I’ve Got Daoist Divine Ability System Chapter 210


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At this moment, Zhou Yang felt that the world had changed with his mood.

His attack has the characteristics of daylight surveying method, can reach every corner of the enemy, his magic weapon itself is Buddha Relic, with the power of causality, this fist goes down, there is the blessing of causal power, even if the Avatar is billions, If you can’t hold it, you will die!

At this moment, the ending is set!

Zhou Yang feels that his thoughts are as accessible as never before, heart is like a clear mirror, not stained with dust.

At this moment, he seemed to have returned to the year when he was nineteen years old, the moment he got the Bodhi tree leaves by chance.

The body and mind are transparent, pure as colored glaze, all thoughts are empty, and wisdom is born.

Zhou Yang felt that his mood was sublimated, and his heart was filled with joy for a while.

Didn’t expect that there will be gains in the state of mind this time. When this battle is over, go back to retreat and experience it for a while. With your accumulation, the Nascent Soul Realm world will be in the near future!

“It is worthy of being a juvenile knight, the old man is admired by the prestige of the sun!”

“Hey, after watching this battle, I feel that my lifelong cultivation is simply meaningless!”


Many people were amazed, and even these people belonged to one group, the Aristocratic Family celebrity Elder, the expert in the Nascent Soul Realm world.

Five Elements Sect Elder Lu Xing touched his waist with a yellow bottle gourd, and also exclaimed in admiration.

“I once heard that Yanghou went to the border to behead the barbarian warriors. At first, I thought it was because of the force of the army. Now it seems that Yanghou does have this strength!”

At this time, Zhou Yang took out the magic weapon. Although he did not maximize the formidable power of the magic weapon, it was no worse than Lu Xing’s bottle gourd, not to mention that the divine ability daoist was better than himself.

I really want to fight. Although he is in the Nascent Soul Realm world, Zhou Yang has no difficulty in fighting him.

And Nascent Soul, who is present, is not much better than Lu Xing!

“hmph, when realm is suppressed, magic weapons are still used. This myriad forms daoist is really amazing!” Hu Yan burned his eyebrows with a gleam in the cracks, but his tone was mocking.

The person next to him didn’t dare to talk. Hu Yanzhuo was from Hu Yanshu. It was normal for him to dislike Zhou Yang.

Above the sky, Wu Qu Xingjun, who was the test master, didn’t say a word. He seemed to be a Spiritual God without emotion.

On the cloud platform below him, the three examiners did not speak, watching the battle silently.

Only Nangong ten thousand li is unhappy on the face, Zhou Yang is his dísciple, but his performance at the moment makes him dissatisfied.

It’s not about realm strength, but about the wisdom and temperament of the battle.

Zhou Yang’s state of mind is always too bad. He is obviously stronger than Ye Xuan that many. If he doesn’t fight for a long time, he will be in a mess. It is simply stupid to blindly crush with strength.

With this mentality, if you play against the genius of the same realm, it is almost impossible to win!

In the view of Nangong ten thousand li, powerhouse is not achieved by crushing the weak, but constantly challenging and surpassing. This is true powerhouse.

Zhou Yang was naturally ignorant of this, and his whole body was flooded with confidence.

What about Mr. Wangfu, what about inheriting a world of luck, what about the emperor’s daoist, what about the capital of the Emperor, everything is his own stepping stone.

The flames in Zhou Yang’s eyes jumped, looking towards Ye Xuan, trying to take a look at Ye Xuan’s desperate and helpless expression, but found that Ye Xuan did not panic at all.


A sound sounded, and the people all around shook their bodies like an electric shock, and immediately avoided.

The empty place, the yellow silhouette is fleeting. A rays of light rises like an unrolled bolt of white silk, and then gradually elongates.

Although this scene is short, others can see it very clearly, which is exactly the same as the scene in the previous Ye Xuan incarnation.

The almost extinct daoist not at all moved them, because they were more afraid of Ye Xuan’s hidden abilities than this!

With the sudden appearance of Ye Xuan just now, everyone on the scene carefully probed all around, and naturally found nothing, but now the results are in front of them, proving that they are really powerless against Ye Xuan’s hidden methods!

The rays of light stretched instantaneously, not yet showing its original shape, a wave of coercion has spread like a tide. This pressure is different from the previous majestic and domineering Pan Dragon’s Might pressure, vast and ancient.

Between Heaven and Earth vitality and rules change, Yin-Yang Dao is full of several li.

“Isn’t it a beaucon?” someone immediately spoke in shock, obviously not beaucon can cause this weather.

A huge and slender silhouette appeared, with a human head and a snake body, all red. A wave of Dao Rhyme radiated from this slender body, the sun was dim, and the morning and dusk turned upside down.

Mythical creature-Torch Dragon!

Since Ye Xuan obtained the Torch Dragon blood essence and refined it into the pseudo-form divine ability, he gained the ability of the incarnation mythical creature Torch Dragon.

This is one of Ye Xuan’s hole cards and has never been used before.

