Kakashi – The Strongest Hokage Chapter 875

Deep mountains, old houses.

The scene of the Jing Jingsloos at the hands.

“Hatake Kakashi, Natsume Takashi, did not expect such a relationship between the two. It seems that I will be careful about this boy in the future.”

The field muttered to me, recalling the scene of seeing Kakashi before, and still have a lingering fear.

“But this time I seem to be looking for him to talk about it. Otherwise, if he comes to the door, it is really difficult.”

The field smirked and immediately called the Seven Miles.

“There are some people in the field?”

“Last time let you investigate the address of Hatake Kakashi, don’t you know if there is any news?”

“I have found it.”

“Okay, arrange it, let people send me in the past.

“Yes, the grown-up.”

Flag wood house.

Kakashi sat at the tea table in the courtyard and touched the head of the raccoon.

“The raccoon chased, you said that I should go to the kitten to get back to the field?”

The raccoon chased his claws and scratched his big face. He said, “No, the guy who is spotted is very proud. He lost his face and will not let others help him find it. Besides, the spot is not shot on the spot. The reason was obviously because Xia Mi stopped him at that time. Since he himself put it down, why should we help him out?”

“That’s the case, but it’s like putting it down, it doesn’t seem to fit the rumors I’ve released before.”

“Then you can think for yourself, the trouble of finding the field, the spots and Natsume will not appreciate, you are not thankful.”

“Hey, you guys, how are the proud and pampered Attributes so high.”

“Only the spotted guy will be like that. It is obviously full of concern for Natsume, but it is always pretending not to be alive. It is really tired to live.” The raccoon chased tsukkomi.

Kakashi smiled and it was true.

At this time, suddenly there was a knock on the door outside the door.

“Mr. Qi Mu, are you at home?”

The voice is low and gentle, the age of the comers is not large, but it is very calm.

“The field?”

Kakashi quickly recognized the owner of the sound, and with the right hand, the door automatically opened.

Sure enough, a young man in a black kimono stood at the door.

The right eye is still the white bandage, which reminds Kakashi of an old man.

“The field Patriarch really has Yaxing, and I will come to visit me as a idler.”

The field came in with a gentle smile and walked in alone.

“Mr. Qi Mu is too modest.”

“When you are here, I am just thinking about whether I will look for you in the past.”

The body of the field trembled slightly, but it quickly returned to normal.

“It seems that Mr. Qi Mu really has some opinions on me because of the summer.”

“Nature, I think I told you, don’t provoke people around me.”

“Mr. Qi Mu, this is a big misunderstanding. I didn’t know before, Natsume is your friend.”

Suddenly, Kakashi exudes a murderous murder, and the field instantly wets the clothes.

The constant expression of the iceberg on the field also slowly appeared loose.

“Qi Mu…Sir.”

The field shouted hard, but I didn’t expect Kakashi to turn his face when he turned his face.

After about a minute, Kakashi slowly dispersed his murderousness.

The field retreat a step and struggled to support his body.

Almost, he will fall to the ground.

Fortunately, the last reluctance made him stabilize.

“This is a little puniment. The next time, it’s not so easy.” Kakashi said with a smile.

The field is sighed in relief.

At that moment, he really thought he was dying. “Mr. Qi Mu’s anger is really not small.” The field seems to complain.

“You should be thankful. If it was me, you are already dead here.”

Kakashi said with a smile, touched the raccoon chasing.

The fat cat body feels really good.

The field looked at Kakashi with a dignified look. He knew that the man was not joking.

But what is the man’s past?

Why is he like to fall from the sky?

However, since Kakashi has said that he will not kill himself, for the time being, it should be safe.

The field converges on his emotions and sits down slowly.

“Since things have been resolved, I don’t know if Mr. Qi Mu is going to enjoy a cup of tea.”

Kakashi was quite surprised at the look at the field, and the psychological quality of this person is worthy of appreciation.

However, it is no wonder that as a Patriarch of the demon family, it is strange that there is no such temperament.

This kind of thing, in most cases, is linked to identity.

