Kingdom’s Bloodline Chapter 610


Chapter 602 Rebellion (Part 1)

“When countless new aristocrats yearn for more power, status and benefits, but they can no longer find a big goal like ours, they cannot find enemies for them to plunder, and objects for them to demand ……”

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It is still the Duke’s exclusive words with a tart and mean tone, but Thales no longer feels a bit of humor and humor.


Xili’er’s crutches slammed hard.

I saw the guardian duke of the Western Desolation blocking the window, his figure is backlit, and the large but empty fur robe covered him firmly like the shadow of a solar eclipse:

“Who do you think is most likely to point the new finger at those who have lost their respect for high-ranking people and impatients who want power?”

“Is it up or down?”

Falkenhauser coldly said:

“Who is up and who is down?”

“And what will happen upward, what will happen downward?”



Unconsciously, Thales’ left hand has firmly grasped the JC dagger stuck on the bedside.

Any change has a price.

The young man thought trancefully.

Some costs may not be obvious at the time, but they are the same as when Xili’er talked about the game…

After a hundred steps.

Then, he, Thales Jadestar.

Could it be that “after a hundred steps”?

“Not to mention these all are your guesses…”

Thales took a deep breath, cheered up and shook the head:

“If the trend is true, then this is inevitable.”

“Then, we will inevitably have corresponding methods, such as re-adjusting the situation and balancing interests-there will always be a better way out.”

But Xili’er smiled contemptuously—not his usual ridicule or sarcasm aimed at offend the person, but genuine and heartfelt disdain.

“So you have never been a ruler…”

“hmph, do you really think that your citizens are sincere and loyal, good people who are grateful and seeking to repay the kindness? As long as the governance is clear and bright, they will live and work in peace and contentment? As long as you give them benefits, they will be satisfied with gratitude and support You, support you, even if you are going to hell?”

Thales rolled his head and frowned.

“Repeat,” Prince was choked a little unhappy:

“I don’t like to ask rhetorically.”

But this time, Xili’er didn’t use his “rhetorical questions” anymore:

“Go to motherfucker.”

The Duke of the Western Wilderness don’t give face coldly said, Thales swears that he even heard the Xihuang dialect that some local talents are used to speaking:

“This is not a face-to-face transaction, and your people are not businessmen: you hand them money, and they will give you the goods next? This is not a bar fight. You can earn your dignity with your fist alone. Conquer the opponent.”


The Duke shook his body and took a big step forward very quickly. The robe, which was blown by the cold wind, pressed against Thales like a hunting vulture:

“This World is not that simple. It is simple enough that hard work can be reaped, and it is simple enough to pay for it. It is simple enough that you work with a common purpose and work hard and you can have a good Fortune.”

“People are not so simple. It is as simple as giving favors and repaying them, letting profit be enough, severe punishment is fearing, and adding prestige is serving.”

Xili’er’s tone is urgent and helpful, just like hate iron for not becoming steel’s reprimand:


He looked at Thales who was a little surprised, and hit the wall with his cane severely:

“Starting from helping my uncle to assist the political affairs, I have ruled the Western Famine for more than 20 years. Believe me, your people can always give you unexpected and counterproductive feedback.”

“A person may cooperate, may be loyal, or obey, but a group of thousands of people?”

Falkenhauser is coldly snorted, with cold eyes, alert and alert, like facing an untouchable flame:

“A group of people, that is, a giant beast with a bottomless appetite, a shark who never satisfies, will always respond to the ruler in a completely unprepared response beyond his expectations.”

Thales is slightly stunned.

Xili’er like this…

It’s really not the usual way, at least not the way the country was at the conference six years ago.

If he is not acting.

Xili’er turned around and gnashing teeth viciously:

“If you hate your people, they will hate you even more; if you love your people, they will not necessarily love you; high-pressure authority may usher in fiercer resistance, but the benefits of the people may not Sincere loyalty; good intentions and bad things, contrary to expectations are more commonplace.”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The Duke’s pace is getting faster and faster, and the crutches hit the ground repeatedly, making a heart-palpitating muffled accent.

