Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1491

Different from Apocalypse’s defenses, William faced the two long metal dragons released by Magneto, all made up of metal particles, so he didn’t have to fight hard.

Two portals with a diameter of five meters appeared instantly on the attack route of the metal dragon.

After dozens of seconds, Magneto reacted in surprise. When he wanted to control the metal from the raw material warehouse built on Sunday to fly back,

William simply after two portals, Two more portals leading to other warehouses were released, and then the first two portals were instantly closed, and the metal particles counted in hundreds of tons were accepted.

Next, with his hands behind his waist, he stared at Magneto with a smile on his face to see if he would release metal particles to attack him.

Although he doesn’t like this metal, the mosquito’s legs are also fleshy. What’s more important is that this move allows Magneto to sit on wax.

Different from the comics, the Magneto in the movie world has all abilities and attack methods from metal, while the sentinel Battle Armor on William has no metal at all, so stop the metal particle storm attack , Magneto is equal to waste.

Old Wan thought for a few seconds, and saw that William had been laughing at Hehe, clenched the teeth, thinking,’Look at how much metal you can store.’

Soon, the metal particles around Cairo, like a sandstorm, hiding the sky and covering the earth, rotating and cutting around William in all directions.

While forcing William to release more portals in an instant, he had to release a magic shield.

For a time, the scene was full of “ding ding ding~” metal hitting the magic shield.

Although countless metal particles hit the magic shield while inevitably entering more than a dozen portals that change the link location at any time, how many years hasn’t been forced to release the magic shield?

Dispelling the portal, the spirit strength is released in an instant, forming a sphere of thought force with a radius of 100 meters. Countless metal particles are directly collected into the storage space under William’s thoughts.

Then, within ten seconds of the metal controlled by Magneto, when it enters the ball of mind again and fills the ball of mind, it is a single thought to take away countless metals.

After going on like this a dozen times, let alone William’s magic and spirit strength, it far surpasses Magneto, even tens or hundreds of times.

Even if the strengths of the two sides are equal, William has a time interval of ten seconds each time, leisurely restoring spirit strength and magic power, but Magneto can only release energy at all times

A few minutes later, when I felt my head started to feel dizzy, Magneto was immediately discouraged and wanted to escape.

“Want to go?” William, with a relaxed expression, immediately noticed Magneto’s mind. He stretched out his hand and grabbed Lao Wan with his mind force, squeezing his armor and helmet.

“Crunch, squeak” a few times, the deformed helmet that was grasped by the force of thought, the squeezed Magneto almost broke the skull, making a painful roar, there is no need to control the metal particles.

I saw William lift up his left hand when countless metal particles fell to the ground, and the energy that controlled the metal was released, and the metal that had been decomposed into particles was as transparent as a black storm. Go through a portal and put it into the raw material warehouse on Sunday.

“This is impossible,” Magneto opened his eyes wide, with an incredible expression on his face looking at William who put his hands away, “Why can you also control metal?”

” I will be more!”

William twitched his lips, the old man in the movie is just the ability to control metal. The ability to single-handedly is not really strong, and the Fifth Level mutant powerhouse is generally It has a huge weakness that its defensive ability is not strong.

Whether it is Magneto, Professor X, or Jin-Grey, they are all ordinary persons themselves, and they can be killed by a single bullet when their abilities are suppressed or in certain situations.

After testing the strength of Magneto, William had to consider whether to kill him directly or let him go?

As for conquering?

William gave up this idea after thinking about it. Unless he takes over Magneto’s idea of ​​changing the living conditions of mutants, this guy will eventually come out and make trouble.

But killing this person who gave him too many memories, and couldn’t threaten him, William was reluctant.

Should you just force him to do things for yourself?

While William was hesitating, Magneto seemed to know that he would die if he didn’t speak. He looked towards the imprisoned angel, storm woman and spirit butterfly in the distance, and then shouted very bachelor. Said, “I surrender”.

This actually made William stunned, and his mind restored the squeezed and deformed armor and helmet on Magneto. Curiously asked, “Why?”

“You didn’t kill Stormgirl They, at least show that you do not discriminate against us,” Magneto said frankly, “Mutant survival requires people like me to be evil.

Plus you didn’t kill me in the first place, it means I’m Still useful.

Since there is a basis for cooperation, my death will not make mutants live better, but will be worse. It is better to listen to what you want me to do.

If the conditions are not harsh, why do you want to die if you can live?”

William, who was hesitant at first, was just laughed when he heard this, so he deliberately released the blue space ability and put the space imprint into Magneto’s within the body.

“Don’t even think of ruining this World. For other things, I will find you when necessary.

Of course, unless a mutant has an enemy with me, I will not Will let you do things that threaten mutants, OK?”

Magnemagnet thought for a while and nodded, “This condition is not harsh, but the premise is that you can prevent the apocalypse.”

“hmph”, William coldly snorted, “He is actually better than you.”

After that, no matter how surprised and puzzled Magneto was, the silhouette disappeared in Cairo and appeared directly in William-Stranger, hidden outside the secret base in the dam.

Entering the invisible spaceship, seeing the Qin that William rushed over was greatly relaxed.

There is nothing wrong with letting her inexperienced kill the werewolves, but if she goes deep into the enemy to rescue people, Qin doesn’t have much confidence in her heart.

If Stranger threatened Hank’s safety again, she didn’t know what to do.

William put his arms around his neck and almost hung the piano on his body. Before the chick took the opportunity to kiss him, “Okay, okay, let’s save the three Hank. After the trouble of Apocalypse, I will take you to drive a yacht for a few days at sea.”

I thought that Qin would be shy when he heard this. Didn’t expect the chick got agitated, and immediately pressed her lips. While William was stunned, her heart could not help but get angry.

Separate a magic Avatar, enter Stregg’s base, and then hug it. After seeing the Avatar appear and disappeared, I feel relieved at the same time, I don’t plan to just let go and jump after just a few scents. The piano on his waist.

While the two are exercising in the spaceship, the magic Avatar enters the base in stealth, hovering above the passage and flying, looking for the special magnetic field data in William’s memory that can inhibit the mutant’s superpowers.

After looking around, after copying dozens of computers with the sentinel material, William had to control the sentinel material and enter the special place where Hank, Alex and Mora were held. In the cell.

After a confinement curse anchored the soldiers in the cell, the three Hank were transported away. A large amount of sentry materials turned into a mercury-like liquid, covering the entire special cell, copying all the equipment in the cell.

Only one minute, a complete drawing appears in the database on Sunday.

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