I’ve Possessed the Demon Sovereign’s Body Chapter 606.

    “Your sect in Eastern Zhou, looks powerful?” Chen Luoyang asked.

    Ye Canmian performed a week: “When Cult Master Chen was not exaggerated, the monastery was in the same way as the other party, although cooperation was numerous and credibility was guaranteed.”

    Chen Luoyang slightly nodded, and then he said, “What about Eastern Zhou inside your sect?”

    Ye Canmian knew that Chen Luoyang was asking how Eastern Zhou knew that Lord of the Azure Cow Monastery was not in Mortal World.

    “Let Cult Master Chen laugh, the trees are immense, and the monastery has been out of the open disciple for years.” “Young Daoist Xu said,” But this time, the prophet Daoism was not in Mortal World very limited, and the news should not have come from the inside when the monastery was scrutinized. “

    Chen Luoyang hearing this, no change in face, calmly said: “Azure Cow Monastery’s doors, I believe that you are so vigilant.”

    Ye Canmian Mernodded.

    “What’s going on there?” Chen Luoyang turned around and asked Su Wei.

    Ye Canmian hearing this, psychiatric.

    The Clean Mountain is one of the areas under Ancient God Cult, located at Ancient God Cult’s border with Southern Chu Dynasty’s forces.

    Chen Luoyang, having so asked him about Black Tortoise Hall Chief, indicated that there was a desire to allow Azure Cow Monastery to stay.

    Su Wei immediately replied: “Cult Master, if ordered, can be arranged at any time.”

    “Well, it’s a clean mountain.” Chen Luoyang said.

    “Yes, Cult Master, subordinate immediately arranged.” Su Wei answered.

    Ye Canmian once again addressed Chen Luoyang: “Under Azure Cow Monastery, thanks to Cult Master Chen.”

    And then to Su Wei arch: “Thank you for your trouble Chief Su.”

    “Yedaoist, please come with the Su.” Su Wei returned, and then joined Ye Canmian in reporting back to Chen Luoyang saluted.

    Chen Luoyang lost his head and delivered two silhouette.

    He sat alone in great hall, and dark gold rays of light’s humble flash in both eyes and fell into contempt.


    Su Wei’s hand and feet are quick, and Azure Cow Monastery, with his arrangements and cooperation in Black Tortoise Hall, will soon settle his home temporarily in the plain mountain.

    “thank you for your trouble Chief Su.”

    Azure Cow Monastery ancient elder, “Hidden God Hand” Li Qingyuan played a joke against his Su Wei, far less powerful than he did.

    Su Wei is very kind to say, “Senior speaks again, if necessary, to me.”

    “Thank you for your trouble.” Li Qingyuan, Ye Canmian et al. Azure Cow Monastery expert was courtesy to leave Su Wei.

    After the Ancient God Cult left, Azure Cow Monastery was smiling, even if it disappeared.

    A middle-aged woman, who said, “Beyond the plain mountain, there are Ancient God Cult people staring at, like Azure Dragon Hall.”

    “It is unexpected that, after all, this is the net mountain, or Ancient God Cult’s place, where we live, and that we should be mindful of each other.” Li Qingyuan said, “Why are we not trying to prevent them?”

    And then look towards Ye Canmian, “Yemartial nephew, you’ve seen Chen Luoyang, how do you feel?”

    “Return to Uncle-Master, Chen Luoyang is silent and angry, and I can’t see what he really thinks, but as far as I see it, not if he leaks Master’s message to Eastern Zhou.” Ye Canmian answered.

    The female champion before him is Daoism expert, with Yu Qingniu, Li Qingyuan’s lifetime, Elder, with Li Qingyuan as 18th th th th realm, “The Unseen Golden Bridge”.

    “That’s curious.” “” Elder wrinkles “:” Well, he does not have reason to do this, but if not him, who would it be? “

    Azure Cow Monastery High Expert, all present, is in silence.

    Because Monastery Lord Yu Qingniu was not in Mortal World, they were before equating themselves with a leverage in Chen Luoyang in the hand.

    It is reasonable that Chen Luoyang should keep it in the hand.

    But besides Chen Luoyang, Mortal World was afraid that only they knew the truth about Monastery Lord’s absence within Azure Cow Monastery.

    And, just in a few of them.

    For a while, people face face a little bit of embarrassing.

    Ye Canmian finally broke the silence: “On the other hand, in addition to Chen Luoyang, the ‘Demon Sovereign’, Bie Donglai, the ‘Mad Sovereign’, who was previously in touch with Lord of the Demon Palace and Mister Tianji, demonstrating that he really really was completely unable to come out of Supreme’s celestial grotto, and he was also an informant, and he probably lost his voice.”

    Li Qingyuan slightly shook the head: “It’s a possibility that Bie Donglai has nothing to do with Eastern Zhou and Heavenly River, but he has always acted in a mindset that cannot completely deny the possibility.

    only Bie Donglai, if he really has contacts with Eastern Zhou, Heavenly River, and in the light of his history, we should not have heard that.

    And if it’s really Bie Donglai’s missing news, Chen Luoyang has more than half knowledge, Yemartial nephew, who shouldn’t have said it this time you went to Chen Luoyang. “

    “Is Clear Tenuity World?” The rainbow is delaying to say.

    Everyone was silent at the same time.

    Monastery Lord Yu Qingniu left Mortal World, returned to Clear Tenuity World, and Clear Tenuity World was naturally known.

    Clear Tenuity World is dominated by Dao Monarch, but Dao Monarch is also part of the really isnt iron board.