The identity of the field does not have to be said.

In the field, Kakashi did not refuse, and immediately sat down.

Kakashi was also unpretentious, and poured a cup of tea in front of the field.

“many thanks Mr. Qi Mu.

“No, look at your appearance, come to me today, presumably there is something to say?”

“Mr. Qi Mu is really a glimpse of the torch. In fact, I have a request in addition to Mr. Qi Mu, but there is a request.”

Kakashi looked at the scene, said with a smile: “How do you think, I will promise you?”


The scene of the look at the mouth at the end of the sentence spit out this sentence, Kakashi did not feel funny.

This person is really strange.

“Oh? Then I want to hear, what it is like to ask you to come.”

“There was a prominent demon teacher who died a few days ago, and he left a library. There are many secrets hidden in the library and her experience. This is a rare wealth. ”

“But is it difficult to get it?” Kakashi raised his eyebrows.

“Not bad.”

“You shouldn’t want me to help you grab it?” Kakashi was weird.

“Nature is not, how can such a rough thing be bothering Mr. Qi Mu. In fact, this demon’s descendants have no interest in the demon, and do not want to keep these things. Therefore, there is no problem of looting. On the contrary, she also invited a large number of demon slayers to remove the pre-life residence to find this library.”

“It seems that you have found a circle, but did not find it.” Kakashi said with a smile.

“Yes, the look of the library looks very hidden. I am afraid I still need the help of Mr. Qimu.”

“Interesting, but you can go and see.”

For these books, Kakashi has no small interest.

As for the field that was given after the discovery, then let’s talk about it.

“If Mr. Qi Mu is willing, after two months, I will send someone to invite you.”

“Well, this invitation, I promised.”

The field smiled nodded and said: “That’s a great honor.”

“If nothing, you can go.”

After the matter was over, Kakashi took the order.

The field did not care, but did not leave immediately.

Looked around and looked at with a smile: “Before leaving, I still have a question, I hope Mr. Qimu can answer for me.”

“Your question is really a lot. If you have anything, just say it.”

Kakashi’s mood is not bad, so the problem of the field has not been rejected.

“Look at Mr. Qi Mu’s home with so many monsters, presumably these are your gods?”

“God? Sorry, they are not.”

The field frowned seems to be a bit confusing.

“They are just my friends. Because I want to stay with me, I live here. They still have free monsters.”

“So I can understand that Mr. Qi Mu is living in peace with the monster?”

“Probably this means.”

“Does Mr. Qimu really think that humans and monsters can get along with each other?” The eyes of the field look at Kakashi, seemingly want to see something from it.

Is the answer? Still a lie?

Is it a choice? Still helpless?

The field wants to know what kind of plan the man who is strong to terrifying has in mind.

Kakashi chuckles and plays at the look at the field.

“What do you think?”

A glimpse of the scene, I did not expect Kakashi to actually ask myself.

“What is this for Mr. Qi Mu?”

“The field, what you have done is always a road. Have you tried the direction of another road? You have not tried it, how do you know whether it is true or not?”

“Another way?”

“Color has black and white, people have good and evil, World always has two poles, but it is not black and white, it is non-opposing. The balance between the two is the most important key. Try to find the balance. Blindly blind beliefs will only lead to more serious consequences. You are a smart person, I believe you will find the answer.”

The silence of the field seemed to understand what it was, but it seemed to know nothing.

He is a little confused and even awkward.

Has the persistence of many years been wrong?

The field shook the shook head, and if he was so easy to shake, then he was not the scene.

The field suddenly remembered a person, the person who knew him when he was young.

A friend who is not a friend.

“Mr. Qi Mu, I remember that you and the name are also familiar with it?”

“Name is right?”

Although Kakashi didn’t understand why the field suddenly mentioned the name, but since they all said, there is nothing to admit.

“Mr. Qi Mu feels that the road to name is right?”

Kakashi pondered for a moment, said with a smile: “Don’t look at the name to get a look at everything, but the brat has not figured out his direction. Perhaps, originally he has his own direction, but in the encounter After Natsume, it became confused.”


