I’ve Got Daoist Divine Ability System Chapter 254

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“Is anyone wants to harm me?”

SYSTEM space, Ye xuan Touch The chin is a face-footed fox to use Yellow Clothes’ s perspective to THESE TRIBULATIONS Ray.

ye xuan This TRANSCENDING TRIBULATION is not intended to use Divine Ability to assist.

Because of the current Realm, even if there is no Divine Ability, YE Xuan itself is strong enough. But now it seems that the situation is not right!

Although Transcending Tribulation has a little impact on ye xuan, ON The Surface only has a body, if it is seen that Weak Spot is not a certain card.

Ye xuan quietly launches Earthly Fiend 72 Transformations, then the whole person drills into Sixth Layer Thunder Tribulation.

This Sixth Layer is Yin and Yang Thunder Tribulation, a complete and successful Power of Yin-yang is a horrible yin and yang.

This robbery Formidable Power is still above the Five Elements Thunder TRIBULATION.

The world is chaotic, yin and yang.

This power of yin-yang is some of the world.

There is no statement other than jumping out of yin and yang.

Grinding is slowly rotated, and it is necessary to crush all myriad forms so that it returns to yin and yang, and it is necessary to pull Power of Yin-yang into large mill.

This complete power of yin-yang is either crushed, or simplified, change ye xuan it is estimated that you can only make the 72 Earthly Fiend Divine Ability stripes of Moh Comprehend, so that it is slowly consumed by itself .

But at this moment, Divine Ability is added, and now Earthly Fiend 72 Transformations is Profound Level Divine Ability, Equivalent to Nascent Soul hierarchy involves the “DAO” power.

Under the power of “DAO”, Trifling rules will not be Ye xuan.

ye xuan walks in Yin-Yang Thunder Tribulation, while using Tribulation Thunder Tempering itself, an avatar is turned out, quietly coming to the Sevesth Layer Thunder Tribulation area.

Just an appearance, a Life and Death Wheel turn-driven avenue directly Moved Towards ye xuan rolled.

This is the Nascent Soul class TRIBULATION Thunder!

and not only the general Nascent Soul Avenue, life, death, two avenues, alone a few extraordinary, two large DAO IDOL interaction, Formidable Power is more stronger.

can experience this Thunder TRIBULATION, enough to illustrate the extraordinary of APTITUDE.

According to YE Xuan, the Core Formation Stage’s Thunder Tribulation, the general days can encounter a complete rule Tribulation Thunder, which is the previous Five Elements Thunder TRIBULATION.

Powerful Cultivation Aristocratic Family, SECT Outstanding Dísciple This Cultivation has a Nascent Soul-level Thunder Tribulation that Emperor Daoist encounters the power of contaminated road.

This is already very strong. After all, the Transcending Tribulation is in this time, and the last round will become a Core Formation Realm, and the difficult force in the face is very difficult.

Of course, there is more anti-day, may not only the last wave Thunder TRIBULATION reach the Nascent Soul level, but a few wave Thunder TRIBULATION can reach the Nascent Soul level.

In Ye Xuan estimation, the genius of the Twelve pulse is finally visible at 8th Layer to this Thunder Tribulation, and the genius of the five Dao SECT is Seventh Layer.

The Heaven’s Chosen, which is really qualified to carry the life, estimates that their Sixth Layer Thunder TRIBULATION can bring the power of the upper.

YE Xuan self-evaluation is the genius of the 12th diamond.

and the end of the king should be better than yourself, you should not be inferior to the five Dao SECT level.

ye xuan refining Torch Dragon Blood Essence and Silver Myriad Forms, the quality of the glutenes is not a few parsing of the end king. But the huge air transport in Ding Ding is YE XUAN is difficult to match.

So Ye Xuan believes that the end king can reach the level of five Dao SECT genius.

As for the capital of Emperor, it is definitely the top match of Ye Xuan CultiVation Technique, maybe Zhao Ming himself makes up the root base to achieve this level with the Xuanhuang people’s Xuanhuang Gongt Tower.

But now, Ye xuan Sixth Layer Thunder Tribulation has a power, but it is not a trace of Dao Rhyme, but yin-yang dao!

This is the YE Xuan can’t understand. If you can meet the capital of Emperor, why?

ye xuan, although there is confidence in Myriad Forms, the Myriad Forms Star, but will not think that it will be stronger than five Dao SECT.

has Divine Ability blessing, this Yin-Yang Thunder Tribulation is not too strong for ye xuan, but it is not too strong.

didn’t take over ye xuan came to Seventh Layer Life and Death TRIBULATION Thunder.

Divine Ability Board, ye xuan slowly adapted to Dao of Life and Death in this Thunder Tribulation, and analyzed in the special beginning of Myriad Forms Daoist.

until Dao of Life and Death becomes a little slightly, ye xuan has once again divided an avatar again, entered 8th Layer!

