Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1492

The special magnetic field data for restraining mutants was obtained. Under William’s control, the sentry materials began to build a special prison made entirely of sentry materials.

When the trap specially prepared for the Apocalypse was built, he brought Charles’s magic Avatar, which was teleporting incessantly, and a teleporter came to the trap, quietly waiting for the Apocalypse that had been chasing.

As soon as the Magic Avatar appeared in the unique purple portal of Apocalypse, he released a magic shield to wrap himself, and when he talked to the unknown Charles, he shouted, “Wait, we can talk.”

Charles looked up in amazement and looked at the Avatar who was exactly like William.

I have been chasing the Apocalypse for more than ten minutes. As soon as he appeared, he wanted to release the attack. When he heard the words of the magic Avatar, no matter how angry, he could not catch anyone because he chased hundreds of times, subconsciously. Just want to hear what Avatar wants to say.

In addition, the shocked expression on Charles’s face did not seem to be a fake, Tianqi suddenly relaxed his guard.

But he stopped, besides the special magnetic field built by the sentry material, another Avatar pressed the switch to turn on the magnetic field for the first time,

“buzz, buzz, buzz”,

One after another invisible magnetic wave, using the energy crystal as the sentinel material for energy, instantly emits a magnetic field that is hundreds of times stronger than Striger’s.


As soon as Apocalypse appeared in the magnetic field and understood the danger, his eyes finally noticed where he was, which was a closed space, and immediately wanted to release energy to destroy the prison.

It can be hundreds of times stronger to suppress the magnetic field, directly suppressing the strength of Apocalypse dozens of times, Mind Power Storm only penetrates the body for one meter, and the full-powered magnetic field compresses Mind Power back to the body of Apocalypse .

And without waiting for him to explode with his own energy again, the magical Avatar three meters away rushed up, appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye, and then shook his fist and punched him in the face.

Hit by this fist that can easily penetrate the iron plate, Apocalypse was immediately disrupted in energy output, and then he was greeted by a storm-like fist.

Furthermore, Apocalypse, who was instantly knocked out, didn’t notice his feet at all.

William, who discovered that the magnetic field would not restrain the sentry material, controlled the sentry material to attach to the legs of the apocalypse a little bit, and then set him in place amidst the horrified roar of the apocalypse.

Ignoring the fist, Tianqi grabbed the sentry material with both hands as if torn off, but when his hands touched the sentry material like mercury, the mercury-like liquid followed his hands and moved towards Spread on his arm.

Moreover, the Magic Avatar saw Apocalypse distracted, and immediately stood a few meters away and released all kinds of negative magic, such as slowness, weakness, petrification, confusion, imprisonment, etc., don’t throw all money at Apocalypse. Body.

The state has fallen drastically, is unable to concentrate, and even some groggy apocalypse, this is really frightened, regardless of the unreserved release of thought power, and various offensive abilities, burst out from the body Shocking sentry materials.

Unfortunately, although he can disperse a lot of sentry materials, the sentry that fell on the ground quickly merged into the ground and continued to spread to him.

A few seconds later, the Apocalypse, which was completely wrapped, not only couldn’t move, but was also connected to the entire sentry prison.

People are temporarily restricted in their ability to move, and the rest is simple, no matter how he releases the suppressed William’s thought power, or other super powers,

As long as the coverage cannot be broken The sentinel material that lives in him has to face the energy other than thought force and spirit strength absorbed by the sentinel material, and wind, fire, and electricity absorbed by the sentinel, which will react on him and become weaker and weaker. If you are trapped, you will be stronger.

As for Charles, who was sitting in a suspended wheelchair, he was already shocked.

Suppressing the magnetic field also restrained his psychic power, and listening to the apocalypse was angry, unwilling, and then, over time, turned into anxious, frightened roars and roars, Charles’s scruples against William suddenly Unlimited height.

In his heart, he thought that the existence of Apocalypse could easily ravage him, even if it was weaker than William, it would never be like this.

Without William’s action, he would be caught in front of him. It was dark and completely suppressed by something like mercury.

What made him even more frightened was that William set up traps so arduously, was it just that he was only concerned about his own safety and didn’t want to use his own tricks to defeat the apocalypse?

But before he could ask, he was sent back to School X by the Magic Avatar.

“God”, looking at the familiar woods and meadows, Charles turned a blind eye to the bombed school castle. He didn’t understand that William wanted to capture the apocalypse.

And if it’s just a prisoner and control of Apocalypse, it’s okay to say, in case William can absorb countless mutants’ superpowers and the ability to transfer consciousness in hitting Apocalypse, that mutant’s disaster, and even the danger of being nurtured. Not far away.

Charles, who was extremely worried and scared in his heart, was about to do something, but suddenly realized that he couldn’t do anything after leaving the brain wave intensifier.

And it seems that even if there is a brain wave intensifier, it will not affect William.

Damn it.

Charles’ annoyed and discouraged forehead sweats, and his heartbeat speeds up.

However, after forcing himself to calm down, Charles suddenly reacted. Since he cannot force William by his strength, he can only be soft.

Friendship, affection, sympathy, and other means of tenderness, as long as they are useful, use them all.

For an instant, he thought of the magical girl Ruiwen and Qin-Grey, and even wondered whether he would find more beautiful and insulting mutant women after the brainwave enhancement device was rebuilt. , And then introduced to William?

It is best to give birth to a bunch of mutant children.

If this matter is known to William, he will probably laughed a few times and play it as a friendly match.

On the side of the secret dam, after limiting the Apocalypse, William was still worried about integrating the ice attribute sentry Battle Armor into the sentry prison.

Energy absorption, magnetic field suppression, and freezing into a huge ice ball can be regarded as truly controlling the apocalypse, and then the magic Avatar holding the sentry prison and teleporting to the fire star base of the mutant world.

At the same time, on the fire star, a magnetic field suppression dungeon that is a hundred times more powerful than the sentry prison was quickly formed in the construction of thousands of engineering robots.

Apocalypse’s consciousness transfer ability must be acquired. Even if he doesn’t use it at this time, the ghost knows that he can use it the next day. Moreover, Apocalypse has the same self-healing ability as the Vajra wolf. it works.

The guy Stregg studied that many mutants, and he can come up with a small deadpool with teleportation, laser eyes, self-healing, and Edman metal skeleton. He doesn’t believe it. I couldn’t study the appropriate and harmless superpowers in Apocalypse.

When the time comes, even if he doesn’t use it himself, he can use it for his own Mother, Abigail, and Jesse after countless experiments and when he is sure there is no problem.

It was even used in the army of Olympus Divine Realm.

Only self-healing can greatly enhance the battle strength of the Divine Realm army. Of course, not everyone is eligible for superpowers.

It can be regarded as a reward for military exploits and loyalty to gather the hearts of Divine Realm.

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