxi gently tapped the Frozen Throne lightly saying with his fingers.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps behind him sounded quickly, causing Luxi’s brows to wrinkle, and a trace of displeasure appeared on his face.

“God, it’s not good. Humans have launched intercontinental missiles. Our base must be exposed. If we don’t transfer it, it will be too late.” A senior Demon Race spy hurried into the Frozen Throne and said hurriedly.

“Intercontinental missile? What is that?”

“Science and technology weapons that can accurately strike targets tens of thousands of kilometers away. If equipped with a nuclear warhead, a single missile can destroy a city. It is the largest weapon of formidable power in human civilization.”

“Oh? One destroys a city? It doesn’t have any formidable power, it doesn’t matter.” Luxi yawned lazily, suddenly as if thinking of something, looking at the Demon Race spy in front of her.

“What did you call me just now?”

“God? You have been named a god in our Divine Race. You are the second only to Demon God, a Level 2 god who exists.”

“Respect God? Who made it?”

“Of course it is Lord Demon God…”

“Boom——” With a loud noise, the body of the advanced Demon Race exploded instantly, and the green plasma splashed, showering the surrounding Holy Son and other high-level birds of paradise.

“Back then, Demon God promised to share the universe with me. When is it his turn to honor me as a god? Return to a Level 2 god, ignore.”

The complexion changed of the other people who watched this scene suddenly showed an excited smile.

“My god, he is the supreme leader of the Demon Race spy in the human world. If you kill him directly, Demon Race will definitely know, when the time comes……”

“Do you think Demon Race dared to open the door of time and space when I was still there? Demon God was exiled in time and space turbulence, and the rest of Demon Race is just clay chickens and pottery dogs in my eyes. Kill them all, go, kill all the demon spawns in the base, and leave none of them.”

Of course, Luxi has this confidence. After all, he is a twelve-wing sacred angel, and he was also a powerful existence with the gods in Rank 1 back then. In an era without Demon God and no gods, he is the only god between Heaven and Earth.

Of course, because the Demon God was exiled, the gods will either fall or die, so boosting is not afraid of anything. To call Demon God brothers and sisters is also Lucy’s wishful thinking that’s all.

Back then, Demon God alone could single-handle heaven, Olympus gods, Nordic temple, Eastern Celestial Court. And Luxi is just a Peak expert in heaven, and the gap with Demon God is one dimension apart.

The title of Luxi as a god back then has been regarded as exalting Luxi, but there is a saying that there is no Old Hu in the mountains, and the monkey is the king.

“wu wu wu ——”

Suddenly, a stern alarm sounded.

Luxi’s eyebrows slightly frowned, “What’s the matter?”

“The danger alert has been triggered. It must be the attack on us by various countries…”

“Report…Report Holy Son…”

“Report to my god!” Holy Son shouted quickly.

“Yes, report to our gods. The radar shows that hundreds of intercontinental missiles are approaching quickly and are expected to hit us in five minutes. What should I do?”

“Can it be recognized?”

“The speed is too fast to be recognized. It is most likely… a nuclear bomb.”

“My God…”

“I beg my god to do it–” A few former senior officials of Bird of Paradise hurriedly bowed and asked.

“hmph!” Luxi coldly snorted, “Some Little Feng Xiaolang scared you like this. Forget it, let the world see God’s strength.”

Speaking, body flashed, people have appeared in the sky outside the base.

In the distant sky, dozens of white light swept across the void, and struck fiercely toward the upper level of the base with a spewing flame. Luxi faintly raised his hand, and a huge barrier was supported.

“Foolish mortals in the world, I, the holy angel of heaven, have returned. From now on, I will be the only True God in the world, your only master. Believe in me and obey me, I will lead you into Heaven, if you dare to disobey me and disobey me, I will send you to hell.

The god is dead, and True God is here. Now, let you see the strength of True God. “


The first missile slammed into the protective barrier, and the ground trembled with a bang. Immediately afterwards, countless missiles fell on the barrier like raindrops, and the terrifying shock wave stirred the space. The artificial satellite broadcasts clear pictures from space to the players of the heads of the world.

The first round missile strikes ended, Luxi hovered in the air and waved gently, the barrier in front of him disappeared. With strength of oneself, a huge barrier the size of a city was propped up.

