Kingdom’s Bloodline Chapter 609


Chapter 601 The old love is over

Eternal Star City, Twilight Sector.

“Temple-Huaiya, please wait!”

Glover avoided an oncoming cart and hurriedly caught up with Thales, who was walking in front of him.

“Please forgive me, but do you think about what to do?”

Kohen followed him closely, perhaps he knew that his work was meaningful, and the guard at this moment was in a good mood:

“Don’t worry, it’s Tai-Huiya, just like Eckstedt, he has his own idea, we just need to obediently follow it–“

“I didn’t think about it.” Thales suddenly said.

Kohen suddenly choked.

Thales does not look back, just keeps going forward:

“By the way, I didn’t think about it when Eckstedt was special.”

Kohen blinked and looked at Prince’s back ignorantly.

Glover sighed.

“His Royal Highness, with all due respect,” he caught up with the young man’s footsteps:

“No matter what we are going to do, we may as well follow Lord Mallos’s suggestion to notify Ms. Jines first…”


Thales remembered something, and stopped.

Glover and Kohen stopped living, but at any rate they didn’t hit the boy’s back.

They discovered that they were standing at a crossroads on the corner of the street, facing the avenue of revival that runs through the kingdom’s north and south, people coming, people going.

Turning right is the way back to MindiS Hall, as for turning left…

“zombie,” Thales said:

“Commuto said before that Mallos made arrangements before entering the palace, find a reason to send you out of the MindiS room, come to the palace to meet me?”

Kohen ignorantly raise his head:

“Marillos—oh, the big brother that I saw in the MindiS hall last time?”

Glover ignored him, without the slightest hesitation nodded:

“The lord said that things at the banquet are not trivial. After you enter the palace, all accidents are possible.”

“He must consider the worst-case scenario and leave available manpower for you, lest you are left alone and helpless, and we are at a loss without a leader.”

Thales was startled first, then smiled.

“That guy, although he works against me every day, he still has some merits, right?”

Glover is cautious and nodded.

“Before becoming the watchman, the lord was the messenger of the command wing, and Adrian guard Captain’s orders were sent to each wing by him. In many cases, what he said was the meaning of guarding Captain.”

Thales lightly snorted.

“Yes, that guy looks… knows a little about everything, and hides a little about everything.”

It is worthy of being a watchman.

Thales secretly sighed in my heart.

“Zombie, how long have you been in the royal guard?”

Glover was taken aback, but instinctively replied:

“My qualifications are still relatively young, my lord, it is less than six years.”

With a complicated mood, Thales’ eyes crossed to-and-fro carriages, horses and pedestrians, and toward the end of the avenue in the gap of their silhouettes.

In the sunset, the towering and heavy dark pyramid stands silently, like a giant lock dropping from the sky, firmly pressing the heart of Eternal Star City and even the entire Stars Kingdom.

“What about Mallos?”

Glover looks solemnly:

“Lord Mallos is the first group of guards in the reorganization of the Royal Guard after Kessel Your Majesty is crowned. For more than a decade, there have been countless changes in the guards, and the Lord has always been there.”

Thales looking thoughtful nodded:

“So, eighteen years.”

“So, he has been around the Renaissance Palace and has served on the side of the throne for eighteen years, so he can be so proficient, so indifferent, so calm, so——deep plans and distant thoughts.”

Under the hood, Thales faintly stares at the dark and deep ancient palace:

“Whether it is to prevent me from showing up when I enter the city, or to deal with it at the royal banquet, or to make arrangements before the disaster.”

“It seems that this is his action instinct, his normal life-he sees it through, adapts, gets used to it, and accepts tricks and tricks.”

It is like a senior actor who is used to a stage and a drama, repeating similar lines countless times.

Kohen outside the situation looked bored at the Renaissance Palace at the end of the avenue and yawned unabashedly:

“Well, it’s evening…”

Thales suddenly speaks and interrupts him:

“Do you know what we are facing now?”

Glover is frowned.

Thales sinks his thoughts:


Glover and Kohen are both stunned:


Thales nodded:

“Yes, just like in a puppet show, the idol’s string has two ends.”

“One end is over there, the other is here.”

“Involve me, Marius, and everyone’s every move.”

Thales stared into the distance, the heavy pyramid.

When I was young, the palace was like stratus clouds in the sky. Although it was not touchable, it always made people look up and stare at it.

