Journey of Reincarnation Chapter 942

After a while, Zhou Yinling crossed the Heart Demon Tribulation, and the mark of the water avenue appeared. She integrated the mark of her avenue into it and successfully proclaimed Da Luo.

Immediately, there was another big Luo breath rising into the sky, but it was Ling Siyuan who proclaimed Da Luo!

It didn’t take much effort to get through the Heart Demon Tribulation and become the Great Dao of Fire Element!

Then, Dong Xiaoyu and Ren Tingting have also proven Ronaldo!

Using the source power accumulated by Xiao Yi and Samsara Bead, the part is enough for them to cultivation to the Da Luo level, and his eight-star universe within the body allows them to unite and understand Grand Dao Law.

As long as there are vacancies in the main road, they can prove Daluo.

This is the so-called one person becomes a fairy, a chicken and a dog fly!

Four women testified Da Luo, Human Sovereign Palace once again returned to calm.

Three women play a stage, and four women are playing mahjong of course!

Xiao Yi lives the life of a Divine Immortal couple with four wives every day. Although it is noisy, it feels good.


80 million years later, in the Human Sovereign palace, there was suddenly a horror Chaos Aura that surpassed Hunyuan Saint’s hundred times, soaring into the sky, quickly spreading to the entire Desolate Wilderness Continent, Boundless Starry Sky and the dimensions of the heavens.

80 million accumulation, he finally used the Samsara Bead of the heavens to accumulate enough source power to promote the universe within the body to nine stars!

And his comprehension of the Grand Dao Law of 13 universes, Great Dao of Primal Chaos and the cultivation of Great Dao Dao Dao Dao Hua Dao has also risen to a level beyond ambiguity, incredible!

For this reason, he began to preach the Promise!

Without Ji Realm’s certificate, there will be no Thunder Tribulation, Heart Demon Tribulation, and no one else!

Because Ji Realm is already a supreme powerhouse in the universe, Eternal Inextinguishable, and its mana is infinite, Thunder Tribulation can’t hurt it at all.

Similarly, there is no such powerful Heart Demon that can confuse Ji Realm powerhouse.

Besides, it is no longer the universe Heavenly Dao without Ji Realm certificate, but oneself. It will prove infinite in an instant. Even if there is no Ji Realm powerhouse who wants a sneak attack, there is no chance.

At the same time, a powerful repulsive force acts on Xiao Yi, to be precise, repulsion.

Heavenly Dao in this ten-star universe will not allow a nine-star universe to exist.

Compared to the wild multiverse, the eight-star dimensional universe is only eight-nine months pregnant, and it can accommodate.

But Jiuxing Universe is already equivalent to a teenager, and he is still absorbing nutrients in his mother’s stomach, and no one can bear it!

Moreover, Jiuxing Universe can already resist the erosion of chaos and absorb Chaos Qi to grow stronger!

After a while, Xiao Yi included Zhou Yinling, Ling Siyuan, Dong Xiaoyu, and Ren Tingting into the nine-star universe within the body, and then the silhouette flashed, leaving the wild multiverse and appearing in chaos.

He found a sea of ​​chaos far away from the primordial universe and the wild multi-universe, then put down his universe and named it Tianhuang universe.

Then, part of his Primordial Spirit flashed again, and came to the Human Sovereign incarnation where he remained in the Human Sovereign Palace.

At this time, he realized that without Ji Realm powerhouse, it is no longer possible to fully descend into the wild multiverse. Only part of the Primordial Spirit can descend, and the same is true for other without Ji Realm powerhouse.

However, even without Ji Realm’s true body cannot fully descend, battle strength far exceeds Hunyuan Saint.

This made many Dao Proving Realm kings and Hunyuan Saint mistakenly believe that Ji Realm powerhouse is located in the wild multiverse.

In fact, the real battle without Ji Realm powerhouse must be unfolded in chaos!

A moment later, a Samsara Bead intertwined with black and white heavens appeared in Ling Yun’s heart.

At this time, he looked again and found that this ten-star Supreme Treasure had no successor left by Ji Realm powerhouse.

In other words, this is not the resurrection of a Ji Realm powerhouse!

Without Ji Realm powerhouse, how could it be possible to abandon the 10-star Supreme Treasure that you have worked so hard to refine?

You must know that his current chaotic Myriad Transformations clock is only nine-star top grade, and I don’t know how many years it will take to refine it into a 10-star Supreme Treasure.

There are only two possibilities. One is that a certain Samsara Lord has completely fallen, but it is actually impossible. Without the Ji Realm powerhouse, there is already a nine-star inner universe. As long as it is not courting death, the powerhouse of the same order cannot kill it. It is already Eternal Inextinguishable!

Second may be breakthrough Promise, detached!

It is not easy for Ji Realm powerhouse to escape the chaotic sea and enter a higher latitude world!

If Pan Gu died, perhaps it is an example of detachment failure!

And the Lord of Samsara, who has never heard of it, succeeded or failed?

Xiao Yi looked towards the wild multiverse, if this is the universe opened up by this Lord of Samsara, then he might have succeeded!

Xiao Yi is also a little curious about transcendence, but he will not have this idea in a short time. Who knows what the world will be after detachment?

Perhaps everything in the Chaos Sea is just a virtual illusion, detachment is to enter the real latitude, then the truth is a bit cruel!

Since you have the eternal power, of course you must enjoy your life and make up for what you missed before!

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