I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 634


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“This bastard–” Baidi roared furiously in the Conference Hall.

In the whole world, there may be people who accept him as a god, and maybe a small part of the world can accept abandoning scientific and technological civilization, but absolutely no one is willing to accept the elimination of all those who have knowledge of scientific and technological civilization.

Science and technology civilization is not something that exists, but exists in the people of every civilized world. Kill all those who have knowledge of civilization, then you might as well kill all those who are not fools and illiterate!

No one will agree!


Suddenly, a white light lit up in the ruins below. The Holy Grail rushed out of the ruins, fiercely smashed into Luxi’s head.

“Holy Grail?” Luxi lightly snorted disdainfully, swiping the Holy Grail flying like a fly. Raising his hand in an instant, a terrifying suction came from Luxi’s hand, and a silhouette rushed out of the ruins and landed in Luxi’s palm.

“cough cough cough ——”

Yulia’s face was bloodstained, and she coughed up golden blood from her mouth.

“Saintess! The sacrifice I have prepared for a year is destroyed by you, then I will use your blood to open the gate of the Garden of Eden…”

“You dream!” Yulia roared hard. Suddenly, a splitting the air sound came. The Holy Grail instantly released the rays of light, and a trace of divine force rippled from the Holy Grail.

“divine force?” Luxi looked at Yulia in his hand in surprise, and suddenly raised his other hand, a barrier rippling from his palm.

“bang!” The strikes of the holy grail fiercely are above the barrier, and the ripples of space distortion rippling.

“You can actually inspire the divine force of the Holy Grail? It seems that you are not as simple as I thought. I am more and more satisfied with you…”

Wang Lan’s face flashed with entanglement, and a voice kept telling him, go over, save Yulia, go quickly, she is your comrade-in-arms and your friend.

You can’t just watch her being killed. All the battles of the International Security Council are dead. You are standing here. Now a woman is standing up when mankind is facing disaster, for the last dignity of mankind. While fighting, you are still watching.

Did you stand here when Lucy came to Jade Country to destroy the city of Jade Country?

Seriously, Wang Lan raised his head! The fighting intent rises in his eyes, and he takes a gentle step, his figure has disappeared.

“Wang Lan ——” Yu Ruoyan instantly extended the hand and wanted to hold Wang Lan, but in the end he could only leave a corner of Wang Lan’s clothes. Wang Lan’s space moves too fast, no one can reflect it quickly.

The only person who noticed Wang Lan’s determination was Yu Ruoyan who has been paying attention to Wang Lan.

In the headquarters of the International Security Council, Wang Lan appeared in ruins. With the appearance of an ant, Luxi will naturally not take seriously. Even the expressions all did not scan the Wang Lan that appeared.

“Void purple eyes, open!”

“Star divine arrow, Supreme-Yang True Fire ——”

In an instant, Wang Lan poured all the star force into this arrow.


The space ripples tremble, and the divine arrow of the starry sky suddenly leaves the string. And Luxi just glanced down at this moment. The Holy Grail in front of me was actually stimulated by the divine force, but that’s okay. This divine force is so weak. If it weren’t for being sealed for 10,000 years, or tortured for 10,000 years, the divine force used to eliminate it. Divine force is nothing but a breath.


Xingkong divine arrow passed through Luxi’s arm.

Luxi looked at the arrow on his arm in astonishment, his face was full of astonishment.

This arrow hurt me? This arrow could actually hurt me as a god? Luxi’s heart was filled with puzzles. Also because of that moment of stunnedness, the Holy Grail suddenly broke through Luxi’s barrier defense, and slammed fiercely on Luxi’s chest with a fiercely.

The space was distorted, and Luxi’s figure flew upside down in an instant. Wang Lan quickly body flashed to Yulia’s side, a halo of life hit Yulia’s body.

Yulia’s injury quickly healed, just before it was too late to wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth, suddenly the space was distorted, and Luxi appeared in front of the two of them.

On Luxi’s arm, the Supreme-Yang True Fire is scorching. Luxi glanced faintly, then gently waved his hand, and the Supreme-Yang True Fire went out instantly.

“I said how your weak strength could hurt me, it turned out to be Supreme-Yang True Fire.”

In the face of being as strong as Lucy, Wang Lan clutched Yulia’s arm tightly. He doesn’t even dare to teleport now, because teleporting is also Luxi’s basic ability. He went from the life restricted zone to the center of the International Security Council in an instant. Even if Wang Lan escaped by teleporting, he could reach Jade Country in an instant.

Moreover, powerhouse has a very keen sense of breath. Jiang Shanwang once said that as long as a person’s breath is remembered by him, he can be found out of the crowd instantly no matter where he hides.

With such a powerful strength as Luxi, the range of perception is absolutely global.

At this point, Wang Lan suddenly felt that he was stupid. Knowing that impossible has ever been played, there is no chance of winning, but in the end it came.

The world is about to be destroyed, Wang Lan really can’t think of any way to use the strength of mortals to counter the gods. Rather than dying after the destruction of the entire human civilization, it is better to die before the destruction of human civilization.

Luxi looked at Wang Lan curiously, his eyes spinning like a vortex.

But gradually, Luxi’s eyes became serious. He couldn’t see Wang Lan’s life mark, as if Wang Lan had never existed and shouldn’t exist.

On the other side, the Forbidden City.

Jiang Shan Wang’s long sighed, slowly stood up.

