Kakashi – The Strongest Hokage Chapter 881

All the way to slow down, Xia Mong every time, will tell a little about the previous story.

Kakashi, though impressed, never remembered.

People’s memories are sometimes very terrifying.

Sometimes there is a feeling that the person in front of you, if not having the memory with you, is not the one you know.

He will be a stranger.

Or, he is just a stranger with the same face as him.

Memory is an important node for maintaining the relationship between the two.

It is because of these memories that life will be beautiful.

But what if all these memories disappear?

He is still the one he is, but he has not met you.

In the summer of life, originally should not encounter Kakashi.

There are also cat teachers, Numata, multi-track, name, and field.

These people should not meet Kakashi originally.

This is an accident of life and an inexplicable encounter.

At the moment, these memories are hidden in Kakashi’s mind, and it seems that everything is back to the origin.

But this is not the case.

Natsume also has these memories and has the beauty of knowing Kakashi.

Even if Kakashi doesn’t remember today, Natsume will never give up.

If the memories will disappear, let us experience those once again.

This is the idea of ​​Natsume at this time.

“Kakashi teacher, it is here.”

Natsume pointed to an isolated house not far away, and the word “flag” on the doorplate was particularly conspicuous.

Of course, the more conspicuous is the huge Cherry Blossoms tree.

It’s not the season of Cherry Blossoms, but Cherry Blossoms is very lush.

Kakashi is in the same place, the familiar look, as if he really lived here for a long time.

Natsume pushes the door and Xuan and Cui show up.

“Natsume, you are here.”

Cui has a gentle face and looks like a virtuous wife.

“Xuan, Cui, long time no see.”

See Natsume is talking, the object is obviously not himself.

Kakashi knows that it must be the same monster as before.

Thinking of this, Kakashi wanted to open Sharingan.

But at this moment, Kakashi suddenly stopped.


Shouldn’t your own Sharingan be always open?

Why do I need to open it now with Chakra?

Moreover, that feeling is like this original is just something of its own.

Kakashi suddenly realized that all this might be true.

If you don’t change from big to small, how can you have this kind of Ability?

Have you already integrated Sharingan to this level?

Can Opto’s eyes be used by myself?

Thinking of this, Kakashi suddenly felt a bit gratified.

fair enough.

Xuan’s gaze fell on Kakashi of Natsume Behind.

This teenager, who is similar to Kakashi, gave Xuan a familiar feeling.

“Natsume, is this the younger brother of Kakashi?”

Xuan couldn’t help but start to talk.

“No, Xuan. He is Teacher Kakashi.”

Xuan He Cui hearing this is a surprise, raccoon chasing and 巳 也在 also came over at this time.

The raccoon chased a face and looked at Kakashi, and the nose moved and got the judgment.

“Is it the eclipse of the month?”

Natsume was amazed, but she did not expect the raccoon to think so quickly that she thought of the eclipse of the month.

“Yes, it is the eclipse of the month.”

“Idiot’s guy! Always adept!”

The raccoon chased a bit of indignation, not knowing whether it was for Kakashi or for the eclipse of the moon.

Mi Mi is excited to hug a small Kakashi, but Kakashi flashed and hid.

“Kakashi is really indifferent when he was a child.”

I can’t help but tsukkomi.

“I am going to find the guy who eats the eclipse of the moon. It is not the way to do this now.”

When the raccoon chased, he had to become the real body to find the eclipse of the moon. Natsume said: “The cat teacher has already acted, and there should be a result soon.”

The raccoon chased this and stopped. After thinking for a moment, he said, “If the fat cat is in action, there should be no problem.”

Although the raccoon is always at the same time as the plaque, the trust of the raccoon to catch the plaque is still very high.

Both are monsters close to the realm of God, and the feeling of sympathy is not difficult to understand.

When several monsters were discussing, Kakashi was watching these people silently.

Under the ice-cold Sharingan, the expressions of several monsters are all seen by Kakashi.

Without exception, their expressions are care and concern.

