I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 633


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Luxi successfully intercepted a nuclear bomb, but he also felt threatened. But the matter was not at all and therefore ended, humans are impossible to launch only one nuclear bomb.

When the aftermath of the nuclear explosion dissipated, Luxi’s eyes lifted the head icy, but in the next instant, Luxi’s face changed drastically. The densely packed intercontinental missiles fell from the sky, and each one was exactly the same as the one just now.

“Why… God’s strength still produces energy?”


There was another nuclear explosion. In an instant, the second and third one fell one after another.

Block a nuclear bomb, Luxi can still use a barrier to intercept it, but when the rain-like nuclear bomb hits, Luxi can’t take care of herself. In an instant, the barrier supported by Luxi’s hand shattered, and the densely packed nuclear warhead breakthrough barrier fell.

The birds of paradise carnival underground seemed to be stopped by emergency braking, and the Conference Hall instantly became absolute silence. Watching the nuclear bomb on top of the head get closer and closer, sweat gushing from the foreheads of a crowd.


“boom~ boom~ ——”

A Duoduo mushroom cloud exploded. Looking from space, you can even see each and everyone popping bubbles in the no-man’s land and then breaking.

Hiding underground can avoid the radiation of a nuclear explosion, but it does not mean that you can withstand nuclear bombing underground. The explosion of the first nuclear bomb had already turned over the underground base, and the base one after another was bombed. The people in the Bird of Paradise base, no matter what the cultivation base, were instantly swallowed up by the nuclear explosion.

“Destroy the Bird of Paradise Headquarters Base, reward 80 million experience points and 5,000,000 skill points.” In the Conference Hall of the Forbidden City, Wang Lan’s mind suddenly remembered this sound.

“Bird of Paradise headquarters is over.” Wang Lan lightly saying.

“Now the headquarters of Bird of Paradise is not important anymore.” Azure Emperor coldly said, now it is this thing bombed by a nuclear bomb, he is the biggest threat to mankind.

A round of dozens of nuclear strikes, the last wave of strikes shattered the entire Demon Race fleet to pieces. Later on Dilu, although the nuclear bomb did not pose a threat to Dilu, it was because Dilu’s evasion could avoid the frontal attack of the nuclear bomb.

But Luxi didn’t dodge in front of him, but suffered hundreds of nuclear bombs.

Waiting for immense suffering, time passed by minute by minute.

Ten minutes passed, and the entire restricted life zone was distorted into a sea of ​​red, and a large piece of glazed reflection appeared around the strikes of the nuclear bomb. And Luxi’s silhouette stands in the center of the reflective glass.

He’s not dead, you can even say it’s okay.

Although the wings behind him are a bit tattered, his body still stands straight. Luxi rose slowly, floating in the sky like Heavenly God.

“All mankind, listen to me. You have reached the forbidden zone of God. Now I order you to immediately destroy all materials related to science and technology civilization, and immediately put to death all those who master science and technology civilization.”

These words pass through the four directions through divine force, and are passed into all human ears.

“What? Put to death all those who master technology and civilization? 80% of the world’s people are educated? Which lunatic is cracking a joke?”

Almost everyone who heard this did not show fear, but felt funny. They didn’t know what kind of nightmare they were saying. They just thought it was a lunatic who was speaking on the global radio.

But all the leaders of various countries who heard Luxi’s words were complexion greatly changed.

Even some of the countries that have moved to take refuge in Luxi’s temporary stay are all pale.

Luxi wants to eradicate technological civilization? Mankind has accumulated for thousands of years, and finally ushered in the explosion of science and technology 500 years ago. The rapid development of 500 years has finally reached the current level of civilization. Do you want to completely erase it? Violated God’s taboo?

The so-called God’s taboo naturally refers to the nuclear bomb. Because the nuclear bomb makes you feel threatened to completely wipe out the achievements of human civilization for thousands of years, so that mankind will return to the barbaric and backward rules to continue living the life of a savage?

What’s the joke?

“If you don’t do it, then I will do it myself.”

Speaking, Luxi body flashed and came to the nearest city. Luxi looked at the city with tall buildings below her feet, the tangled and complicated roads, and the cars driving there.

All this made him feel strange and terrified. In ten thousand years, has mankind gone so far on the wrong path without God’s leadership? Since it is wrong, then I should correct you back.

Thinking of this, Luxi raised his hand, and a terrifying energy ball gathered in Luxi’s hand. Looking at this terrifying energy ball, the heads of countries who broadcast live via satellite were suddenly shocked.


With a light flick of Lu Xi, the energy ball in the sky fell like a meteor.


A burst of white light pierced the eyes of all those who watched this scene, and a huge shock wave raged away. The terrifying white light seemed to be a gluttonous giant beast, constantly devouring everything around it, until the white light covered the entire city. .

The formidable power of this attack surpassed the largest formidable power in history. A huge city with a hundred kilometers horizontal and vertical, all is shrouded in the energy range of the explosion.