Now, when I can really touch it…

Thales slowly stretched out his left hand, bent the tiger’s mouth, and slowly caged the Renaissance Palace in the distance between his fingers.

At that moment, it seemed exquisite and exquisite, all in control.

However, no matter how you tighten your fingers, what Thales can feel is still the rustling wind blowing through his palm, leaving no traces, only the chill.

“Just like in Dragon Clouds City, as well as in the camp of Bladeya and the prison of bones,” the young wrinkle frowned:

“In everything that happens, there is always a thread that affects everything, and eventually gathers into a torrent and rolls forward.”

Kohen was so confused and confused, he finally caught a noun he understood:

“What? Have you been to the prison of bones? That place where you can only get in?”

Following the actions of Thales, Glover looked at the Renaissance Palace at the far end of his sight and became alert:

“Line pulling–you mean, whether it’s an accident at the banquet or today’s storm, you have been used and manipulated in other people’s lines?”

Kohen glanced at zombie, and he was also alert:

“What banquet? What accident? What disturbance?”

Thales gently shook his head:


“According to past experience, every time, as long as I understand where the thread is, see through it, grasp it, and split it, I can see the exit of the maze—even if there is another maze after the exit.”

But Thales’s expression is deeper.

“But this time,” the boy solemnly said:

“This time is more special.”

He looked at the little Renaissance Palace stopped between his fingers, only to feel that it was becoming more and more illusory and distant.

Glover listened carefully and did not speak.

In the next second, the golden-yellow sunset passed through Thales’s fingers, illuminating the scars in his palm that had been difficult to remove due to multiple cuts.

Thinking of this, a dull pain in the palm of my hand replaced the chill of illusory.

“It’s not so clear, it’s not so specific, and it’s not so direct—the thread at the other end is not even someone.”

“Even sometimes, I feel that everything may be just my illusion, there is no line at all.”

Thales put down the palm, exhales one breath saying.

“But it is not.”

“The line still exists, just because it is too many and too complicated, too thick and too dense, and twisted into a ball, so that I can’t start, or even detect it.”

Kohen was very painful, but he was also puzzled when he saw Glover, and he was relieved immediately.

“Because a long time ago, all I wanted to solve was a single thread,” Thales glared: “Second Prince’s inheritance, King Nunn’s anger, Rumba’s ambition, Archduchess’ rule…”

“Simple, convenient, and clean.”

Evening has arrived, and there are gradually more people on Fuxing Avenue. Those who are off work, those who are off the market, those who work shifts, those who wander, those who are on the way, the crowds are endless, and the distant Renaissance Palace is completely obscured. Dark, flickering.

But Thales is staring at its outline, and his sight has never been out of focus due to the occasional disappearance of the palace.

“But now…”

“The ownership of the Blade Ya camp, the struggle of the Western Wilderness, the undercurrent of the MindiS Hall, the shadow of the Renaissance Palace, the actions of the Kingdom Secret Division, the position of the Seven Servants of Jadestar, the meaning of the Star Lake Guard,” every time a term is said, Thales ‘S expression is solemn:

“From the beginning of my self-return to the country, I stepped into the realm of stars, and I have been involved, restricted, and oppressed more than one thing, one hand, one person.”

“What I need to untie is much more than one thread.”

The chaos of the Western Wilderness, the Marius of the Guards, the gaze on the throne, the hostility of the iris, the accident at the royal banquet, the special battle of Eckstedt, the agenda of the imperial meeting, the encounter in the Secret Intelligence Department…

Countless silhouettes flashed past Thales’ eyes, like countless images flashed across his brain:

“Even every time I untie a thread, I will trap myself in more, deeper, more chaotic, and more complicated threads-kingdoms, confession, history, power, and everything else. .”

He took a deep breath.

“I don’t know when it will start, what I have to face is no longer a line.”

“It’s the entanglement of countless threads-the entire net.”

When the voice fell, Thales suddenly felt that the Renaissance Palace in the distance began to change from the illusory silhouette, as if stepping out of the painting, with sharp edges and corners as if there is substance.

Glover worked hard to understand Prince’s words.

Kohen sounded drowsy, so he simply wandered away.

“So it is mysterious, empty, and not visible in the clouds and mist.”

“But it is also thicker and more depressing, which is suffocating.”

“The worst thing is that it firmly clings to my every move, every word and action, every thought.”

Thales stared at the Renaissance Palace in front of him, only to feel that the thick substance became clearer, and it seemed to have a sharp edge, which made people feel more uncomfortable.