That is the real face without disguise.

They are worried about themselves.

Kakashi was a little surprised, even unbelievable.

Can I get the concern of so many people?

Since Obito disappeared, Lin died in her own hands. Kakashi thought that there was no one in the world except Minato teacher.

But the look of a few people in front of them tells Kakashi that they care about themselves from the bottom of their hearts.

The warmth in my heart actually made Kakashi have a idea that life seems to be good here.

“Kakashi adults, Natsume adults, we are advanced houses.”

“it is good.”

Natsume won, and Kakashi did not say anything.

He still has no habits here.

But he followed the crowd and went in.

The layout in the house is similar to the flagship of Kakashi.

The layout of each place seems to be handled by oneself.

Inexplicable familiarity, has been haunting Kakashi.

He has already believed everything that Natsume said.

Because of his intuition, but also because of the familiarity.

“Kakashi adults, this is the crystal cake you taught me to do. You can taste it and see if you can think of something?”

Cui said with a plate of pastries.

“Kakashi, this is the hair band you gave me, do you remember?”

Xuan pointed to the ink-colored hair band tied to his hair.

Kakashi shook the shook head silently, but there was not much impression.

Xuan He Cui showed a disappointing look.

Kakashi suddenly had an unbearable emotion.

“thank you all.”

The indifferent words are like squeezed out of Kakashi’s throat.

He is not used to thanking others.

The people present are all a glimpse.

Kakashi’s awkward look, they have never seen it before.

There are still some worried raccoons chasing, but there is a feeling of wanting to laugh.

“Hahahaha! Kakashi, it turned out that when you were a child, this virtue, Hahahaha, it’s so funny!”

The raccoon smirked and rolled, making Kakashi a little off guard.

The character of this cat is really bad.

Kakashi’s heart couldn’t help thinking of it.

Mi Mi also caught my mouth, but I laughed and held back.

Seeing this scene in front of him, Kakashi feels a little warm.

This seems to be exactly what a home should have.

It seems that I have not experienced it for a long time.

Ding-dong !

The door bell rang and everyone was stunned.

“How come someone came over at this time?”

Cuixiang suddenly remembered something and said: “Yes, I remembered it. Before Kakashi adults said that today, A-Yin adults will come over.”

“A silver?”

Natsume is a little surprised. Isn’t silver not in contact with humans because of the body?

How come down at this time?

Cui quickly went to the door and opened the door.

The silver hair of the person who entered the eye is indeed A silver.

“A silver adult, you are here.”

Cui respectfully said.

A silver said with a smile : “Cui, long time no see, is Mr. Kakashi there?”

“Yes, but…”

Cui face is difficult to understand, A-silver is somewhat puzzled.

“what happened?”

As the side of the emerald opened, A Yin saw the situation inside the house.

Natsume, raccoon chasing, 巳Mi, and Xuan are all acquaintances.

Hey, who is that boy?

However, it was a surprise. A silver recognized Kakashi.

“Mr. Kakashi?”

After explaining it a bit, A-Bank also understood the ins and outs.

Although I feel magical, A-Bank is more worried.

“Is this all right?”

“There is no problem, not to mention that the fat cat has gone to find the eclipse of the moon, even if Kakashi’s own Strength is also fighting against the time. If not Kakashi’s body has not fully recovered, it should not be a move.”

“That’s good.”

After listening to the explanation of the raccoon chase, A Yin’s heart was slightly safe.

“Speaking back, it turns out that Kakashi said that you are coming over to live longer?” asked the raccoon.

“Well, Mr. Kakashi invited me before. I think this is also a good suggestion, so I plan to move in.”

Natsume hearing this is strange: “Mr. Ayin, is your body irrelevant? Live in the human world.”

“It doesn’t matter. Mr. Kakashi has already helped me with it. Now I am not afraid of human touch.”

“Really? It’s great!”

Natsume is happy to be a silver bank.

The people in front of you are in harmony and harmony, just like a big family.

Kakashi is silently looking at, and there is an urge to get involved.