“At the end of the book of kings, the first king to use a letter crow instead of a postman messenger on a large scale brought unprecedented changes to the world, but he eventually died in’excessive attention to details prevents one from making progress, pet birds Under the ridiculous crime of abuse of people.”

“The emperor Bashir more than a thousand years ago was benevolent and drastically reformed the old system. He wanted to give shelter to his people who had nowhere to stay, but he died in depression amid complaints and turmoil.”

Listening to these historical stories that are both strange and familiar, Thales is frowned.

“You mean, we are walking on an uncontrollable road, maybe we will go to unexpected and counterproductive consequences? We can neither reverse it manually nor avoid it by turning around.”

The Duke is noncommittal.

So Thales simply and without mercy coldly snorted response:

“Then what you just said is overwhelming and unstoppable, aren’t all the worries and vigilance you said all bullshit?”

But it seems that Xili’er was also agitated. He was angrily snorted first, stubbornly crutches, and stopped:

“No, what I said is—”

“Hope to use simple and rude means to harvest direct and effective results. This is often half the results for twice the effort, acting in a way that defeats one’s purpose.”

He stared directly at Thales:

“Even if the purpose is correct and the direction is correct, if the means is wrong, the method is wrong, it is very likely to be futile, and even self-defeating.”

“This is the problem we are facing-it is a mistake made by your father and his enemies.”

The purpose is correct and the direction is correct.

Deviations in means and errors in methods.

Your father, and his enemies.

Mistakes made together.

At that moment, Thales suddenly realized what Xili’er meant.

And his position.

Just listen to Xili’er coldly said:

“The powerful ancient empire guarded the thorny land with heavy soldiers. The Duke of Thorns ruled this southwestern province known for its resistance with an iron fist, and killed them so subdued. It seemed that the political achievements were remarkable and effective, which made the emperor quite amazed. “

But the duke’s words have changed, eerie and eerie:

“However, when the time of the empire’s decline came, the flag-raising rebellion was the strongest, and finally the heads of the governor of the province and the family of the Duke of Thorns were hung on the flagpoles, and the Legion of the empire was destroyed. It was no one else who broke the territory of the empire. Sons!”

In the increasingly turbulent brainstorming, Thales took a deep breath and leaned back against the wall:

“If I remember correctly, Falkenhausen with the four-eyed skull as its emblem, your ethnic language is’Power comes from violence’?”

He whispered softly, waiting for the other party’s response.

Power comes from violence.

The Duke of Western Wilderness is slightly stagnant.

He was silent for a long while, until a cold wind blew.


The Duke is faint and authentic, and there is a rare complexity in his eyes:

“But outsiders only know this sentence.”

“This is the worst sentence.”

Xili’er, whose face is terrifying and not looking like a human, stares at Thales.

Power comes from violence, the worst sentence.

“So…” Thales asked tentatively.

But Xili’er Falkenhauser interrupted him unceremoniously, spoke in a cold voice, and said in a deep tone that Thales could not help but sit down:

“Power dominates interests, interests trigger conflicts, conflicts generate violence, violence brings obedience, obedience forms habit, habit creates order, and order reaffirms power.”

Thales was stunned.

Very strange, Falkenhauser, who usually has a sharp and unpleasant hoarse voice, but this time, he said his words so much, as if with some respect:

“This is the logic of’power comes from violence’: a perfect loop that cannot be broken.”

“As for the power and violence that outsiders talk about, they are just two small pieces of the puzzle.”

Xili’er lowered his head, squinted his eyes, and leaned on a cane, like a vulture perching on standby next to a tree:

“But too many people like to simplify and skip many steps in the middle. They think that giving benefits can win obedience, and that resorting to violence can bring power-this is the biggest problem.”

“Especially those reformers who want to bring changes to the world and change everything that people take for granted.”

Power comes from violence.

It’s just… two pieces of the puzzle.

Falkenhauser’s words made Thales think.