“Under its shadow, I am no longer the me I know, and I am no longer the Thales Jadestar who survived in Danger Land in the north.”

“My every gesture is tightly tied up by it, and I can no longer feel free to make choices without hindrance.”

Thales touched his heart.

“I can wait for me to draw my sword and look around, but I am at a loss and confused. I don’t know where to go.”

Thales exhales one breath saying, but his eyes become firmer.

“Shook the head-Forgive me for being blunt, Your Highness,” Glover shook the head:

“I don’t understand a bit.”

“Ha, didn’t you understand?” Kohen came back to his senses, suddenly overwhelmed with joy:

“I will–“

Thales slanted his eyes:

“Do you understand?”

Kohen caught this glance, and his tone suddenly became embarrassed:

“I, that, eh…”

“Very good,” Thales eyebrow raised:

“I know you understand.”

Kohen’s expression froze on his face.

“It’s a pity,” Thales sighed:

“No one else understands.”

Glover look at this, look at that, I don’t understand at all.

“It’s okay, we understand, it’s enough.” Thales patted Kohen on the shoulder with a happy expression.

In response, Kohen can only squeeze an embarrassing but polite smile.

A few seconds later, Thales pu chi let out a big laugh.

“No cracking a joke anymore-in fact, everyone has experienced that feeling, but many times, we don’t realize it.”

Thales’ tone became serious.

“For example, you, zombie, you are now in a pure family standing on the throne, but you have gone through ups and downs in the past, and the two are entangled with each other. Every time you try to reach out to one of them, the other will wave back and make you Choking.”

Glover complexion slightly changed,

“Like you, Kohen, you have a single sword on the battlefield, and you have overcome all obstacles and obstacles, but all the way to the end, you find that you have to face far more than crimes and order and tranquility, but everything in the lower city. “

Kohen was startled, but he was silent in thought.

“Like me, what you face is a whole net.”

Thales sighed, turned around again, facing the boundless Avenue of Revival, facing the Renaissance Palace hidden in countless crowds.

They were silent for a while.

“Then,” Glover’s voice was arduous and stagnant, as if encountering some difficulties and obstacles, “What are we going to do?”

Thales’ pupils slowly diminished, and the scene reflected in them has locked Renaissance Palace tightly.

“According to the leader of the Black Street Brotherhood…”

“First of all,” Thales recalled the overnight madness of dragon’s blood, and raised the corners of his mouth unconsciously:

“We have to change our minds.”

Glover’s face unchanged, his eyes moved.

Kohen confused:

“Brain-how to change?”

Thales lowered his head and re-looked towards the scar in his palm.

“The snare we are facing, it can never be cut off, broken free, let alone untied.”

Thales talked, and slowly stretched out his hand toward the Renaissance Palace, with five fingers stretched out, covering every corner of this ancient palace.

“But that’s why,” Prince said softly, as if nothing, “You, me, him, they–all of them are in it.”

The boy’s tone was cold and his eyes were indifferent, and Glover felt slightly cold behind him.

“Long under its control.”

Thales clenched his fists and squeezed Renaissance Palace completely in his palm.

“Inability to escape.”

Next moment, Thales decisively stepped out of the corner and onto Fuxing Avenue.

Glover and Kohen looked at each other, each puzzled, but Thales was gone, and they had to catch up.

At this time.

“Dian… Huaiya!”

The three of them turned their heads together, and saw another silhouette wearing a cloak hurriedly over the road.

The other party came to the front, Thales saw his face clearly and was surprised:

“Kong Muto, are you awake?”

I saw Gianluca Commuto, the second-class guard of the Royal Guard who was brought down by Kohen and Glover in the Leya Club-gasping for breath, shaking with excitement, a desperate pair What it looks like:

“I was scared to death. When I woke up, you were gone. There was only one man in front of me who was pulling his pants…”

Kohen frowned and looked towards Golofo, who was expressionless.

Kong Muto has tears in his eyes:

“I went back to the MindiS hall, you were not there, I went to the Renaissance Palace, the guards also said that you were not here, I can only go to the East Side District to shout…”

Kong Muto suddenly saw Kohen’s silhouette and suddenly gnashing teeth:

“Hey, you are that bastard…”

Kohen was surprised and quickly lowered his hood:

“cough cough, Lorbec, below is Lorbec Deira……”

“Lorbec Deira …”

Kong Muto was chanting the name, and suddenly the complexion greatly changed.

