I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 635


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Yulia waved her hand, and the rays of light instantly rose from the holy grail above her head, turning into fiercely and heading towards Luxi strikes. The star force of Wang Lan’s body was surging, and in an instant, a thick blue mist appeared in his palm.

Even if the star force has reached the late Star Sea stage, the strength control of annihilation is still so difficult. But after Annihilation was pushed down to the diamond level, the control has been significantly improved.

Luxi suddenly woke up from the shock, a terrifying light burst into his eyes. With a bang, the Holy Grail flew with a palm. At this moment, Wang Lan stepped out of the void and appeared in front of Luxi.

A palm fiercely pressed on Luxi’s chest, and the law of annihilation was activated. Luxi’s chest was penetrated unimpeded by Wang Lan like the surface of the water. A huge penetration as big as a head appeared on Luxi’s chest.


Everyone who saw this scene excitedly waved their fists and shouted that even if this blow could not kill Luxi, it could cause him a heavy injury.

While everyone was cheering excitedly, Wang Lan’s heartstrings tightened instantly, and a feeling like an ice cellar hit his heart. Luxi’s cold eyes stared at Wang Lan. Suddenly, a white light dangled in front of him, and Wang Lan’s body fell fiercely to the ground like a meteorite.


The earth cracked, and above the ground, a terrifying earth eye slowly opened its eyes. Wang Lan in the center of the pit spit a mouthful of blood fiercely, staring at the sky with blank eyes.

Wang Lan’s chest has a black long spear inserted.

It is this terrifying long spear that limits all Wang Lan’s star martial arts, including the light of life, including rebirth, including self-healing.

Above the sky, Luxi’s huge wound healed quickly. Wings that flickered slightly, shedding stars. Suddenly, the pair of wings behind him flickered like thunder in a thunderstorm.

“Boom–” There was a loud noise, and a pair of wings exploded again.

Being cut off the realm with the sword of Jiangshan King, after all, it was the sword of Jiangshan King’s law at the expense of life. But Wang Lan shattered a pair of wings, which made Luxi furious. A mortal who can’t even touch the side of the law, actually relies on this despicable sneak attack……


“You are very good, you are very good. Even you can hurt me… Does the name of my god seem ridiculous? Laugh, why don’t you laugh? Why don’t you laugh?”

Luxi stared condescendingly at Wang Lan, his face twisted and crazy.

“Wang Lan ——”

In the ruins on the side, Yulia, covered in blood, stood up with difficulty, but the shout was so desperate.

I tried my best, I tried my best, but in the end, I lost.

Even if there are only seven pairs of wings left, Luxi still stands firmly in the realm of God. What if all the stars of the world arrive? In Luxi’s eyes, it just waved away.

Wang Lan, who was nailed in the deep pit, breathed so fast, opened his mouth slightly, and blood flowed back and blocked his throat. Even if he swallowed harder, the blood seemed endless.

The long spear on his chest quickly swallowed Wang Lan’s blood and life. Wang Lan’s consciousness felt a little fuzzy, as if it had reached its limit.

“Are you going to die?” A lamp appeared in front of Wang Lan’s eyes, like a revolving lantern.

“child ……”

Suddenly, a voice rang in Wang Lan’s ear. Wang Lan’s gradual decline in consciousness seemed to be shocked by an electric shock.

“child ……”

“Who are you?” Wang Lan couldn’t speak, but his consciousness could ask. The physical pain instantly left him, Wang Lan seemed to be in an empty universe, surrounded by nothingness, surrounded by this sound.

“Child, you haven’t lost yet, stand up, you haven’t lost yet…”

The tone is full of encouragement and love, like a gentle mother squatting down and telling the child that you have to be brave and you have to cheer. Wang Lan wanted eyes to be opened. Suddenly, his consciousness seemed to be sucked away by something.

For an instant, a tingling sensation in his chest came.

“en?” Luxi suddenly complexion changed. He lowered his head and stared at Wang Lan, or the violently trembling long spear in Wang Lan’s chest.



Suddenly, the jet-black long spear shattered like broken glass. Without the suppression of the long spear, the self-healing innate talent immediately began to repair Wang Lan’s body. The long-lost warmth envelops Wang Lan.

Wang Lan is repaired not only in the body, but also in the strength that emerges in the depth of one’s soul. It is a strength full of encouragement, hope, and gentleness. strength so soft, but so firm.

In the depths of the earth, there was a burst of summon. Wang Lan stood up slowly, and when he stood on the ground again, his injuries had disappeared.

Watching Wang Lan stand up again, everyone watching this scene clenched their fists tightly. Hold on for a while, must hold on for a while, all the star soul experts have arrived, must hold on!

Although the Star Soul Expert is very fast, even the fastest Thor takes half an hour to reach the battlefield. Not everyone can smashing void instantly like Jiangshan King, and not everyone can move instantaneously like Wang Lan.

Wang Lan extended the hand slowly, and the ground under his feet was shaking violently.

Suddenly, a silver iron rod slowly rose from the ground and was held in Wang Lan’s hand. After all of them were drawn out, it turned out to be a silver-white long spear.

