Kakashi – The Strongest Hokage Chapter 884

This book is written here, it is completely over.

The decision outside the Fan has some rushes and some temperament.

During that time, I revisited the Natsume friend’s account, and that impression still existed.

When I turned it into a text, some things changed.

It is a bit strange to write and write.

Especially the most recent month.

The work and life are all on the body, and it has been quite difficult to cope with it. The new book and the old book are mixed and written, and it is exhausting.

Fortunately, this time is almost gone.

The story of Natsume and Kakashi is here for the time being, although there are many regrets, it is still a complete story.

Others, just imagine it.

If you are interested in readers, you can join the readership, and maybe some stories will be updated there.

Of course, I have to wait for this difficult time.


Originally want to write 2 million words, but unfortunately still not achieved.

Anyway, this is my first novel, and I am still satisfied.

Persistence to the present is also a matter of pride.

“Hokage’s strongest Kakashi” Author: ink Yan Yuan nine

Thanks to the friends who are with me today.


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