“So bold!”

He grabbed Kohen by the collar:

“How dare you pretend to be Director Lorbec of the West City Security Department!”

Kohen, who was debunked and not knowing what to do, was pulled and leaned forward:

“Let me tell you, I am an inner city security officer, and I know the internal personnel of the security department clearly…”

Thales has a headache and coughs:


“This guy is the heir of the Walla collar and the long sword of the twin towers, Kohen Karabeyan, now serving as a police officer in the capital.”

Kong Muto was taken aback and spent a few seconds thinking about the meaning of the name.

“Oh oh oh, it turned out to be Karabeyan Young Master!”

The security officer instantly became enthusiastic and smiled like a flower.

He grabbed Kohen’s collar and loosened his arm, and transitioned naturally to the action of organizing clothes for the other party:

“It’s a coincidence, that, I used to be a police officer. We are both colleagues. Aiya misunderstood and misunderstood. If I knew you were visiting secretly…”

Kohen looked at him blankly, but couldn’t react.

But the next second, another crying voice came from a distance:

“His Royal Highness!”

Several people were shocked: another man in casual clothes, with a stiff posture, limped towards them, and the pedestrians looked at him.

Glover saw the other’s face clearly, and covered his forehead in pain.


Thales frowned :

“Aren’t you recuperating?”

Danny Doyle, the first-class security officer next to Thales, pounced on the boy with full eyes:

“Yes, Your Highness! But I, Kong Muto came to my house to look for me, I heard about the MindiS Hall——”


Glover unceremoniously pulled D.D up and dragged him to the corner of the street. At the same time, he watched his left and right vigilantly and said in a low voice:

“Huaiya. Your Royal Highness is now called Huaiya.”

D.D was taken aback, and then reacted:

“Oh oh oh, okay, Huaya! Commutuo is not clear about what you said, you go to a woman, and you find a man and woman, and then a strong and hard one Man, then he fainted, and you are gone—”

“Oh, D.D! long time no see!” Kohen happily appeared beside Doyle, slapped him on the back!

“ao!” Doyle screamed and plunged into Glover’s arms.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?” Kohen stretched out his hands in confusion, looking puzzled:

“Why walk like a duck and blow it up as soon as you shoot it?”

D.D endured the pain in his back, lay on Glover, and looked back.

“What are you doing?”

Doyle twisted his face, pointed angrily with his thumb to Kohen, and asked Glover in a low voice:

“Why is this guy?”

Glover plucked him off his body quietly.

“You know, Dian——The fool around Huaiya has asked for leave. We can’t find another fool, so we have to let him substitute.”

Doyle groaned weakly, and then became confused:

“Oh, the fool’s substitute… Wait, who is the fool who asked for leave?”

Glover tightened his lips.

“Hey! You two!”

Kohen waved indignantly on the sidelines:

“Don’t say bad things behind my back-I can hear you! I, listen! Come! Come! Can you hear it? I can hear it! Do you hear it?”

Glover toward D. Dshrugged.

D.D frowned and looked at Kohen, then looked at Glover who had recovered his coldness, but finally bowed his head and sighed.

“Well, fools are fools, maybe I am really,” Doyle thumped Kohen’s shoulder helplessly:

“Anyway, thank you for taking the place of my class and following your highness.”

This is Kohen’s turn to surprise:

“Eh? What happened to you today? It’s not the same as usual? Why don’t you return your mouth?”

“It’s okay, that is, before I do one thing now,” Doyle tightened his clothes behind his back, grinning and said with a bitter smile:

“You have to weigh the balance first.”

As soon as these words came out, Glover had to look at him with admiration.

“Fuck,” Kohen looked at Doyle in surprise:

“Brother playboy…you have grown up!”

Doyle gave him a melancholy smile.

So Kohen was so relieved that he didn’t leave any effort to slap D.D on the back again.

Listening to Doyle’s screams and watching their reunion, Thales curled up his mouth and suddenly felt that today was not so bad.

But at that moment, a faintly discernable strangeness surged in his heart.


Thales subconsciously turned his head and looked at the crowd behind him.

The moment he turned his head, the crowd on the street suddenly became commotion.

“It’s noisy behind.”

“What happened?”

“Have there been a car accident?”

Other members of the Star Lake Guard also noticed the commotion and turned their heads together.

The commotion quickly changed, and the whispers of the crowd spread panic.

“Quick, get away!”