Xili’er hummed again:

“And you know, for the previous batch of great characters who want, eager, and are the most confident and good at changing the world, what do we call them?”

The next word of Xili’er caught Thales’s attention:


There was silence in the room for a few seconds.

Thales released the dagger in his hand, he raised his head involuntarily, tried his best to hide the surprise, and met the duke’s equally burdened eyes solemnly:

“And do you know what they ultimately brought to the world?”

Xili’er did not continue.

In this way, the two of them are facing each other silently in the ominous room on the top of the tower, terrifying in one side and confused on the other.

But Thales quickly got rid of the untimely question.


“You are not here to help your vassals, stand in line for them,” Thales quickly returned to the current context:

“But you are not standing on the side of the king, to show your sincerity to the Kingdom Bloodline.”

Thales is straight and authentic:


He used affirmative sentences.

The two remained silent for a while.

Finally, a smile appeared on Falkenhauser’s face—not the habitual hypocritical smile before, but a crafty smile with a little dexterity.

Although it was quite horrified on his face.

“I said, don’t think of me as a stubborn and obsolete Old Antique.”

Lord Duke exhales one breath saying Long breath, it seems that I want to make a summary of this conversation:

“Falkenhauser is not an old-timer who is ignorant of current affairs. If the tide is like this and the general trend is like this, then I will never be stingy to make changes, and I will accept my destiny without any regrets.”

“I also believe that no matter order or habit-it can be changed.”

Before Thales’s careful and serious gaze, Xili’er’s eyes moved:

“But this kind of change must be step by step, point after point, drop by drop, where water flows, a canal is formed, is logical.”

“Not like this.”

Xili’er raised his crutches and pointed out the window.

“The North has changed, and Prince returns to China.”

The duke coldly said:

“So, one party profiting from somebody’s misfortune, threatened the king with the safe life of the heir to the kingdom, and forced him to surrender control of the western front.”

“The other party simply after pretend to be polite, they attacked the army, supplies, and garrisons of the lords of the Western Wilderness, and beat them hard to kill to the last one.”

Thales listened to these two seemingly casually, but in fact thrilling words, slowly changing.

“Have you not noticed that, compared to the small under-the-counter actions like forced imperialism, arrogance, and arrogance six years ago, whether it is your father or the current princes, the actions of both parties are too violent.”

“The irony is, do they really think that through such a so-called victory,” Falkenhauser is very serious at this moment:

“Can you erase the opponent’s ambition and hostility?”

Xili’er waved his hand decisively in an imposing manner.


This is a rare time for Thales. He feels that the other party, as a duke, will not lose to the heroic and majestic princes of the Northland at all:

“They will only push the other party worse and worse, until the final step, either now or later.”

Thales pursed his lips, thinking a lot.

“But you are not the head of the western vassals, not the leader of the group, the lord of the ruins of temperate vassals, and the guardian duke of the western wilderness?”

Prince speaks slowly:

“When the game between Renaissance Palace and the ruins is placed on the chessboard around me and power, shouldn’t you be responsible for it and can’t make a difference in it?”

Xili’er smiled.

“So you are not the king yet.”

The Duke glanced at Thales obliquely:

“Do you think that at every important point in history, it is someone’s will that dominates the wave?”

Xili’er icily said:

“You must know that when your vassals and subordinates are in anger, and the opinions are high, you, standing in front of the wave, don’t have much choice but to follow the trend.”

Thales’ brows frowned and tightened.

The duke is gloomy and authentic:

“Unless you want to replace the king and become the target of preventing them from regaining the glory of the past-if you do not become their leader, you will become their enemy, and you will be the first to fall by the inside and outside.”

Thales was silent for a long time.

Therefore, Xili’er means…

The young man suddenly remembered that a long time ago, the country was a meeting, and that vote to decide whether he was an illegal child or an orthodox Prince.

At that time, Xili’er voted “yes”, but his nominal vassals, two of the thirteen noble families, voted “no”.

Thales took a deep breath, and brought back the thoughts that got worse the more I thought about it:

“So bad?”