Because once the incarnation Torch Dragon competed for the Red Candidate, the matter of setting up a large array of fish in troubled waters may be exposed.

This is not only the hole card of Ye Xuan incarnation Torch Dragon, but also the Illusion Technique method will definitely be exposed. At that time, many cultivators competing for the Red Champion would naturally offend, let alone Zhao Ming.

Therefore, Ye Xuan’s ontology has always sealed this move and hardly let it be used.

Until now…

Ye Xuan, a Torch Dragon transformed into a body, has eyes closed, mythical creatures and Dao Idol combine, and existence can provoke Power of Heaven and Earth, all around Celestial Phenomenon, naturally changing, dark and unclear.

Then Torch Dragon opened his eyes. The eyes were so bright that they seemed to be a bright moon in the night sky and the morning sun before dawn!

Between Heaven and Earth suddenly lit up, the yin and yang were reversed, the morning and dusk turned, Torch Dragon’s eyes fixed on Zhou Yang, a mysterious force radiated from Torch Dragon, hitting Zhou Yang.

This is the rule between Heaven and Earth, Power of Time!

Zhou Yang’s body and magic weapon immediately stiffened. The combination of the myriad forms and the power of Torch Dragon, the formidable power is a bit stronger than the power of the simple Torch Dragon. It is Ye Xuan’s other hole card, even before. Myriad forms Great Hand Seal has never been exposed.

In order to enhance the strength of his Torch Dragon, Ye Xuan directly used two Nascent Soul talisman to bless him!

Simply Space Power is just a confinement, and the confinement method of Power of Time is still above space.

This is to suppress even the other’s thoughts and thoughts!

A series of methods directly made Zhou Yang, who was clearly far stronger than himself, unable to really hurt himself.

But this is not enough. Although Zhou Yang could not hurt himself, but the opponent’s Buddha’s radiance realm Martial Dao blessed the fleshy body by four major methods, Ye Xuan really could not break the defense.

Yellow clothes can only make Zhou Yang hurt himself!

At this time, Zhou Yang’s fist fell on Ye Xuan, but Ye Xuan had not been completely blown up yet. At this time, Torch Dragon used the Power of Time to freeze for a moment. This is Ye Xuan’s opportunity!

I saw Ye Xuan raise his hand to Zhou Yang, divine ability-send stick!

Ye Xuan, who was under Zhou Yang’s fist, praised the divine ability of the cute head.

If it weren’t for the cute divine ability, how could he predict so accurately!

divine ability-Sending a rod to transfer damage is also Ye Xuan’s usual method in the past, but this time it was a lot of tolerance, just for this moment!

Zhou Yang was anchored by Time and Space Strength, and the magic weapon was the same. The power of his own this fist was immediately transferred to him by Ye Xuan.

At this moment, Ye Xuan is directed to Zhou Yang, and then Torch Dragon’s Time and Space Imprisonment is released.

Only hearing the sound of “peng”, Ye Xuan was directly blown up!

The seventy-one myriad forms Great Hand Seal blessed by the divine ability cannot block this fist. Only the divine ability-the stick is basically impossible to transfer all the formidable power of this fist.

But Ye Xuan is different from Zhou Yang, he is not afraid of death!

Let’s not talk about Great Divine Ability One Qi Becomes Three Purities.

Although the divine ability of the Seventy-two Divine Demons is not known for attacking, it is amazing that many mysterious derivations have been derived from the life-saving process.

Even if you don’t talk about the divine ability of the Seventy-two Divine Demons, Ye Xuan myriad forms daoist is also very good at life-saving, incarnation myriad forms vitality, integrated into myriad forms, and then divine ability-pseudomorphic changes, the world can really see through it. !

Zhou Yang’s this fist imitates the Great Thunder Sound Temple Great Divine Ability, Buddha Kingdom in the Palm, compressing the field with one punch, and even punched Ye Xuan’s myriad forms Great Hand Seal, and also used the magic weapon. The power of causality.

One’s own Peak punch, and the magic power blessing, this fist formidable power is absolutely extraordinary!


With a loud noise, Zhou Yang flew out directly, and the golden light and flame exploded like a bright and brilliant firework.

Zhou Yang’s this fist directly broke open his golden body, his flame wisdom Buddha’s radiance with the help of magic weapons!

Martial Dao Fleshy Body, who has been cultivating for many years, is like a clay sculpture under his own fist.

“pu! ”

Zhou Yang just came back to his senses from the suppression of time, but at the next moment, he felt a terrifying force hit him directly, golden body, and Buddha’s radiance broke instantly.

A rays of light lit up on Torch Dragon, and then gradually shrank, turning into a ball of rays of light.

The rays of light dissipated, revealing a yellow robe silhouette. Ye Xuan stood in the air, looking at Zhou Yang who fell on the ground, with a satisfied smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Can the sun fight again?”

Zhou Yang himself couldn’t bear the remaining prestige of this fist. He was seriously injured and was dying. In addition, he was unprepared. At this time, Ye Xuan was agitated, his veins violent, his eyes widened, and he passed out on the spot!

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