“Whose horse is shocked!”

“Why did you suddenly go crazy?”

“Who is holding it!”

Thales complexion changed: That strange feeling is getting heavier.

Next moment, a huge black shadow appeared on the street market, rushing out of the crowd!

Getting closer and closer to them.

Glover, Kohen, D.D and Kong Muto also saw this scene and all changed their colors.

“It’s coming here!”


The flustered whispers turned into fearful screams, and people on the street avoided the shadows and fled in all directions!

The dark shadows are so dynamic that they have stirred up countless strong winds.

It is shrouded toward Thales entire group, and the speed is full of oppression, and it is almost instant!

“Be careful–“

Before Thales could react, Glover rushed forward and crushed him firmly to the ground.

“What’s going on—” Before D.D’s surprised words were finished, he was thrown down by both Kohen and Kong Muto.

Thales only felt a huge black shadow passing over his head, driving the wind like a blade, and shaking their cloaks!

And the feeling of strangeness has reached its peak.

Humming, Humming…

The shadows landed behind them, turning into a rhythmic sound of stepping on the ground, drifting away.

“Your Highness, are you okay?” Glover got up in embarrassment:

“Damn beast!”

Thales, who was once again served by the Royal Guard VIP service, ate the dust from his mouth in pain, and only had time to poke his head out of zombie’s arms.

Doyle pushed away the two big men on his body, grinning in the dual pain of whiplash and fall:

“Where did the beast come from, dare to run into the royal family-damn it is back again!”

Humming Humming Humming——

The rapid sound of horseshoes sounded again, everyone was shocked again:

The huge shadow in the distance turned sharply, turned around again, and rushed towards them!

“Which idiot’s horse is this, driving in the busy city, see if I don’t cut him–” Kohen rolled up his sleeves angrily.

“No, ordinary Jingma won’t be so persistent. It may be drugged and targeted at His Royal Highness!” Kong Muto analyzed vigilantly.

“Oh, don’t talk anymore, someone will give me a hand…” This is D.D who is groaning in pain.

Glover was aroused to be cruel, he jumped up, gritted his teeth and pulled his sword:

“Kill it!”

“Wait a minute.” But Thales suddenly stretched out his hand, pressed his sword firmly, and stood up.

I saw the young man took a deep breath, ran a few steps, and opened his arms towards the coming shadow!

Glover reached out subconsciously to stop Prince, but he made nothing.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

And Sombra swept the dust with fast as lightning speed and rushed towards Thales!

“no no no no—” D.D sees courage entirely to break.

In the next second, the two hooves of Sombra continued to kick the ground, slowing down sharply, stirring up countless dust!

In front of the stunned people, the black shadow changed from a galloping centrino to a fast walking, and then to an ordinary step. In the end, it took small elegant steps to Thales and bowed its head obediently.

“Pretty, I didn’t hit anything, the posture of crossing obstacles is much more proficient,” Thales smiled and extended the hand, stroking the dark horse:

“Good girl.”

The dark horse’s eyes were bright, and he snapped a happy nose.

It probed forward, pinching Thales between its chin and neck, and rubbing it back and forth.

“Yes, I know, I miss you too,” Thales was a little helpless by its affectionate “cuddling”, but the panic in his heart turned into stability, and he gently combed his mane , Soft voice:


The guards of Star Lake–and Kohen–watched this scene dumbfounded.

“This is, D.D. You read a lot, tell me, what is this scene?” Kohen stabbed Doyle blankly.

“Uh, let me—don’t touch my back—let me think about it,” Doyle looked at Thales, immersed in joy, not having time to take care of their scene, frowned and thought for a while:

“Happy new friends?”

Kong Muto observes his words and looks. He waved his hands to disperse the curious crowd after a mess:

“It’s gone, it’s all gone, here’s the police officer! What’s so good, I haven’t seen Second Generation Officials drag racing-racing horses?”

His sternness had some effect, and the crowd slowly dispersed, but it was not as effective as Glover’s method-zombie walked forward with a cold face, and could not help taking away the wallet from DD’s waist and pulling the opening. Throwing out the sky of coins and redemptions toward the distance.

In D.D’s unrestrained protests and the crowds robbery, Glover and the others escorted Thales and his new mount away from the “scene of the crime.”

But not far, Glover turned around vigilantly: a few silhouettes, ignoring the coins on the floor, went through the crowd against the trend, and rushed forward gasping for breath.

