Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1494

When the two siblings join forces to deal with Odin and Asgard, Spirit Physique Thanos will go to the fire giant Sulter.

Once the executor of Asgard’s All Gods turn to Dusk, Surtel, he gets the Fire of Eternal placed in Odin’s treasury.

Even if Asgard could survive in the end, Odin and Thor, father and son, were under the attack of Hela, Loki, and the fire giant that suddenly broke out in the dark. Maybe it just fell.

Even if Odin didn’t fall, he was immortal and crippled after a great battle, Asgard would not spare any effort to assist William.

If William takes someone to support Asgard during the battle of Asgard, and Thanos hiding in the dark, there will be a chance for a sneak attack.

Even Thanos feels that whether it’s a sneak attack, Odin or William, as long as he successfully wounds one, he can use the six gems in his hand before William uses the infinite gems.

, Destroying the gems in William’s hand, even if all the gems are perish together, it is not a loss.

After all, he feels that he will add Shanghai La, and he will not lose William and Odin at all.

And the minions and so on, as long as there are enough energy crystals, some are Plunderer or other star thief, willing to take the risk of attacking Asgard for money.

Even in a tailwind battle, the destructive power of the Star Pirates is stronger than that of regular troops.

As for Sol and Asgard’s other shrines.

Think about Thanos. At this time, Thor has only Thor’s Hammer, so he didn’t take Thor seriously.

Furthermore, he hid for two years in the first world in 2025, waiting for the ancient one to return to the world. He used his spare time to know what happened in the past of that world.

It’s not too simple to control an ordinary person like Colonel Roddy, the War Machine with Infinite Gems.

Moreover, among the superheroes that Roddy can touch, there is no intersection with Sorcerer simply, so there is no need to worry about being seen that Roddy’s memory has gone wrong.

So, after knowing all the big battles of Thanos in 2025, he knew that Hela was sealed in the underworld, and only then could he think of using the Rocky sisters and brothers to deal with the father and son of Odin and Sol.

If it weren’t for the movie world in 2025, Odin’s brother Odin did not jump out to make trouble, Thanos would definitely go to the underworld to release the god of fear, Kur.

And if Kul was released and Asgard was really destroyed, Kul, who had absorbed countless fears, would be 100% against Thanos who thought of destroying the world.

After all, Kuhl is like Mephisto’s Demon Gods, whose source of power is fear.

Thanos is smashing the job of hell and the abyss.

After the ignorant William and Jean-Grey finished the game, after the tired hu hu fell asleep, he took the time to look at the family in Divine Realm in Olympus. How did it go, and then through staring at Loki’s magic Avatar, he paid attention to Loki for a while.

After learning that the spaceship Loki was travelling in was to the Asgard underworld, his first thought was that Loki wanted to release Hela.

But after this thought surprised him at first, he didn’t feel too surprised.

It is certain that there is a black hand behind Loki, and since that black hand can rescue Loki, it is not surprising to William to know Hela.

But William didn’t expect anyhow, Black Hand is the Thanos of the other world, and it is still a Thanos who was killed once.

It’s just speculation that there are opposition forces within Asgard, or that Odin and Kool, the serpent, whom he mentioned a few years ago, were secretly involved.

Since it is an internal rebellion in Asgard, once the rebellion really forms, after helping Odin and Sol, the probability of pushing Angela to the top is very high.

Catch or not catch Loki?

But when he thought of the huge Phoenix power in the universe, moving quickly to Mutant Earth, William planned to absorb the Phoenix power first.

After all, the time flow speed of the mutant world and the main world is 10 to 1. In case one is inattentive in the main world, if the Phoenix power in the universe can’t find him, it is likely to be The piano attracts.

And if he has the double insurance of infinite gems and the power of Phoenix, plus he is an extraordinary magic Sorcerer, he is still a magic Sorcerer with a recovery speed of 1% in one second, probably not in the future Man can threaten him in the main world.

Thinking of this, I could not help but put my arms around Qin-Grey to sleep.

Several hours later, William, who woke up, looked at Loki through his magical identity as usual, and watched the spaceship still sailing in the universe, and it would take more than 20 hours to arrive. Sgarde Underworld,

He calculated in his heart that he would be fine if he stayed in the mutant world for seven or eight days.

Holding the piano washing and changing into new clothes, one teleported back to School X.

As soon as the two appeared, Charles saw Qin’s expression, and he was darkly cursed first, then he was happy in his heart.

No need to ask, just look at Qin’s affectionate expression, and the hand that has been holding William’s arm and will not let go, you will know that the two have become entangled.

If in the past he would still accuse William, it can be seen that William used the sentinel robot to capture the Apocalypse. Charles would like to wish that Jean was pregnant with William’s child at this time.

Just as he was about to say something, Charles suddenly frowned. After William found out, he smiled and said, “Are you free, let’s talk?”

Jin heard this Then, without asking more questions, he lipated and said “yacht” to William, and walked aside to help Hank and the others sort out the ruins of the destroyed castle.

William knew in his heart that Qin was reminding him that after the matter of the apocalypse was over, the two of them sailed out on a yacht together.

Charles looked at Qin leaving with some apologetic eyes, then looked up at William and asked, “Apocalypse…”.

“Don’t worry, that guy definitely won’t have a chance to come out and make trouble again.”

Looking at Charles who was hesitant to talk, William smiled and said, “I’m not interested in the strange abilities of Apocalypse, and not to mention that I have lived for 10,000 years. Very confident.

There are also various schools of magic, various wizard incantions, and technological means combined, which are definitely more than he can, and even the spiritual power that Apocalypse wants to get, I will also.

To catch him alive is nothing more than to value the ability to transfer consciousness, and not for myself, but just in case. After all, I also have feelings, and I also care about relatives and lovers.”

“That’s good”.

Although Charles doesn’t know what William said true or false, he can only assume that William is telling the truth.

Then said with a teasing expression, “If I were you, take the piano and leave for a few days, so as not to run into the Riven who just came back.”

William didn’t know the meaning of these words yet, and he immediately sensed the space imprint on the devil’s body, and soon knew that Riven was in a taxi a few kilometers away.

Spirit strength swept over, but unexpectedly saw a nightcrawler with dark blue skin, sharp teeth, sharp mouths, and a long pointed tail for the devil behind him.

According to the comics, this guy is the son of the Devil and the Red Devil. Although it is not mentioned in the movie, it still makes William feel a little bit angry.

As soon as the mind power was activated, he grabbed some somersault from the nightcrawler’s head a few kilometers away, teleported it back and used the portal to hand it over to Sunday to compare it with Raven’s DNA.

As for Raven’s DNA, William has collected her normal haircuts since she got together with the Devil Girl.

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