Kakashi – The Strongest Hokage Chapter 880

Kakashi, the boy in front of him, made Natsume feel unfamiliar.

The sense of alienation emanating from the eyes is the most deadly.

Coupled with those weird words, let Natsume feel that he and the teenager Kakashi seem to be two World people.

But no matter from which point, Natsume found a problem.

That is Kakashi when I was young, and I am not happy.

Because I used to live in the dark, Natsume is very clear about that feeling.

At this point Kakashi gives people the feeling that they are wary.

If you haven’t been mastaged, how can you always show such a pattern?

What kind of damage is it that will make Kakashi look like this?

What kind of change made Kakashi finally become the one I saw.

Natsume began to be curious.

For Kakashi, Natsume never really understood it.

Since he knew Kakashi, he always seemed to be like that.

Confident, gentle, there seems to be nothing to make him helpless.

But the boy Kakashi in front of him has a feeling of fearless helplessness.

He is afraid, he is in fear.

Although he tried to hide it, he could not escape the eyes of Xia.

Because Natsume is really a very sensitive person.

This sensitivity is innate and is also developed by Acquired.

It is a sensitive enough to make people feel sad.

“Kakashi teacher, cat teacher is not a Uchiha family.”

Although Natsume did not understand, he still answered Kakashi’s question.

Kakashi hearing this is even more confusing.

“Where is this?”

“This is the eight originals.”


A strange name, but it seems to be somewhat familiar.

Kakashi felt a little headache.

There seems to be something in the brain that wants to break through, but it has been blocked.

“Kakashi teacher, are you okay?”

Natsume held up Kakashi, who almost fainted in the past, whispered.


Kakashi stood straight and looked like a stubborn look.

As shinobi, how can one be seen that Hollow is weak.

“Kakashi teacher, now, I will send you home first. It is a little inconvenient outside.”

“Come back home?”

Kakashi is in the same place, and the word is strange to him.


Do you still have such a presence?

That ice-cold house…

“What’s wrong? Teacher Kakashi?”

Seeing Kakashi without saying a word, Natsume asked with concern.

“No…nothing. You tell me which direction Konoha is in, I can go back myself.”


Kakashi spit out a noun in the mouth to make Natsume confused.

That is a place he has never heard of.

The look of Xia Mu’s face made Kakashi feel vigilant.

Unfamiliar, doubtful expression.

Has this person not heard of Konoha?

No, this is impossible.

How can someone know that Konoha?


Unless it is not here?

Kakashi was shocked when she thought of it.


This strange environment, this strange teenager, is not related to the ninja world in memory.

And there seems to be something missing in my mind.

What happened to your own body?

Soon, Kakashi combed his strange places.

The current situation seems to be originally complex in my own imagination.

“Kakashi teacher, Konoha, you said, I don’t know where it is, maybe there is a hometown that you have not told me. The place I am going to take you now is your current residence.”

“Is the current residence?”

Kakashi hearing this has no objection, but follows Nagase slowly.

Maybe you can find the answer by yourself.

On the way, Kakashi did not speak.

Natsume looked back at Kakashi from time to time, but Kakashi lowered her head and did not communicate.

Every time the summer is turned back, Kakashi can naturally feel it.

Although he intuitively did not feel the maliciousness of summer, but as shinobi, the necessary vigilance can not be lost.

In front of this strange world, Kakashi is even more vigilant.

“Kakashi, do you still remember the mountain?”

Natsume suddenly stopped and pointed to a small bag not far away.

Kakashi looked up, lush, green, but nothing special.

“what happened?”

“We also have cat teachers who have seen fireworks on that mountain, beautiful fireworks.”


Kakashi overlooks the mountain.

The scene of the fireworks in the night sky has been forgotten, but at this time, by imagination, Kakashi seems to have seen the fireworks in the sky.

“That must be beautiful.”

Kakashi whispered, there was a hint of envy between words.

“Well, that’s the most beautiful fireworks I’ve ever seen.”

