Journey of Reincarnation Chapter 941

5True Self Is The Only One! Avatar universe, memory synchronization, True Self Is The Only One!

The five functions have been improved, but Xiao Yi only focused on the first function, the reincarnation of the heavens, and began to consume the source power to explore the universe.

After a while, the cosmic coordinates appeared one by one.

Bright Universe: Nine Stars

Abyss Universe: Nine Stars

Hell Universe: Nine Stars

Titan Universe: Nine Stars

Ancestral Dragon Universe: Nine Stars

Zufeng Universe: Nine Stars

Qilin Universe: Nine Stars

Ten Thousand Monster Universe: Nine Stars

Universe: Nine Stars

Asura Universe: Nine Stars

The Wild Universe: Nine Stars

The Wild Universe: Nine Stars and a Half!

Xiao Yi was stunned. How could this name be so familiar? This may be the universe opened up by the Ji Realm powerhouse of the top ten races!

Among them, the Primordial Universe is special, with nine and a half stars, which is about to catch up with the Wild Multiverse.

Chapter 774 Grand Finale (Grand Finale!)

Why is the level of the prehistoric universe nine and a half stars?

Xiao Yi originally guessed that Pangu was not without Ji Realm, and he would fall into the chaos by forcing Splitting Heaven and Earth Apart.

However, it now seems that Pangu must have no Ji Realm, or even ordinary Ji Realm, otherwise the impossible level of the primordial universe will reach nine and a half stars!

Since there is no Ji Realm powerhouse that can only open up the nine-star universe, who created the ten-star level wild multiverse?

Perhaps only those who transcend beyond Ji Realm have this vast power!

Xiao Yi guessed in his mind that he valued the wild universe a little more.

Immediately, he began to use the mighty power of Samsara Bead from the heavens to cast distractions into the universe.

These distractions are mostly just the cultivation base of the true Spirit Realm, but they are the essence of Hunyuan Saint, enough to make them rise in various universes.

There are more than a dozen universes that can harvest the source of power. After comprehending the Grand Dao Law, Xiao Yi’s road to infinity is undoubtedly much smoother.

At this stage, Xiao Yi also began to slow down the cultivation, taking Zhou Yinling, Ling Siyuan, Dong Xiaoyu, Ren Tingting and other women out of the body world, accompany them with heart and enjoy life.

The road of the Promise is not tens of thousands of years, even hundreds of years can be completed, he is also time to relax.

As for gathering source power and understanding, you can use Avatar to act.


Time flies, and 100,000 years have passed in a blink of an eye.

At this time, in the imperial capital of Human Race, the palace of Human Sovereign, a majestic air machine suddenly rushed into the sky.

Immediately, a blue shadow flashed and appeared in ten thousand zhang, it was Zhou Yinling.

With the abundant source support of Xiao Yi, after 100,000 years of painstaking practice, her cultivation has reached the level of Daluo, and has condensed Daluo’s Primordial Spirit and Daluo’s real body, at this time officially breakthrough Dao Proving Realm!

Immediately, a blue divine light fell from the sky and enveloped Zhou Yinling.

At the same time, an invisible and strange force invaded the Purple Mansion between her brows.

When Zhou Yinling was experiencing Heart Demon Tribulation, a fluffy white giant hand pierced the sky.

This giant white hand that covers the sky is also the powerhouse of the quasi-sage who enlightened the water promenade.

It is also the water promenade, and there are many branches, such as Gonggong, Heidi, and Profound Nether, which represent the three water promenades of Renshui, black liquid, and Guishui. All of them can prove Da Luo. !

But if you want to prove Hunyuan, you must kill the Great Principle Golden Immortal of other cultivation water avenues and become the only controller of this avenue.

The so-called dispute on the road is irreconcilable!

This water ape quasi-sage shot, that is as it should be by rights!

However, at this moment, a chaotic light flew out from Zhou Yinling within the body and turned into an ash-gray chaotic Myriad Transformations bell. The bell rang, and a chaotic sound wave surged out, instantly Defeat the giant white hand.

There is a nine-star Saint Spirit Treasure guarded by the chaotic Myriad Transformations clock, and ordinary quasi-sages want a sneak attack, which is naturally wishful thinking.

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