Everyone held their breath and stared blankly at the scene displayed on the screen.

The white light finally dissipated, and the terrifying aftermath continued to spread far away. And when people see the formidable power of Luxi’s attack this time, everyone can’t help being sucked in a cold breath.

The whole city has turned into a piece of scorched earth. Not ruins, not mess, but scorched earth.

The city on the scorched earth is completely disappeared, and even the former appearance does not exist. There is no doubt that the people living in the city have also turned into dust with this once city.

“Damn…damn…How can he do this, how can he do this–” Leo violently knocked on the desktop and roared angrily, “He wants to destroy the world, he wants to destroy We humans.”

“Then what should I do next? Do you fight with him, or…compromising?”

“Do we still have room for compromise? What he wants to destroy is our civilization, the entire civilization. Are human beings who lose civilization or humanity? What is the difference between us and the wild beast running on the African savannah?”

“What do you do next?”

“We are the International Security Council. No matter what the final decision of each country is, we, as the first line of defense to maintain peace in the world, have no retreat.”




The International Security Council does not have the right to make decisions or determine the fate of mankind, but they have the right to fight.

After the five committee members unanimously passed the battle decision, in an instant, the five members all pressed the highest battle order.

“wu wu wu ——”


When the alarm sounded, the mobile phones of all the agents of the International Security Council also sounded.

Wang Lan took out his phone and took a look. The message was only one sentence.

Our mission is a Protector civilization. We do not have the right to determine the destiny of mankind, but we are determined to die for human civilization. All agents of the International Security Council, this is the final order issued by the organization.

Fight, even to the last person.

The International Security Council is not equipped with nuclear bombs, but they are equipped with missiles. When the alarm sounded, all the silos at various bases around the world opened, and missiles rushed into the sky with flames.

At this moment, Luxi once again returned to the sky above the no-man’s land base. With a light wave, the vitrified ground under his feet was shattered. With a beckon, the debris of the base buried in the ruins was dug out.

The wreckage is just wreckage, and there is no living person inside. Even the angel made by Luxi had only half of his body lying in the ruins.

Luxi looked at the angel whose half of his body was already dead, her eyes furious.

“Damn, damn!”

whiz whiz whiz ——

In the sky of the sky, thousands of white light appeared. Looking at the flying missile, Luxi didn’t dare to hard-wire it this time. The body flashed and disappeared instantly across the space.


“Where are people?”

In the Conference Hall where countries watched the live broadcast, there were bursts of exclamation in an instant. But no one thinks that this is Luxi’s escape, and Luxi is facing the existence of hundreds of nuclear bombs.

And attacking this kind of powerhouse with a nuclear bomb is almost like a cannon hitting mosquitoes. The probability of wanting to hit is as small as hundreds of millions of 1/10000th. And as long as he does not hit Luxi, the threat of nuclear bombs does not exist for him.

Luxi proved his strength with strength, and humans also proved the threat of mankind with nuclear bombs. But in the face of Luxi’s request, is there still room for humanity to resist? With such a powerful existence, it is only a matter of time to destroy the world, right?

“Found it!”

A technician suddenly yelled, and the satellite shot suddenly changed. In the next scene, Luxi’s silhouette appeared again, and this time it was the headquarters of the International Security Council.

Luxi hugged his arms and looked at the densely packed star martial artist around him, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

“Is this the cream of the crop battle strength with the strongest human strength in ten thousand years? It’s ridiculous. As expected, human beings are on the wrong path.” Luxi smiled faintly.

“Kill—” The surrounding star martial artist let out a roar, and rushed towards Luxi. Luxi held his arm without any movement, and ripples instantly appeared all over his body, and all those who rushed towards Luxi were rippled. Among flying ash annihilation.

In this scene, the heads of all countries who watched all looked horrified. These were all star martial artists in the Star Sea realm. The star martial artists in the Star Sea realm were wiped out in an instant. With this calculation, it would be an army of hundreds of thousands of people in the pure Star Sea realm. If Luxi wanted to destroy them, he would just wave his hands?

In an instant, only Luxi was left in the sky. Luxi slowly raised his hand, and suddenly slapped him fiercely.


The headquarters of the International Security Council at my feet instantly seemed to be hit by a terrorist object. The ground collapsed and the ground cracked. A huge palm print covering the entire International Security Council headquarters appeared on the ground.

International Security Council, flying ash annihilation.

“he he he ……hahaha ……”

“Humans, do you still have to put up a desperate struggle? Starting today, I will destroy ten cities every day. And the way I destroy cities is to wipe them out. So, if you don’t want me to do it myself , You can do it yourself and weed out all things related to science and technology from human beings. I will not give you time to consider.”

Speaking, Luxi waved his hand fiercely, and an energy beam shot out from Luxi’s palm, instantly spanning hundreds of kilometers and hitting the nearest city.


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