There is a happy smile on the face of Xia.

That fireworks is indeed his most beautiful memory.

That night, he also often came back to relish.

On the side of Kakashi looks at Natsume’s expression at this moment, the heart is secretly surprised.

That kind of happy and simple expression is really rare.

Seeing the blood between shinobi, Kakashi was somewhat at a loss for such a good time.

It seems to be different here.


Kakashi whispered, but Natsume said: “Kakashi teacher, call me Natsume, you must call me that.”

“Yes? Natsume… Why are you calling me a teacher, are you a student of mine?”

Kakashi asked the question in his heart.

“Well, Teacher Kakashi, two years ago, you came to my school as a teacher, so of course I am your student.”

“School teacher?”

Kakashi was a little surprised.

Going to be a teacher at school, it’s really not like what you will do.

But Natsume’s sincere eyes told him that this is true.

Moreover, it was two years ago.

The scattered memories slowly emerged, and Kakashi shook the shook head to dispel the feeling of discomfort.

“Kakashi, are you okay?”


Natsume looks at Kakashi, and her eyes are full of worry.

At this time, suddenly a monster was pulled out of the forest.

“Natsume… The Natsume who is in charge of the friend’s account… Finally found you, and quickly handed over the friend’s account!”

A monster is in front of Natsume and Kakashi, and his teeth are clawed and fierce.

Natsume was shocked and quickly called out: “Please don’t do this, I won’t hand you the friend’s account.”

“Haha, this can’t be done. If you don’t hand it out, I will eat you.”

The monster said evilly, the long tongue stretched out.


Natsume is nervously looking at the monster in front of her, at the same time, she is worried about looking at Kakashi.

Kakashi looked awkward at this moment.

In his eyes, the current Natsume seems to be talking to himself, not knowing what to do.

It is as if something is in front of his eyes.

The body is shrunk, and the Ability, which usually sees the monster, disappears.

“Kakashi teacher, run!”

Natsume quickly called, and Kakashi looked inexplicable.

“Can’t escape!”

The monster called, stretched the both hands, and caught the Natsume.

The huge palm caught the Natsume directly in the palm of his hand.


Natsume screamed and wanted to escape but could not break free.

The great strength is even more painful for him.

“Haha, hand over friends!”

“I do not!”

Natsume is still struggling.

But in the perspective of Kakashi, Natsume seems to be volley.

The painful expression and discourse made Kakashi wonder.

“What’s going on here?”

Kakashi was puzzled, but her heart was a little anxious.

He wants to save the boy in front of him.

“Kakashi teacher… run!”

Natsume was unable to break free, but did not want to see Kakashi also suffered from monster attacks, so he said.

“Oh? It seems that you are very concerned about this little devil, then, if I kill him, will you hand over the friend account?”

The monster is full of fun at the look at Kakashi, it seems to be the discovery of something novelty.

“Bastard! Stop!”

“It seems that this is fruitful.”

The monster smirked and a palm stretched out to Kakashi.

“Kakashi teacher! Run!”

Natsume saw it again and shouted.

Kakashi both eyes, I found something wrong.

Both legs, the whole person has stepped back.


The place where originally was found was pulled out of a big pit.

Kakashi pupils shrank, found clues.

“Is there something that is invisible nearby?”

Although Kakashi is not in a mess, although only the memory of the teenager, but the experience of the three wars is not a joke.

“Since it is something that is hard to see, then…”

Kakashi whispered in his heart, and Chakra rushed to the left eye.

The scarlet left eye reappeared, and the black three tomoe Sharingan showed a sly color.

Sharingan, Activate!

Among the scarlet Sharingan, it looks like the monster.

“What is this?”

Kakashi is shocked and inexplicable, and this seems to be an enemy that has never been encountered before.

Is it a ghost?

Thinking of it, Kakashi feels a little creepy.


Natsume is another scream, and Kakashi wakes up.

In any case, it is important to save people.

