Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1493

After getting the apocalypse, William, who is working out with Qin on the spaceship, puts his mind on how to exercise.

As the warm-up exercise was over, and when he took off his jacket and pants and entered the official competition, after William hit the green with a shot, when the competition became more and more anxious, the power of Phoenix within the body suddenly rioted. Drill into William within the body.

Damn, I was trapped tightly like a Qin octopus. The two sides were William with a negative distance. It was too late to leave.

Fortunately these days, I have thought about it, he who wants to contact or even absorb the power of Phoenix, when the power of Phoenix enters the body and feels that there is not much problem, he will not resist and beware of coming from his body. the power of.

As soon as he accepted the power of Phoenix, in the deep and distant universe of the mutant world, a huge group of Phoenix power shining with rainbow colors all the time, suddenly turned around like being attracted by something , Rushed straight beyond Earth.

Furthermore, William, who was receiving the power of Phoenix, also felt the presence of this power in the dark. He suddenly looked up towards the ceiling of the spaceship, and his sight was exactly where the power of Phoenix flew.

Jin, who was enjoying running and fighting on the ground in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition, unsatisfiedly covered William’s cheek with his hands and complained, “Run, our game is not over yet, can’t we stop? “

William, who had a feeling in the heart, jogged and said with a smile happily, “OK, OK, don’t beg for mercy after a while.”

“I’m not afraid of you”, Qin smiled and released a holy light blessing and healing to himself. While raising his full strength by 2 layers, it also relieves soreness and physical exertion.

Hmph, William turned his mouth crooked, and quickly quickened his pace and ran quickly.

“Asshole, you asshole, you won’t be notified when you start.”

Soon spaceship is full of heavy breathing sounds of intense fitness, and how can the piano improve its physical strength, relieve fatigue, and continuously release gain magic, but in terms of real physical strength, where is better than physical fitness The unsolvable William.

After only half an hour, I couldn’t run. I gave up gasping for breath and said to stop and rest for a while.

William showed the winner’s smile and slowed down. When he walked forward slowly, what made him strange is that no matter how much Phoenix power he absorbed from Qin,

Qin was She didn’t notice it at all, but she didn’t seem to lose the power of Phoenix within the body.

The power of Phoenix, which seems to have entered William within the body, is using the piano as a receiver, which is transmitted to William from unknown places.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, I suddenly felt that this was fine.

If Qin doesn’t know, it means you don’t need to explain to her, otherwise this little girl might think about William approaching and caring about her, the purpose is Phoenix’s power.

And now, William can use the same Phoenix power he had in the morning, or else it is impossible to teach piano magic knowledge and spirit strength cultivation methods.

As for why the power of Phoenix has not been revealed before, I can use myself who has mastered countless magic, and there is no need to use the power of Phoenix to confront the enemy.

William, who was very happy in his heart, let the Qin rest for a few minutes, then played the Qin again and started running, but didn’t know that in the main world, a purple silhouette was hiding. In a huge spaceship in the universe, Plunderer hired by him reported that,

A star thief spaceship hired by Plunderer has been connected to Loki who fled to the dark elf world.

The whole body is purple, but the overall body shape is a bit like a Spirit Physique hirer, his voice changes, and he sent Plunderer a recording to Loki without showing up, and then told Plunderer to say,

“Take Loki to the underworld of Asgard, and I will transfer your rewards directly to you.”

After the inter-galactic communication is closed, five large boxes containing a full 50,000 energy crystals appear out of thin air in Plunderer’s spaceship.

Plunderer, who received the final payment, was overjoyed thinking that although this transaction was extremely risky, a full 100,000 energy crystals were enough for them to retire directly.

Then he took Loki’s Star Pirate spaceship, and after receiving their final payment and orders, he began to prepare for Space Jump and enter the underworld of Asgard.

If William sees the Purple Spirit Physique, he will startled to shout “Thanksgiving”.

And if you think about it a little bit, you will probably regret that when you go to the world in 2025 for the first time, why just look at Thanos from the unknown plane?

2014 timeline The soul is absorbed by the soul gem, instead of directly destroying the soul of Thanos.

Even destroy the soul gem of the unknown plane whose time passes ten times faster than the main plane.

Otherwise, Thanos, who was locked in the soul gem, would not have a chance to kill the red skull that guarded the soul gem.

Then he got out of the gem and took over the duties of the Red Skull.

It took another thirty years to find a way to escape from the control of the gem by using the soul gem seeker, not to mention the gem.

By using the weirdness of soul gems, I found the other five gems step by step, and also breached the Kamar-Taj of the world.

Learning magic, like Doctor Strange, use the power of time gems to find the first world in 2025 on the timeline and enter the Eagle Eye and Black Widow where Spirit Physique is located.

Then follow Hawkeye and Black Widow to find the first 2025 plane.

And the ancient one of the main world where William is, because he is worried about the world in 2025, there will be troubles without six wireless gems,

plus those who really want to remove the Paragon Sorcerer Position, put the responsibility on William, and leave the plane of 2025.

Although Gu Yi has gone to another world, she will return to the main world once a month for the first few years,

until it is confirmed that William is in the position of Paragon Sorcerer, although She didn’t do very much, and she was not responsible, but with absolute strength, the dark forces did not dare to invade the main world.

Gu Yi only changed the number of times back to the main world to once a year. Look twice.

And this gave Spirit Physique the opportunity to take advantage of the six infinite gems, without Gu Yi noticing it, following her to find the world where William is located.

However, after entering the main world, Spirit Physique Thanos did not rush to seek revenge from William.

He knew very well that he had six infinite gems and infinite gloves from other planes in his hand, and William also had these in his hand. Not to mention, there are allies like Odin and Asgard behind him.

So, in the six months since he came to the main world, the first thing he did was to collect information, and then he made a plan to rescue Loki.

And in order not to be noticed by William and Odin, Thanos has also spent a little time to make money, rob and kill his mouth.

Use one hundred thousand energy crystals, just pay to find it, Except for Plunderer, who didn’t touch the child, it took four months to finally rescue Loki from Asgard.

Also asked Plunderer to tell Loki that he wanted to avenge Odin, Sol and Asgard, only to rescue Hela who was sealed by Odin in the underworld of Asgard.

The result was the same as he thought. William didn’t go to hunt down Loki for the first time, but Loki went to rescue Hela. Odin was also impossible to suspect Thanos.

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