Xili’er was also silent for a while.

“When you become a king, you will understand this better than me.”

“Don’t forget what I said, people will always respond to the ruler that is beyond his expectation and makes you completely unprepared-unfortunately, the lords of Xihuang are also within the scope of description .”

Falkenhauser turned his head and glanced at him lightly:

“Of course, as far as your father is concerned, you and I are also within the scope of the description.”

Listening to what the other party said, Thales did not answer.

The Duke turned his head and looked towards the gray sky outside the window:

“To draw commoners against the nobles, by fair means or foul, the practice of consolidating power must have consequences-commoners are not pawns at your mercy, and nobles are not objects of sacrifice.”

His voice has a long chill, like an autumn wind:

“The territorial lords who block the general situation are no different from bringing about one’s own destruction, but the Renaissance Palace may not be able to achieve the desired results, and the seeking instant benefit of both parties is even more taboo.”

Thales clenched his fists.

Xili’er looked at the sky of the Western Wilderness, seemingly confused, and sighed softly:

“More than a hundred years ago, Xianjun’s chessboard was silent, gentle and stable.”

“To this day, the chessboard where your father played against them…”

Thales eyebrow raised.

The Duke squinted at him, disdainfully speaking:

“Then you are not worthy of me to say that many things.”

The teenager was slightly surprised.

Thales exhales one breath saying, put the dagger back under the pillow:

“You know, if you want to compliment me, you can actually use some better words.”

Seeing that the Duke of Xihuang opened his lips as if missing a piece of flesh, he gave a gloomy smile, speaking like a corpse.

“Rest assured, you will not lack beautiful words in your ears. Prince’s return is the first major event that shakes the stars. No amount of light will focus on you.”

I saw Xili’er squinting his eyes:

“But you have to be more careful and vigilant.”

“Powerful aristocratic lords will rush to find you, win over the Prince who has not returned to the country for a long time, and try their best to win you to their side and turn you into a vanguard against Renaissance Palace.”

Falkenhauser’s tone changed:

“Before accepting their kindness, please remember: They are only opposed to your father, but they are by no means genuinely loyal to you.”

Thales is silent.

He suddenly remembered what the fast rope said.

[The shackles of power. 】

How does he achieve… a different way of living?

Thinking of this, Thales took a deep breath and looked up:

“They will not succeed.”

May Xili’er disdain and shake his head:

“When I say’winner’, I mean more than just knocking on the door and giving gifts.”

Thales frowned, ridiculed:

“Of course, it may also include intimidation by pulling a sword, and then telling me’carriage can’t fall apart’?”

This time it was Xili’er’s turn to be silent.

A few seconds later, the Duke was quiet and authentic:

“You know, some words can only be nonsense to the overwhelming majority in the world.”

Thales was immediately confused.

Xili’er hummed lightly:

“Remember what I said today.”

He extended the hand and shook his mouth:


Xili’er’s eyes are full of cold light:

“What if you can use it someday.”

He paused for a second, and raised his lips somewhat evilly:


Thales stared at the duke like this, feeling uncomfortable.

But Xili’er quickly changed the subject:

“Compared to these, you have to be more careful with your father.”


Thales’ nerves are slowly tightening.

The strong silhouette in his mind reappeared, reminding him of the suffocation when facing each other.

The Duke’s voice echoed in his ears, with a different meaning:

“As you grow older, maybe he will realize that you are no longer the poor child, maybe he will also try to win over you as a father and control you with the power of the king.”


Falkenhauser’s tone changed again, but he suddenly fell silent, and the surroundings seemed to be overcast for an instant, raining before rain.

He stared at Thales closely, his horrible face matched with cold eyes, making the latter feel tight.

“When Eckstedt changed drastically six years ago, when King Nunn VII passed away and the news of the political reshuffle in the North came to the stars, everyone was shocked.”

The tone and rhythm of the Duke became heavy and slow, which reminded Thales of Putila when he was telling the bardic poem:

“Who would have thought that a few months ago, our old bones were still in a state of panic, lest the unruly Yankees go south again.”