“I actually avoided it? You can see me too. It’s really wonderful. If that’s the case, then I will eat you. It must be a hearty lunch.”

The monster said, showing an excited smile, seems to have been imagining the thrill of Kakashi.

What a fascinating feeling.

Natsume is even more shocked.

He didn’t know that Kakashi, who was a teenager, still had a few points of strength.

Compared to the worry of summer, Kakashi seems to be quite calm.

See the monster coming over, not panic.

The right hand subconsciously touched the waist, but nothing was touched.

After a moment of sighing, I quickly reacted, and there is no such thing in my body.

The monster is close, and Xia Mi is still in his hand.

Natsume is struggling, and his face is painful.

“Come on, I was eaten by me.”

The monster sticks out the long tongue, and the disgusting mucus keeps dripping.

Kakashi gaze, both hands hand seal.

The thunder of Zhan Blue emerged on its right hand.

Thousands of birds!

The power of formidable makes Kakashi slightly wrong.

This feeling, there is no trace of stagnation.

When did you have such a strong time?

The confusion in the heart did not interfere with Kakashi’s judgment, and the scarlet Sharingan still stared at the monster in front of her.

Originally, the monster full of confidence suddenly stopped at this moment.

The thunder of the blue cloud was the fear that he felt dead.

What kind of human being is this?

Natsume looks at Kakashi The Thunder in the left hand is equally astonished.

Although it is not the first time to see Kakashi’s Attack, but every time I see it, I feel very beautiful.

The sound of thousands of birds is even more shocking.

Fortunately, there is no one here, otherwise, this strange scene will inevitably be demonized.

It was just a moment of effort, and Kakashi quickly made a judgment.

The chakra at the foot is like the instinct of the body.

The light of Kakashi turned into a silver-white disappeared.

The next moment, the pain spread on the right hand of the monster.


The monster screams, and the original right hand is grasped by the thousand birds directly to the Activate!

Kakashi’s eyes were cold, and the vacant right hand hugged Natsume, a jump and left the monster body.

“Are you OK?”

Put Natsume down and Kakashi whispers this this.

The words of ice-cold are mixed with a bit of concern.

“Cough… I’m fine.”

Natsume coughed a few times and responded.

“It’s okay.”

Kakashi finished, still staring at the monster.

The monster was in pain at this time, and looked at Kakashi’s eyes with fear and anger.

“Damn! Humans in the district, actually doing so arrogant!”

Anger makes the face of the monster more visible.

He flew away and terrifying abnormal.

“Kakashi teacher, be careful!”

Natsume exclaimed, but Kakashi was unmoved.

The seemingly fast speed is not worth mentioning in front of Kakashi.

Even under Sharingan, it is like a slow-motion lens.

Both hands, like practicing thousands of times, start flying again.

“Earth Style !Earth-Style Wall !”

The stone wall with the dog’s head raised from Kakashi.

The monster that flew up did not even think that there would be such a thing.

But in an instant, he hit the stone wall.


A loud noise, the flying monster received a ton of damage.

“Mixed… eggs.”

The monster screamed weakly, but could no longer stand up.

Xia Miao sat on the ground, such a means, beyond his knowledge.

Although the cat teacher is powerful, it can’t do this.

A magical technique.

This is the only idea for Natsume at this time.

And Kakashi has become more mysterious in the eyes of Xia.

Kakashi is looking at his own hands, and the wonderful sense of formidable is so unreal.

Natsume also reacted at this time and quickly ran to Kakashi.

“Kakashi, how do you feel? Do you think of anything?”

Kakashi shook the shook head and said nothing.

Natsume saw a slight disappointment, but soon he smiled again.

“It doesn’t matter, I always think of it. Let’s go home first.”

Natsume said, he took Kakashi’s hand and left.

The sudden warmth of the fingertips made Kakashi shake her eyes for a moment, and she was subconsciously breaking away.

“No, I will go by myself.”

Kakashi said, walking in front.

Natsume stunned, but still followed.

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