The field whispered the name.

The name has recently appeared more and more frequently.

I also met this boy before.

This boy does have a magical Strength.

Moreover, that demon power seems to be above itself.

This is still the first time in addition to Kakashi, the first time I saw a human being soformable.

But the application that he doesn’t understand is really a pity.

“Natsume is a very interesting person. He is very similar to a former Disciple. I have a strength that changes people’s hearts. Although their styles are different, the results are very similar.”

“Listen to Mr. Qi Mu, I am more interested in this Natsume.”

“I don’t stop you from getting to know him, but you’d better not interfere with his life. He’s just an ordinary boy, just thinking about ordinary life.”

Kakashi said that there was a warning in the words.

“Thank you for reminding Mr. Qi Mu, I think I understand. Then I will go ahead.”

After the field was finished, he got up and was ready to leave.

“I won’t send you anymore, Mr. Field is careful.”

“many thanks.”

The field left the flag house, and before closing, the door of the flag house was closed.

Look at the huge Cherry Blossoms tree, the field is thoughtful.

“Qi Mu, Natsume, is really a strange human. People and demon, where is so easy to say clearly.”

The field shook the shook head, supported the black umbrella, and gradually left.

In the courtyard.

The raccoon chased strangely at Kakashi and said, “Kakashi, why do you want to tell the scene about the summer? What if the guy goes to the summer?”

“No, I have to measure myself. You don’t have to worry. Some things, Natsume will face sooner or later. There is not much difference between morning and evening. It may even bring a little benefit.”

The raccoon chased a face and obviously did not understand the meaning of Kakashi.

Kakashi also did not explain, just picked up the teacup and tasted the tea that had some warmth.

Everything seems not to be that complicated.

Rattan Yuan Family.

“Cat teacher, I found scribbles.”

Natsume ran into the room with joy and joy, but saw that the cat teacher was sleeping.

The face is not as painful as it was seen before, but it is very serene.

Natsume is a little surprised, is it not hurting?

On the side of C said: “You don’t have to worry about spots. Before Kakashi came, I treated the spots. Although it has not been completely cured, the minimum pain has disappeared. Since you found the sedge, you will After crushing and applying the plaque, it should take a full two days to recover.”

“Really? It’s great. Right, you said that Kakashi’s teacher has been here?”


The condensate was notdded, but there was no glimpse of what Xia Mian had seen before.

“C, what’s wrong with you? Something is wrong.”

“Natsume, how long have you known Kakashi?”

“Kakashi teacher? It should be more than eight years. What happened?”

“Do you know his origins?”


Natsume sighed and thought about it, as if he didn’t know.

“I don’t know, I didn’t listen to the teacher Kakashi, I didn’t ask. What happened?”

C shook the shook head and said: “Nothing, just curious, so just ask. I don’t know.”

Seeing that C seems to have something to worry about, Natsume does not feel right.

It’s just that it’s not so much to ask.

He has never been a hard-nosed person.

“Ha… this sleep is really comfortable.”

At this time, the cat teacher who was asleep on the pillow woke up.

Natsume is happy, and quickly asked: “Cat teacher, are you awake? How do you feel?”

“Of course I’m fine. What is this little injury?”

“That’s good. I will get the scribble now, and I will apply it to you.”

After Natsume finished, he went out. There was only a cat teacher and C in the room.

“Ze, have you woke up?”

“Oh, of course, there is no alertness. I have already died.”

“Kakashi’s kind of Ability, should you have seen it?”

“C, although I don’t know what is special about Kakashi’s kind of Ability, but this person is really not malicious, you don’t have to think too long. If he really wants to shoot us, we have no room for resistance. So, I advise you not to provoke that guy as well. Don’t annoy him when he is, no one can save you.”

The cat teacher’s rare seriousness and the advice of C.

Cn nodded, said to understand.

“I understand that only some things look rather weird and absurd.”

“That history has passed, and there is no need to go deeper. Now we can live our own life. Don’t worry about finding something.”

“alright, I got it.”

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