The moment I saw the long spear, Luxi’s complexion was greatly changed. A deep horror appeared on the cold face.

“The Anubis gun? Impossible…Hasn’t the Anubis gun been destroyed by Gaia? How could it…” In an instant, Lucy’s cold sweat overflowed his forehead, and one might explode in his chest.

“Gaia? Gaia’s consciousness is still on the earth? Gaia has not fallen yet?”

The resurrected Luxi has felt Heaven and Earth. There is no god in this world. Since there is no god, there is certainly no thing that can threaten him.

He saw the destruction of heaven. Without Olympus, without the Nordic Temple, without the Celestial Court of the East, he is the only True God in the world. He should be invincible, he should re-establish the law, establish the order.

But Luxi didn’t expect that being unable to sense the gods does not mean that the gods must have fallen. The gods may fall into a deep sleep, or they may become other forms of existence between Heaven and Earth.

The appearance of the divine spear made Luxi realize how hasty what he did before.

A powerful strength that has never been experienced before fills the body. Wang Lan tightly holds the long spear. At this moment of glory, he dared to ride a bicycle on high speed.

The eyes were staring at Luxi on top of his head, and the ground under his feet exploded in an instant. The lasing debris splashed all around like bullets. Wang Lan’s figure broke through the sound barrier, and a cloud of sound bursts. Tuan appeared next to Wang Lan. In the next instant, Wang Lan had already stab at Luxi with his Anubis spear.

“Gaia, you actually yin to me—”

Of course, Luxi would not sit and wait for death. He folded his hands and used all the divine force to gather it in his palm, and a holy light shield with dazzling rays of light appeared. The shot was blocked at the moment of Anubis’ stabbing.


The sacred shield suddenly made a crisp sound and cracks appeared. An expression of horror suddenly appeared on Luxi’s face.

Wang Lan held the Anubis gun fiercely and stabbed it out.


A fiercely shot pierced Luxi’s chest, and the long spear passed through. Luxi lowered her head in horror, and then stiffly lifts the head to look at Wang Lan.


The wings behind him exploded, and Luxi fell to the realm again. Immediately afterwards, two more explosions sounded, and three pairs of wings exploded almost simultaneously.


Lu Xi stepped back abruptly, looking at Wang Lan in horror. The long spear in Wang Lan’s hand also flashed constantly like a poor-contact electric light. Then it dissipated in a burst of white light, and turned into stars falling like rain.

Luxi, with only four wings left, has fallen to the Peak of the Star Soul Realm. If King Jiang is still alive, Luxi can be beheaded without a sword in the world.

“Wang Lan, we are here…”

“Wang Lan, hold on—”

A loud shout sounded from the sky, along with splitting the air sound, dozens of rays of light struck shatter void.

Luxi’s face suddenly became extremely gloomy. Although he has an advantage in realm under this realm, he does not have an advantage in strength. After being sealed for 10,000 years, his strength is already less than 1/10,000th of Peak.

“Humans, you are waiting. The next time I visit the world, it will be when I am extinct and reborn.” Luxi put down a cruel word, the space distortion beside him.

Wang Lan was about to stop, but the endless weakness was swallowed like a tsunami, instantly engulfing Wang Lan’s consciousness in endless darkness.

Luxi disappeared, and Wang Lan fell from the sky.

Yulia quickly extended the hand to catch Wang Lan, and after a long time of inspection, she was relaxed, only to lose her strength.

This battle, horrible to see, this battle, is also trembling in fear. No one didn’t expect that the crisis of extinction would come so suddenly and silently.

Everyone thought that the crisis of extinction was in Demon Race, but now I understand that Demon Race is just one of the crises.

“Complete the task, take the lead, reward 100 million experience points, and 10,000,000 skill points.”


Wang Lan’s body trembles suddenly, and the surging star force gushes out. The experience slot of Star Sea Seven was filled instantly, and the breakthrough reached Star Sea Eight in an instant. Then the eight experience slots of Star Sea were filled in half

The descendants of the world’s strongest Star Soul Realm looked at Wang Lan blankly. Your last breakthrough feels funny.

Wang Lan woke up and found Yulia in his arms. Quickly broke free, stood up nervously, “Where is Luxi?”

“Run! Wang Lan, what happened at the last moment? How are you…”

“I don’t know. At the time I felt like I was going to die, and suddenly there was a voice telling me that I hadn’t lost. Then I woke up, and there was a very advanced strength.

Then that long spear was summoned by me, to talk about the feeling at the time… I seemed to be managed. I can’t even remember what happened. “

“Sorry, we are late.” Baidi and the others came to Wang Lan and patted Wang Lan on the shoulder, “If we can come early, we will be able to keep Luxi if we work hard.”

“The four-winged battle angel is one level higher than us. He doesn’t dare to jump easily now. This battle…we won.” Yulia endured excitement said solemnly.

“But in the world, there is no more king of the world.” Wang Lan looked at the sky, and the sword of the king of the world of destroying heaven extinguishing earth appeared in his mind.

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