Journey of Reincarnation Chapter 943

Completion of this testimonial

This book is finally finished.

This book is the prequel of Qixia system. It tells the story of Martial Ancestor and Chaos Emperor Xiao Yi, but the results are worse than the previous one. I don’t know how to keep it through.

Anyway, I want Court Eunuch several times, but I still want to finish the book.

Maybe it’s afraid of others spraying, maybe it’s unwilling in my heart.

Summing up experience and lessons, this book has two places that people say, one is the whitewashing plot of Bai Yifeng. The second is that the copy of the world was written too long and was said.

There are always people with rhythm.

I don’t have to excuse anything, I can only say people who walk different paths cannot make plans together!

The new book “The Great Crossing of Time and Space”.

The title of the book is very embarrassing. I originally wanted to name the Apostle of Time, but unfortunately I have finished using similar names.

Gao Wuzhu world + through All Heavens Myriad Realms, cheat is the attribute panel and merit exchange.

The protagonist is the space-time apostle selected by the time-space gate projection. His duty is to maintain space-time peace and combat time-space crimes, including but not limited to the main god space, Death God space, nightmare space, Samsara Space, etc. .

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