“uncle, ahead, just ahead!”

“Where did you put the mascot?”

“That thing is useless! Remember, the dumb man got caught last time, and he ran up to fly a kite all afternoon…”


“Take good horse food to tempt it!”

“Or put on your Royal Highness’s clothes…”

“Damn it for the first time, bullying and fearing hardship–it never dared to be so mad when the dead face was there…”

“Don’t stop me from anyone, this time I will chop this crazy horse to feed the dumb guy——”


The Star Lake Guards stood vigilantly to block the path of incoming people.

Everyone talking at once stopped abruptly, and everyone came to a halt, watching the Star Lake Guard vigilantly.

Glover frowned frowned:

There were four people who came. Although they have endured the hardships of a long journey, they are all fully armed. Among them, the elder is wearing a sword and a shield, the young is wearing a spear and a spear, and one is wearing a strange mask. , Covering from the chin to the lower half of the face.

And their leader is a young man with a long sword hanging on his waist and a heroic face. He stared at the dark horse who was intimate with Thales.

But their position-Glover became more vigilant-was extremely professional, spreading left and right, guarding each other’s blind spots.

It is not a gangster, but a veteran who has been on the battlefield and has seen blood.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Kohen suddenly screamed, his face was joyful, and he rushed between the two teams.

People who come from strangers see Kohen, their expressions also change, some are surprised, some are disgusted, and some are surprised and disliked again.

“That, I know, I know!”

Kohen opened and closed his lips, dancing with his hands, and opened his arms to the leading youth:

“Let me introduce, this is mine—”

But the young man just passed by Kohen’s side blankly, ignoring his embrace.

Kohen hugs his arms, and can only raise his arms in embarrassment.

Until he sees the next person.

I saw a coldly snorted man wearing a silver-mask in front of me, looking at the police officer angrily.


Kohen’s smile became extremely ugly, his arms softened, and his voice trembled:


On the other side, the brave youth’s breathing accelerated, his chest rising and falling, he walked step by step to Thales, his face full of disbelief.

“Hall…Your Highness?”

Similarly, Thales, who is holding Jenny in one hand, looks back at him, showing a faint smile:


brave youth——Wai Ya, who hasn’t seen him for a long time, took a breath, from unbelievable to to be wild with joy, he caught up in two steps:

“His Royal Highness, it is you, really you!”

But Glover raised his arm coldly and stopped between Huaiya and Thales.

Huaiya wakes up and stops in front of Thales.

He glanced at Glover and forced himself to recall his past star etiquette. He sorted out the messy and casual descriptions that he had been on the road for many days, and bowed respectfully and rigidly.

Thales opened his mouth, but only a few words popped out:

“Yes, it’s me.”

Huaiya blinked vigorously, adjusted his breathing, and looked back in surprise:

“I was still talking to the dumb just now…”

The masked weird man was coldly snorted hoarsely and turned his head.

Huaiya ignored him, just looked at Thales excitedly, speaking incoherently:

“You don’t know, when you were hijacked in Dragon Clouds City… Genard uncle said this was your plan, but I can’t believe it…”

The elderly with a sword and a shield smiled faintly.

“The meteorite checked each of us from start to finish…until he returned to Dragon Clouds City with wounds all over his body…”

Huaiya was incoherent with excitement.

“Until the news of your return to the kingdom comes, we–“

But Thales smiled, very pleased.

In the next second, he crossed Glover, and also the distance between Prince and the attendant. He stretched out his arms freely, and under the attendant’s surprised eyes, he firmly hugged Huaya. Full.

The complexion of everyone changed.

“Thank you, Huaiya.”

Thales pressed his chin on Wiya’s shoulder, trying to contain the trembling of his voice:

“Thank you for coming back.”

Huaiya was also shocked. He watched Prince’s unconventional sincere behavior, and there was nowhere to put his hands:

“Hall, Your Highness?”

Thales took a deep breath and suddenly felt that the net he was in was no longer so heavy and deep:

“You don’t know, you don’t know what this means to me.”

Huaiya hesitated for a few seconds, but he finally laughed, and naturally hugged the boy and patted him on the back.

“I know, Your Highness, I know—just like before.”


Thales closes his eyes.

Same as before.

“Fuck, I have never seen this scene,” D.D was stunned, and he stared at the newcomer who was hugged by Prince:

“What’s the situation?”

Kohen sighed, thinking of his military career, he sighed:

“The old love is over.”

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