After enduring the strikes of ground penetrating missiles, he stood firm, but his strength was beyond human comprehension.

Even if it is an expert in the Astral Soul Realm, there is no way to retreat under the explosion of a ballistic trajectory, but it is not standing there and letting the missile strikes without any harm.

And Luxi directly propped up such a huge protective barrier. Intercepted hundreds of ground penetrating missiles but with no difficulty, this scene is enough to make everyone sucked in a cold breath.

The cabinet of the Forbidden City. After seeing the results, No.1 looked back at Baidi and other decision-making powerhouses, “How does his strength compare to Dilu?”

“This person squeezing Dilu to death is as simple as squeezing an ant.”

“Then…Does the king of Jiangshan have an enemy?”

“This…cannot be determined.”

“It is not impossible to be sure.” A voice sounded, and Jiang Shan Wang and Yu Ruoyan appeared in the Conference Hall as if they had come from another world.

“I am as weak as a baby in front of him.”

“This…is it really going to kill my human civilization?” A sad expression appeared on No.1’s face.

“Should… let’s surrender?” A voice suddenly sounded, and all eyes were turned to Azure Emperor.

“You see, Luxi has exceeded the limit of human strength. Speaking of which, it is easy for him to destroy all mankind. We don’t need to do throwing an egg at a rock, right? He didn’t say Do you want to destroy our human civilization? How about surrendering first?”

Not one of the people present was a hot-blooded teenager, and none of them was full of mentality that would rather be a jade than a complete one. Furthermore, their decision is directly doomed to the destiny of human civilization, and they can’t help but be arrogant.

To protect human civilization, the most important thing is to protect. As long as it can exist, it is also to protect. However, he surrendered without a fight, and a feeling of aggrieved feeling appeared in my heart inexplicably.

Are the Azure Emperor afraid of death? When he fought against the hell lord, he could sacrifice himself to create opportunities for others to attack. His life has long been placed on the balance between the country and mankind.

But in the face of this powerhouse, which even the strongest king of the world said could not be worth a finger, Azure Emperor did not dare to bet.

“Is it right to surrender first to determine his purpose, if he just wants to be a god, what if we treat him as a god? But if it provokes the bottom line of mankind, then it is better to be jade than to complete!”

“The nuclear bomb has one minute to arrive.”

“Look at the strength of this self-proclaimed god. In the face of the strongest attack of human science and technology civilization, can it show the strength of conquering the entire world.”

“Is this the strongest strength that mankind has developed in thousands of years?” In the god’s restricted zone, Luxi looked up at the sky with his hands on his back, with a sneer on his face.

“unable to withstand a single blow, mankind has developed technology that has distorted the path of human evolution.” Luxi lightly saying.

Looking at the scene where Luxi blocked all the missiles while waving his hands, the underground bird of paradise was excited.

Cheering excitedly at the screen. How many years have passed, they hide in a dark corner and live a life of covered head and sneaked away like a rat, and finally get out of their heads.

Luxi has a strength that will destroy the world. If countries want to preserve, they must acknowledge allegiance at the feet of Luxi. As people who follow Luxi, they will naturally become masters.

Imagine the appearance of the heads of countries bowing in front of them, the hormones on the glands immediately soared, making them climax instantly.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded.

Above the sky, densely packed streamers appear in the sky.

“hmph, in the face of absolute strength, no matter how much the number is, it is futile.” Luxi sneered disdainfully. It seems that deterrence is not obvious enough just now. I heard that the head of human civilization is a country called the United Nations Five Permanents. What? Then take your surgery first and solve you, I see who else dares to resist the will of the deity.

The first intercontinental missile equipped with a nuclear warhead fell, and Luxi still gently raised his hand.


The moment the missile hits the barrier, the terrifying strength is released. At that moment, the terrifying energy released by the atomic fission is accompanied by a strong white light, a high temperature of hundreds of millions of degrees, and a shock wave of natural disaster level. Come.

Luxi’s face suddenly changed, and his contemptuous eyes were full of shock.

“This impossible…this has touched the mighty strength of God’s realm. This should not be the strength that humans should master and can master…”

In an instant, there was a huge wave in Luxi’s heart.

How can a group of mortals break the taboo and master the strength of God? No, this is absolutely not allowed!

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