Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1490

Waving the magic fan a few times at random, “ding ding ding~”, the four golden feathers were easily blocked.

Then, as soon as the fan was closed, Mind Power controlled the panicked angel and threw it towards the rock ten meters away.

With a muffled sound of “peng”, the angel hitting the rock, when bounced to the ground, opened his mouth and vomited a stream of blood, and his whole body was slumped like a broken frame.

“William ~~” Charles came back to his senses, raising his head and shouting in surprise, “God, you finally came over.”

William waved his hand at Charles nodded, who was surprised to see him, and sent him back to XAcademy.

“No~~~”, I originally wanted to fool William’s apocalypse. When Charles disappeared, he immediately became furious.

However, he was not angry and lost his reason. Shouted to Magneto, Storm Girl and Lingdie,

“Kill him”.

Following the spiritual connection with Charles, I opened the portal to arrest people.

Unfortunately, when he came to XAcademy, he saw William’s magic Avatar, and he lifted Charles into a suspended wheelchair with his mind.

Then Avatar waved to the surprised Apocalypse as a greeting, pushing the suspended wheelchair to the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Even if William is confident enough to kill Apocalypse, but with a small trick he can separate the affairs of Apocalypse and Magneto, why not do it.

Apocalypse opened the portal angrily and chased after him, but when he showed up in Los Angeles after spending two or three seconds, he saw Avatar holding a paper cup of coffee, taunted, “This speed is really too slow.” .

After that, no matter what Apocalypse thinks, he disappeared with Charles. When he reappears, he is already in Houston.

‘God blasphemer must die’, Tianqi roared in his heart, a single thought destroyed the shop where Avatar bought coffee, then opened the portal and chased it up again.

This time, he made up his mind, as soon as he walked out of the portal, he immediately disrupted the space to prevent William from escaping again.

It’s a pity that William, who played the Apocalypse twice, of course would prevent him from doing it the first time, lest the magic Avatar is beaten and disappear, and he will have to worry about Charles’ safety if he takes back Charles.

When the portal of Apocalypse appeared, Avatar took Charles to escape again.

I ran three times, and also chased the Apocalypse three times. When he caught up for the fourth time, he would release the storm of thought power at the first moment regardless of his disregard.

But no matter how fast he attacks, the biggest problem is the purple portal. Not only is there a delay, but the space fluctuation can’t escape William’s perception. It is easy for the Magic Avatar to take Charles and escape again.

When the U.S. chased and fled, and the cities that were disturbed were attacked by the apocalypse in anger,

In Cairo, William’s body grinned and used the The folded magic fan was used as a short stick and swiped at Lingdie’s katana.

It broke the katana made of special alloy, and then knocked it on Lingdie’s right shoulder with the fan handle. , Lingdie, the best at melee combat, was numb, and the broken knife in his hand slammed on the rock with a bang.

The fan pointed the chin of Lingdie, who had a terrified look in his eyes, and looked at the beauties who were obviously mixed Asians.

Unfortunately, apart from the huge lights of the car, the appearance is partial to the Western aesthetics, which does not attract William’s interest.

With a confinement curse, it confines the spiritual butterfly and the fallen angel, teleports to a rock more than 20 meters away, spreads the magic folding fan, and turns to look towards a white The storm girl.

This is even more inconsistent with William’s aesthetics, and even makes him think that the 50-year-old storm girl in the future is better than the current storm girl.

After William teleported away the Lingdie and the Angel, Storm Girl still thought about the difference in strength between the two. It seemed a bit big, and when she was hesitant to provoke William,

I saw William shook his head after looking at himself a few times.

In an instant, the woman’s intuition made Stormgirl understand that William was despising her appearance, and her heart was angry. There was a flash of lightning in her eyes, and a huge lightning fell into the sky, and she struck her against William. Down.

Unfortunately, this angry lightning did not strike William in the head, but shifted to the palm of his hand when he extended the hand.

“zhi zhi “Zhi” braved the lightning and gathered into a ball of lightning, scaring not only the Storm Girl back, but even Magneto, who had been disintegrating all the weapons of the Americans, had to focus on William.

William, who has inherited the theocracy of Zeus, used holy light and thunderbolt as symbols of his authority when he announced that he would inherit the position of Divine King.

Storm Girl releases thunder and lightning in front of him, it is simply playing a big sword in front of Guan Gong, too overestimate one’s capabilities.

Compressing the thunder and lightning group into the size of a checker piece, William laughed and said to the storm girl, “A few more lightnings, I just made a string of Thunder Element magic bracelet for someone.”

“I,,”, the Storm Girl can’t tell that William is teasing herself, but she is not a fool, since William can tame thunder and lightning so easily, no amount of lightning may be able to strike. In effect,

Instead, an unscrupulous attack might really irritate the man in front of him who does not know how strong he is.

But Storm Girl didn’t make a move, but William didn’t plan to let her go so simply.

With a wave of Golden’s magic folding fan in his hand, the folding fan turns into Golden’s magic whip. With a flick of her wrist, she curls her neck before the Storm Girl reacts.

This time, the Stormgirl couldn’t even release her superpowers with all her strength. When she couldn’t breathe with the magic whip, the Stormgirl looked up at the sky, her eyes instantly turned white.

One after another thunderbolt, the gang roared towards William following the blizzard.

The blizzard has no effect on William, who is ten times stronger than Sol, and those lightning, needless to say, continue to flash in the palm of his hand, converging into a faint blue Color lightning ball.

One minute later, when the lightning ball became seventeen, the spirit strength of Storm Girl was so exhausted that it couldn’t attract any lightning, and the dark clouds in the sky showed signs of dissipating.

“You are too wasteful”.

Seventeen lightning balls can make a half-Thunder Element magic bracelet, but it is not enough to make a necklace. This makes the plan to give Abigail, Jesse, Laura and Natasha four no superpowers A woman who is a magical item William,

First, let go of the magic whip on the neck of the storm woman who consumes too much spirit strength, and confine the person and teleport to the side of the spirit butterfly. There is a blue lightning,

“hong long long ~~~”,

A series of huge thunder sounds, ringing hundreds of kilometers around Cairo, so that the magnetic control ability has been put away The king of Magneto, eyes shrank stared at the dark clouds covering the entire Cairo. Not to mention the formation in the sky within a few seconds, hundreds of roaring and roaring huge lightnings were instantly formed.

Without even thinking about it, Magneto levitated and quickly backed away, away from William.

There is no non-conductive metal in this world. The only difference in the face of Thunderbolt is the active metal and the passive metal.

The resistance of passivable metal is large, which means it is easy to absorb energy, and when hundreds of thunderbolts are blasted down together, all metals will become red or even melt.

Thinking of this, Magneto didn’t dare to hesitate any longer, controlling the metal particles in Cairo and the ground, and slammed into William.

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