I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 636


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This battle made all countries of the world clearly realize how fragile their lives are in the face of absolute strength. From the emergence of life to evolution, it has always been trembling with fear.

From the Cambrian, Ordovician, Devonian…the extinction again and again, the new extinction, the species disappeared one after another, the pursuit of life, the hard work, is nothing more than survival.

Survival is already a luxury, let alone civilization.

The emergence of mankind is a miracle, and it is an impossible miracle that a civilization has survived to the end without catastrophe. Since the emergence of human beings, there have been countless catastrophes, but this time is the closest to extinction.

Everyone was shocked in a cold sweat, and everyone’s legs trembled with fear.

Because of such a horror, the joy of avoided a catastrophe will come so fierce and crazy.

Although 99% of the people at point nine don’t even know what happened, they even think that yesterday, like the day before yesterday, today is as sunny as the sun.

Enjoying the setting sun in the afternoon, walking among the fallen leaves in the shade, looking back at the children running happily, and sighed with a crisp laugh. The years are quiet.

But they don’t know, they passed Death God just yesterday.

The destruction of the two cities, a detached sacred flying ash annihilation. Millions of human beings died instantly, all of which were suppressed by various countries.

Because of the announcement at this time, nothing can be done except to cause panic. Rather than knowing all the deaths, it is better to live silly. Luxi is still alive, but his threat has dropped to the lowest point.

Although Luxi may still be the most powerful creature in the world, possessing a strength that surpasses all star soul realms, at least he has been knocked off the altar. It is no longer a god who cannot accept a nuclear bomb, nor can he withstand the joint attack of more than five star soul experts.

Luxi, who has lost the divine force, must hide in a corner quietly licking his wounds. It must be difficult to find him, but the whole world will not give up. Even if you go through any corner of the whole world, you must find out this threat.

On the other side, Jade Country.

Forbidden City, in the highest Conference Hall.

Wang Lan stood in front of the members of the UN Standing Committee in a uniform with a serious face.

“I, on behalf of the Supreme Council of the White Eagle nation, awarded General Wang Lan the honorary five-star general title of the White Eagle nation. You are a hero who saves the world and a superhero for all mankind.”

“On behalf of the Polar Bear, I awarded General Wang Lan the title of War God, honorary five-star general. You are our eternal friends.”

“I represent…”

The five permanent countries, except Jade Country, all awarded Wang Lan the honorary five-star general. The five-star general is already the highest-level general certified in the world, with its status and dignity. There is only one reason except Jade Country. The other country awarded the honorary five-star general, but Jade Country is the actual general rank.

Wang Lan was promoted again. In the autumn of 22 years old, he not only became the youngest general in Jade Country, but also the youngest general in the world.

“I, on behalf of the United Nations, awarded Mr. Wang Lan the title of Human Hero, the title of Protector of Humanity Soldiers, and the Medal of Civilized Hero. Mr. Wang Lan, you are the first person in history to receive this Supreme Medal. Congratulations, and too Thank you!”

Wang Lan expressionless looks forward, seemingly pampered. But in fact, Wang Lan has been shielded from feelings by the noisy waves of notification sounds in his mind.

“I found sacrificial offering items, whether they can be included in the backpack.”


It was a rush and tired day. When Wang Lan returned to his home in Kyoto, he felt that his face could be taken off and thrown in the washing machine to wash it well. After laughing for a day, his face became stiff.

“Are you tired?” Jiang Xinyu came to Wang Lan’s side extremely tenderly, gently kneading Wang Lan’s shoulders, the fragrant wind hit, making Wang Lan’s body a little stiff.

“Don’t move, let me rub it for you…” Jiang Xinyu said again, Wang Lan brows slightly wrinkle, feeling something wrong with Jiang Xinyu.

Suddenly, Jiang Xinyu hugged Wang Lan’s neck, so hard, and then buried his entire face between Wang Lan’s neck, warm tears soaked Wang Lan’s collar.

“Wang Lan, I’m so scared… I’m so scared. The moment I saw you nailed to the ground, my head was blank. I’m so afraid that you will really die… I’m afraid to look at you Die…”

Wang Lan’s body relaxes, and he pats Jiang Xinyu’s head gently, “If I die, the whole world will not live. What’s to be afraid of, it’s just that I die first, you die late .

And as long as I can save the whole world, I will not die. I used to lie to you and say that there are no difficulties in the world that can hold me up, and even if there are, I can guarantee that I will survive.

But now I can’t, because I have no retreat. In the past, I could run as long as I couldn’t beat. Anyway, there was a taller person who was going to fight it. But now, I suddenly realized that I had become the tallest person.

The enemy is standing before my eyes, and the human civilization stands behind me. It’s not that I can’t run, but I can’t. Do you understand? “

“I understand, but can you understand how I felt?”

“Of course I understand, because I thought that when I was about to die, my mind was all you…”

“Only me?”

“Only you!”

Wang Lan turned his face away, looked at Jiang Xinyu’s vapor-filled eyes, extended the hand took Jiang Xinyu’s shoulder, and gnawed it down.


The next day, Wang Lan woke up leisurely and Jiang Xinyu was already up. Listening to the movement in the kitchen, Wang Lan rolled over lazily. This year, Jiang Xinyu finally mastered the introduction of culinary art, and at least the things he made were not dark dishes.

I don’t have any soft things in my arms, and I feel sleepy. Sit up, put on your clothes and get up.

“Xinyu, how many holidays do we have left?” Wang Lan stretched out to the kitchen door and asked.

“Indefinitely.” Jiang Xinyu gave Wang Lan a speechless glance and brought out the cooked breakfast from the kitchen.

“You forgot, the International Security Council is gone!”

“It just didn’t react for a while…” Wang Lan stretched out his hand to the breakfast that had just been cooked, but was slapped by Jiang Xinyu.

“Go and wash before eating.”


After a quick wash was completed, Wang Lan came to the edge of the seat and looked at the breakfast in front of him with a lot of emotion.


The badge in the system exploded, and a brilliant revolving lantern appeared in front of Wang Lan’s eyes.

The main screen of the revolving lantern is still the animation game screen. The items redeemed this time should be in the animation settings. Although there is no Ultraman, there are still many unsolvable existences in the anime.

The revolving lantern swayed quickly, some of the pictures were impressive, and some pictures were blurred. They were all seen by Wang Lan in his previous life.

The revolving lantern gradually slowed down, and finally, it froze on a pair of eyes.

Seeing these eyes, Wang Lan’s eyes startled fiercely.

These eyes are too familiar and too shocking.

These are a pair of bright red eyes, in which a boomerang is slowly spinning.

“Get the props, divine might write round eyes! Do you want to extract it?”

“Wait, people who don’t have the bloodline of the Uchiha clan seem to be unable to use blood wheel eyes, right?” Wang Lan asked hurriedly.

“The props of sacrificial offering will eliminate all unfavorable settings for the host, please don’t have so many worrying thoughts.”

The cold voice of the system sounded, making Wang Lan let out a long sigh of relief.


In an instant, Wang Lan only felt his eyes cool. Opening it again, a pair of kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes slowly swirled in Wang Lan’s eyes.

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