    Maybe Clear Tenuity World is not dealing with Yu Qingniu, leaking the wind to Eastern Zhou Dynasty of Mortal World this side?

    The possibility is small, but it can’t be said absolutely no.

    just like that, Azure Cow Monastery was also given headache.

    In any event, however, it would be better to say that Eastern Zhou had been raped at the highest core of his home.

    “Does that old Daoist Ban Hai have anything to do with this?”

    An old daoist next to him needs to be: “We at this side, while not revealing Monastery Lord’s whereabouts, have always been unknown, and in Mortal World, he may have acted by someone from Clear Tenuity World, and this time he has received information from Clear Tenuity World, which is transmitted to Eastern Zhou.”

    “No way, he can’t keep track, nor can the monastery touch his bottom and whereabouts.” The rainbow turned around looking towards Li Qingyuan: “Senior Brother Li, can you contact him now?”

    Li Qingyuan indifferently said: “The poor Daoist will try later.”

    “thank you for your trouble Lee Uncle-Master.” Ye Canmian said, “We have to keep our feet steady and look at the direction of the parties first.”

    “Chen Luoyang, will there be any action?”

    “Moving, but when he moves, I can’t see.” Ye Canmian shakes his head: “Master once said that Chen Luoyang is ambitious and ambitious, and that he is Supreme descendant, who definitely has the intention to crush Mortal World, but at the same time is breathing, having a dry stomach, walking to camp.”

    His long put out of a breath: “I saw Chen Luoyang on several sides, and the more I felt it was uncertain, and Master was not mistaken.

    And Chen Luoyang wants to take over Mortal World on behalf of Supreme, with two cans having to cross, one heavenly demon, and the other being Xu Ruotong, the Human Sovereign direct legacy. “

    “Then let’s just look at it, wait and see.” The rainbow turns to look towards Li Qingyuan: “Except for that, it’s the leak, thank you for your trouble Senior Brother Li to find that Daoist Ban Hai.”

    Li Qingyuan didn’t speak.

    After the rally dispersed, he returned to his place of residence and called direct disciple Qin Yumian.

    “Did Daoist Ban Hai ever have a message?”

    Li Qingyuan looks at his own disciple, open up and ask.

    Qin Yumian congratulates you, “Yes, Master, Ban Hai daoist, to meet you.”

    At the same time, the last talisman was left by Daoist Ban Hai.

    Li Qingyuan picked up talisman, and after a moment of silence, an empty book wrote a line of text, a text of light stream, landed on talisman.

    He walked up and went out to meet Daoist Ban Hai.

    After the meeting, Li Qingyuan was immortal: “Ban Hai Fellow Daoist, a pleasure.”

    The daoist said with a smile before him: “For the first time, Fellow Daoist Li, the poor Daoist is polite.”

    Both sides are well aware that this is not the first time they meet.

    When Chen Luoyang first handled Azure Cow Monastery with Daoist Ban Hai, Li Qingyuan was seen in a dark way.

    But not now, just as it was the first time we met.

    “Ban Hai Fellow Daoist came to the clouds, wandering away, how come this time, seeing the poor Daoist?” Li Qingyuan didn’t turn around and ask himself.

    Daoist Ban Hai lamented: “The poor Daoist has not contributed to the Azure Cow Monastery hanging list and has been distressing, and has therefore taken note of the fact that the next present is intended to be available to Fellow Daoist Li and Azure Cow Monastery and never before to plan to keep pace with the change, which is no longer possible today.”

    “Oh? Ban Hai Fellow Daoist had a heart, Fellow Daoist hanging on the monastery list, the monastery’s not at all.” Li Qingyuan asked, “But Fellow Daoist said so, let the poor Daoist get some curiosity, and I don’t know what gifts it is.”

    Daoist Ban Hai a robe.

    A group of purple qis was surrounded by a silhouette, flying in half an empty space.

    Li Qingyuan’s eyes look, but he’s a young man, and he’s closed and asleep.

    “Wang Di?” Li daoist moved his eyebrows.

    Azure Cow Monastery, together with Heavenly River lineage, is also righteous path, and theoretically, there is no resentment, everyone minds of their own business, sometimes on the same line.

    But Heavenly River Old Sword Immortal has taken care of Eastern Zhou Dynasty in recent years, to some extent influencing Azure Cow Monastery’s expanded influence in Eastern Zhou.

    For more than a hundred years before the Queen’s rise, Eastern Zhou has not been able to sit in the town of Martial Venerable Big shot, which was a good time for Azure Cow Monastery, but for Old Sword Immortal and Heavenly River, only Xu Xu Tsui, wasted a lot of time.

    It’s between Heavenly River and Azure Cow Monastery, and there are few hidden gaps.

    Heavenly River came in, Azure Cow Monastery was concerned, looking at it.

    About Wang Di’s betrayal of Heavenly River, Li Qingyuan naturally understands.

    But Wang Di and Shen Tianzhao are not very clear.

    Daoist Ban Hai simply said two words, Li Qingyuan.

    This Wang Di, Azure Cow Monastery, handed over to Heavenly River, is undoubtedly a lover and has a very good operation.

    But you don’t have to say much now.

    Azure Cow Monastery has been expelled from the country by Eastern Zhou, and Heavenly River is not in a position to help with the intercession of Azure Cow Monastery to return to Eastern Zhou.

    If you want to go back, just call back.

    “The monastery is indeed useless, but it should be useful for Fellow Daoist?” Li Qingyuan looked at Daoist Ban Hai in front of him.

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