It’s just the sense of alienation that loses memory, and it still exists.

“Kakashi adults, do you want to go back to your room and see if you can think of something.”

Cui suddenly said in the ear of Kakashi.

Kakashi nodded, leaving with Cui.

Natsume and the others saw it and did not stop it.

It is not necessarily a good thing to let Kakashi be alone at this time.

“I don’t know if the cat teacher found the eclipse of the month.” Natsume was worried.

“The action of this fat cat is really slow.” The raccoon complained.

A Yin said: “I think Mr. Cat should be back soon. Before that, let’s make dinner first. After Mr. Kakashi recovers, I must be able to catch up with dinner.”

“makes sense.”

Everyone agreed, so they were busy.

In the room.

“Kakashi adults, this is the room you usually live in.”

Simple bedroom, not much furniture.

Kakashi nodded, said: “Thank you.”

“Kakashi is a big man, this is what I should do.”

“I can ask, why are you here?”

Kakashi asked curiously.

In this home, Kakashi has just seen a lot of monsters.

They all seem to be willing to stay.

Kakashi wants to know why they will stay.

Is it because of yourself?

However, do you really have such charm?

Kakashi is puzzled and confused.

“Kakashi adults, things are like this…”

Cui slowly said his own story, and by the way also talked about the things that the priest and the raccoon chased.

Everything brings a great shock to Kakashi.

These things seem to be done by myself, and it seems that they are not doing it themselves.

It’s just a lot of things, and it seems that there is still a little gap with his current personality.

But it doesn’t seem to be awkward.

“I understand, thank you, Cui. I want to be alone.”

“Okay, Kakashi adults.”

Cui exited the room and closed the door.

Kakashi sat on the floor and went out for a moment.

Everything here goes beyond Kakashi’s perception at this time.

He thought a lot, but he didn’t seem to think of anything.

“If all this is true, I am really envious of myself in the future.”

Kakashi sighed and showed a hint of envy.

In his memory, his life in the past two years is not good.

Losing so many companions is a major blow to Kakashi.

It seems to have more embarrassment here.

Kakashi sat quietly and was not thinking about these issues.

The strength of within the body is rolling.

The eclipse of the eclipse is gradually being eliminated.

At this time, the door was knocked.

“Kakashi teacher, are you?”

The sound of the summer came, and then pushed in.

Kakashi slowly opened his eyes and looked at Natsume at the door.

“Kakashi teacher, dinner is already ready, do you have anything you need?”

Natsume asked carefully.

Kakashi shook the shook head and said nothing.

Natsume saw it in front of Kakashi.

“Kakashi, are you having something uncomfortable?”

“No. Natsume, I want to ask you a question.”

“What? As long as it is a question from Kakashi, I will definitely answer.”

Kakashi looked dim and then whispered to to talk.

“For me, is my waste really important?”

Natsume looked at it and didn’t expect Kakashi to use waste to describe himself.

“How can Kakashi be a waste? Teacher Kakashi, you are the best person I have ever seen!”

Natsume said that she was a little excited and even stood up.

Seeing the performance of Natsume, it is Kakashi startled.

“is it?”

Kakashi asked some powerlessly, but did not know what he was entangled.

Isn’t that what you expected?

“Of course it is true! I can meet Kakashi teacher, my greatest luck!”

Natsume is serious, but Kakashi is quite moved.

Young, he has not yet understood the truth as he did later.

At this time, the cat teacher jumped in from the window.

“Cat teacher! You are back!” Natsume is joyfully said.

“The trouble is dead, Kakashi, but this time you owe me a favor. The eclipse of the eclipse has already lifted the spell, and after a while you will be back to life.”

The cat teacher said, broke into the arms of Xia.

Bone barely fell, not yet waiting for the Kakashi reaction, his body suddenly became bigger and restored his previous appearance.

Kakashi shook the shook head and the memory is slowly recovering.

“Great! Teacher Kakashi, you recovered!” Natsume is joyfully said.

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