“Old Ancestor, you…”

“It seems that my mission has arrived…” Jiang Shanwang sighed with a very young face, but he was old-fashioned.

“King of Jiangshan, can you deal with him?”

“Willing a handful of old bones, it should be able to hurt him a bit. In the end, I am afraid it will not help. But…” Jiang Shan Wang smiled lightly on his face.

“You want me to watch so many violent deaths of the same race, but they can’t live without an old man. Wang Lan, this kid is more determined than me, instead of sitting by and watching the Human Race exterminate the species, the flood is not equal to me. “

This sounded irresponsible, but like a hammer hit everyone’s heart. Baidi and the others suddenly flicked and sat up, clenching his fists tightly, the blue veins on his forehead violently, but he couldn’t say a word.

Jiang Shan Wang took a gentle step, and the person had disappeared into the void.

“Old Ancestor ——” Yu Ruoyan cried out in surprise, but there was no trace of Jiang Shan Wang in front of him.

“Where did your kid come from?” Luxi slowly approached Wang Lan, the horrible imposing manner seemed to come from the suppression of the ancient general Wang Lan.

“You shouldn’t be here.”

“Me? Coming for Human Race!” Wang Lan felt his bones about to be crushed, making a click. The star force surging all over, the self-healing skills passively stimulate to repair the damage caused by the body collapse.

The killing intent shot in Luxi’s eyes, but suddenly, the terrifying coercion disappeared.

Luxi looked back at the eastern sky curiously, a cloud hung in the sky, a Heavenly Sword hung from the void, and a fairy tale flew quickly from the void on the Flying Sword.


Lu Xi frowned slightly, watching Jiang Shan Wang’s white clothes lightly falling in front of Wang Lan.

“you two, go back.”

“Jiangshan King…” Wang Lan’s eyes were surprised, but instantly dimmed. People will never understand the power of Luxi without being confronted with Luxi. And because he has faced Luxi, Wang Lan knows better than everyone that Luxi is absolutely invincible in this world.

Even if the Jiangshan King who killed Dilu with a single sword, even the Jiangshan King who reached the semi-fairy realm, it is absolutely impossible to be Luxi’s opponent.

“What’s the point when we go back?” Wang Lan asked indifferently.

Received an answer, Jiang Shan Wang didn’t say anything, and set his sights on Luxi.

“Western heaven, twelve-winged sacred angel…”

“Eastern Celestial Court?” Luxi asked with a serious expression.

“You still have time to stop at this time, don’t persist in your own wrong doings.” Jiang Shan Wang raised his sword gently, sword energy beeps, Heaven and Earth Dao rhyme appears, multi-colored light shines on Heaven and Earth.

“No, you don’t have Immortal Spirit Energy, you are not a member of the Eastern Celestial Court!”

“Celestial Court just asked me to give a message. If you don’t listen, I’m afraid the Four Great Emperors will come next time.”

“hahaha…you are less bluffing. If the Eastern Celestial Court is still there, how can mankind be weak? If the Celestial Court is still there, let the Heavenly God Buddha come to suppress me. I will fight with strength of oneself today. The entire Celestial Court.”

“In that case, fight over there.” Jiang Shan Wang opened his eyes in an instant, and a sword intent shot out from his eyes.

With the imposing manner spouting out, a sword energy instantly condenses in front of him.

The moment sword energy appeared, Jiang Shan Wang’s black hair quickly turned white as if it had been dyed with frost.

His ruddy and handsome face, naked eye becomes old and wrinkled visible.

Watching this scene, Wang Lan’s heart trembled. The sword of Jiangshan King actually sacrificial offering all the Essence, Qi, and Spirit and even life.

“In my whole life, I only raise one sword, one foot in front of me, no one can stop. Luxi, receive my sword!”


Jiang Shan Wang’s figure soared, and instantly invaded Luxi’s body. Luxi raised her palm with disdain, a person who didn’t even have Immortal Spirit Energy was just a mortal after all.

The power of mortals, trying to kill the gods? mantis trying to stop a chariot ……

Suddenly, Luxi’s face changed, and she looked at the sword that hit the front door in amazement.

This sword is different from what he imagined.

Although there is no Immortal Spirit Energy, but with the will of Heaven and Earth, the law of God.

Luxi suddenly understood a bit when he saw the king of the mountains who had become haggard in an instant. In Oriental Immortal Technique, artistic conception is the first priority, and strength is second. And if there is no strength to touch the mood, you will be condemned by heaven.

Using strength beyond the rules is a price. But this costly sword can really hurt himself.

How is it possible——


The sword energy hit Luxi’s chest, and countless sword energy rushed into Luxi’s body like a storm. Luxi’s body freezes, staring at the king of Jiang Shan in horror with round eyes.

“You actually…really…cut off my origin?”

Jiang Shan Wang smiled faintly, “You lose, you lose…”

The voice fell, and the king of Jiangshan seemed to have turned into a breeze disappeared.

Wang Lan hasn’t came back to his senses in the scene where the king of Jiangshan disappeared. Suddenly, there was a loud noise on Luxi’s body.


The 12 Pairs of wings on the back exploded two pairs in an instant.

The twelve-winged holy angel turned into an eight-winged Seraphim?

Although the Eight Wing Seraphim is still an incomparably powerful god, he has lost Absolute Control of the law.

Wang Lan and Yulia’s eyes lit up at the same time.

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