However, it is expected that Ye Xuan is expected, 8th Layer is empty, and it seems that there is no.

What is this weird Thunder TRIBULATION?

Avatar enters 8th Layer Thunder Tribulation, it is enough to still have any abnormalities.

ye xuan I thought about it and stepped into 8th Layer.

It seems that this is originally a naked Heavenspan empty!

is right, ordinary, in this area, it is a normally spoken sky.

Blue Sky and White Clouds, Bright Sun and A Gentle Breeze, the strangeness of 8th Layer Thunder TRIBULATION, as well as a sudden scene change.

ye xuan suddenly feels an empty feet, give birth to a fall, the airflow is impacted from ye xuan, just like a wind, a strong airflow, let Ye Xuan are somewhat not open.

YE Xuan Subconsciously mobilize the mana of WITHIN THE BODY.

It is found that his mana is not controlled, directly from the WITHIN THE BODY source, no Danger Land overflows, and then integrates into this sky, I don’t know where!

“This is also Thunder TRIBULATION?”

Ye xuan has a surprise in your heart, is it a means of Illusion Technique?

However, many times, ye xuan found that he also couldn’t solve this illusion.

There is no way, for the pendant panic, ye xuan can only start adjusting its own state, so that your mana is not so easy to scatter.

The god of lotus table is immediately combined with the Ye Xuan body, and the nine boxing of the emperor has flowed with Ye xuan heart.

water, open mountain, custom sea, fans, volvence, town god, broken, emperor, nine cauldrons!

ye xuan starts to practice ** 禹 其他 其他 几 几 式 式 式 式 式 入 式 式 式 式 式 式 几 几 几 入 几 治 治 入 治 治 治 治 治 治 入 治 入 入 治 入 治 入 治 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入

At this time, the heart of the gods, it seems that there is an infinite water flow, and it is guided by Ye xuan to continue in the WITHIN THE BODY, slightly slowing down the YE Xuan manifeline.

But the mana is not overflowing, and the most important thing is to lock it with a FLESHY BODY.

ye xuan does not collect what is very good special Body Refining CultiVation Art, at this time, Subconsciously introduces the metallow INEXTINGUISHABLE BODY Grinding Fleshy Body’s Method.

At the same time, the god of the lotus of WITHIN THE BODY has been displayed to the limit, and it is necessary to lock the fixed mana in the formation!

With Ye Xuan action, he gradually produced a different feeling, it seems that the whole space is like a grinding wheel, which is polished, let him become the most perfect state.

and this is Golden Core!

This makes ye xuan more feeling more, meaning you can work in 8th Layer Thunder TRIBTIITION. What is Last Layer?

Inex, all the arrival, the violent rubbing of Ye xuan, letting him emissive the manifestation of ALL AROUND.

His current state is like Dropping from the sky, friction with the atmosphere, and his emotion is a burning gas flow in the outer layer of the meteorite.

The interior of the meteorite is ye xuan Essence, Qi, And Spirit, Heart God, Fleshy Body, the god of the lotus, and many general rules that run through Cultivation!

Ye xuan’s mana is taken in WITHIN THE BODY, ALL AROUND gas flow friction is getting more intense, so that Ye Xuan has a feeling of torn, rubbing, burning.


Suddenly, the intense impact, just like the meteorite, the whole person does not think about it, and the whole person will fall into a state of strange.

It is conscious but not thinking, but it feels indifference everything.

He is like a mud wood carving, with a dramatic impact, then broken down again, then a grade dust, a fog gas …

dust floating, fog fluttering, ye xuan also feels that his consciousness began to get more and more blurred, it seems that it fails!

Your own mana is still exhausted by all arround contineryly.

may not be exhausted, but the vitality has changed dramatic, and it cannot be absorbed by himself.

When you are destroyed in ye xuan, you will start with the power of One After ANOTHER, it is like a thin line, gathering Ye Xuan’s entire person.

This is the body!

Smoke returns, constrained limbs, flesh, and finally returned to personal.

The ye xuan standing on the earth at this moment suddenly has a Clear Comprehension, and his Core Formation!

Just the knot is the Null, the MYRIAD FORMS GOLDEN CORE.

but his Myriad Forms Golden Core is quirky.

The Golden Core of ordinary people is integrated with the rules of their own, such as the old brother of the Self-Destruct Golden Core, his Golden Core is a method Divine CHAIN ​​aggregation. There is also Golden Core birth nature phenomenon.

ye xuan also thinks about what is your own Golden Core, such as a non-changing airflow …

The result of Didn’t Expect is the same.

ye xuan itself is Golden Core!

The rule of this blessing in Golden Core is his hand and feet, his muscle texture, is his blood flow direction, Skeleton growth direction!

Golden core is herself, he is now the real character!

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