Xili’er exhales gently and points to Thales:

“But some people, some people just take a single touch, and poke the overbearing giant dragon country into a riddled state, and they can’t take care of themselves.”

“Do you know what that means?”

Overbearing, overbearing…

It’s full of defects and can’t take care of myself…

What does it mean?

Thales can’t help but think of the nightmare in Dragon Clouds City.

dragon’s blood.

He looked towards Xili’er who pointed at himself, unnaturally cleared his throat:

“You look at me too highly.”

Prince sighed:

“Six years ago, it was just an accident, and it was a tragedy, and I have no credit for it…”

Xili’er interrupted him coldly: “I didn’t say it was your credit.”

“Be less affectionate.”

Thales choked on this sentence, and his face became quite ugly.

The unpopular duke coldly snorted and said:

“As I said, from the battle of the end to the bloody year, Falkenhauser has followed Jadestar since ancient times.”

He pointed to the ancient imperial sword leaning against the wall.

“In the past 700 years, the alerter has witnessed a lot of history,” Xili’er is extremely solemn:

“More than you think.”

Thales felt Xili’er’s icy gaze, and an ominous hunch struck.

“So I know.”

Just listen to the Lord Duke whispered:

“Dragon Clouds City’s so-called “disaster comes to the world”, it is definitely not an accident or a rare coincidence.”

Disaster comes to the world.

It is not an accident.

At that moment, Thales pressed his thigh tightly.

Fortunately, Xili’er did not look towards him again.

The Lord Duke paced to the window and looked at the camp quietly:

“Although each time they appear, they will be cleverly concealed and blurred, rendered and whitewashed, and then over time, they will eventually become hearsay and bedtime stories of passersby…”

“But I know they exist and they are real.”

Exist, and true.

Thales let out a sigh of relief.

He breathed deeply, covering up his emotional changes.

Xili’er’s voice is getting sharper and more urgent:

“And every time they appear, they are inseparable from our world.”

Next moment, the guardian duke of the Western Wilderness turned around abruptly, his eyes shot at Thales like electricity!

“No matter what happens to Dragon Clouds City, it is your father who did it.”

He resolutely and decisively said:

“He and Morate, the old poisonous snake, use a certain method.”

It was your father who did it.

Thales quietly looked back at the other person, enduring the bloody memories that rolled back and forth in his mind.

But no matter how he ignored it, he still couldn’t help but think of those pictures:

The blue light in Asda’s eyes, the purple lines on Giza’s face, the tears between her head and cheeks, the body of Black Sword riddled with scars, the weird mouth on Raphael’s arm.


The head of King Nuen on the ground.

“Your father’s chessboard is cold and ruthless, and you don’t know how he will go next.”

“Is it ignoring the rules or overturning the chessboard.”

At this time, the duke’s face is serious and his tone is cold:

“Child, be strong.”

“Don’t become a chess piece that is arbitrarily manipulated and sacrificed at will.”

Arbitrarily manipulated.

Sacrifice at will.

Feeling the obvious provocation from the other party, Thales took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled it.

“I am his heir, and my interests are consistent with him.”

Prince’s tone has several points of rejection.

“My safety is related to the stability of his rule.”

“And he is my father.”

But this is just another ridicule of Xili’er:

“Who knows.”

Duke Falkenhaus coldly said:

“Four hundred years ago,’the King of Ascendant’ Elan Jadestar I killed his son and sacrificed his son to pray for victory.”

Killing sons and offering sacrifices to gods.

Thales’ breathing was stagnant, and his fists were clenched.

The Duke looks into the distance, his tone is long:

“And every day, your father is creating new history.”

Thales closed his eyes.

“Your father and his enemies…”

“Six years ago, because of your appearance, the first round of victory or defeat was divided.”

“But six years later, from the day you return to your country, the second round will begin.”

The Duke’s tone is a little scary:

“And that will never be easier.”

(End of this chapter)

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