Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1495

William, who was waiting for the DNA test results to come out on Sunday, called Qin back and looked at Charles and said, “You have to level the ruins of the castle and the bombed basement, and then prepare enough Building materials.

When I return from a trip with Qin, use super powers to help you rebuild the castle.”

“Then it is very good,” Charles was nodded with joy, “I am also worried that the castle, which is used as a teaching area and accommodation, will take years to rebuild.”

After that, Charles lowered his head and thought for a while, “Preparing materials and leveling the land can be done in about ten days. The students and I are waiting for your return.”

“Well,” William was holding the piano hand nodded, and then a transfer appeared in New York City.

I found a Michelin restaurant and ate a big meal while waiting for Sunday to build a yacht that fits this era.

Two hours later, the Sunday Meeting reported that “SIR, the 41-meter yacht has been built.

The identity of the yacht, the docking lease of the New York Marina, has also been booked by phone , And transferred the rent for three years.

You only need to dock the yacht at the pier and sign a letter. The specific contract will be handled by a special lawyer.”

“Very good”.

William walked around the streets of New York with the piano in his hand after checking out.

I bought a lot of drinks, food, and daily necessities, and put all the clothes in the storage space. When the sky gradually darkened, the two of them transported to the sea off New York and released the yacht.

William is in charge of sailing to the pier more than ten kilometers away to do registration, and Qin cleans up what William took out of the storage space.

Twenty minutes later, the yacht stopped at the pier. William saw from a distance that several men in suits were standing under the street lights waiting for him on the pier dedicated to large yachts.

Parking the yacht, William stood in the rest area on the 2-Layer deck, beckons with the hand facing the people on the dock.

Five men in suits hesitated a few times before getting on the yacht. A man in his forties bowed slightly and said hello, “Good evening, Mr. Devonshire, we are lawyers from Hans Law Firm.

We are hired by you to handle the docking, maintenance and maintenance of this yacht”.

After that, Hans took out a document, “You only need to sign the document, and we will talk to the terminal for the rest.”

“Very well”, William laughed and took the pen, scanned the side file, thought for a while, and signed the name of Qin after he was sure there was no problem.

“This yacht is called Phoenix. It is a gift from my girlfriend.” After that, William pointed to the simple table in the rest area, “This is a gift you have waited for me for more than an hour, but in the future If I am not satisfied, the gift will only be this time.”

Hans looked at a small palm-size wooden box on the table. When he opened it curiously, he saw 50 golden-bright and dazzling Gold Coins inside.

William said in the shocked and happy eyes of Hans and the others, “Well, go ahead with you, gentlemen.”

50 Devonshire Gold Coins, according to the mutants’ 85-year market, it is about 30,000 US dollars.

This little money is not in William’s eyes at all, but it will definitely make three lawyers and two Chief-In-Charge happy for several days. After all, gold is more valuable than paper money of the same value. Heartbeat.

In the future, matters concerning Phoenix and William or piano will definitely be handled first and perfect.

After playing in the sea for a few days, in the middle of the night, William and Qin were playing deep diving and hide-and-seek games in the sea. Suddenly, a strong calling sound appeared in William’s heart.

The legs slid a few times and rushed from the seabed to the surface. William stared at the space for a few moments.

Although I couldn’t see anything specific, it was still clear He felt that it was the Phoenix power that had moved from the depths of the universe, calling for himself.

Just about to rush into the sky, a mermaid-like violin appeared behind him, attached to his back, with his hands still wrapped around his chest, “You shamelessly, William, it’s your turn to find me in the sea Secretly came out to take a breath”

William touched the full circle behind Qin with his backhand, then turned around and scented her mouth a few times, “I’m going to do something, are you waiting for me on the yacht or going back to X school?”


“Of course I am waiting for you here on the yacht”, Qin licked his lips with blurred eyes, and put the big car light in front of him on William’s chest, “What else is more important than me now?”

William’s heart was hot, but he just grinned and didn’t take any next step. “Sorry, Jin, something has gone wrong in space.

I feel a huge energy, and I am going to Earth quickly Moving here, even after one minute, you can see the energy with naked eye.

If you don’t deal with it in time, the whole world will report indiscriminately tomorrow.”

“Then I will go too.” When I heard that something went wrong in space, Qin put his arms around William’s neck. Under a single thought, the nano close-fitting inner armor on the neck was activated. Wrap her.

Unfortunately, William is not only worried that the piano will absorb more Phoenix’s power, it will be unable to control the runaway, but he is thinking about swallowing Phoenix’s power alone, where he will go to space with the piano.

“You wait for me on the yacht with peace of mind, or help me make a midnight snack. After ten minutes, I will get the energy, and I will have the energy to accompany you with your fitness after eating and drinking.”

“Okay”, seeing William refused for the second time, Qin was no longer arrogant and had to go to space with him.

Walking on the yacht holding the piano, the two of them dilly-dallying incense more than a dozen times, and William only teleported into space, staring at the distant, dark space, a colorful The light group is moving quickly toward him.

After ten seconds, a group of huge colored Phoenix power with a diameter of at least one kilometer appeared in front of him.

When things came to an end, William did not hesitate to release the Phoenix power from the piano, linking it with the Phoenix power in space,

“hong” , The spirit strength in William’s head slammed into full force, resisting and assimilating the spiritual power carried by Phoenix’s power, as well as all kinds of good and bad emotional energy.

“Hiss,,”, as more and more energy, assimilated and anxious by his spirit strength, entered his within the body, William’s head couldn’t help but begin to bulge.

Moreover, his sentry, Battle Armor, has a tendency to absorb these negative emotions when he is also worried about negative emotions.

This will not work.

William knew without even thinking about it that once a sentinel Battle Armor with all negative emotions was born, it might produce all dark energy and pure dark intelligence with all kinds of destruction and killing emotions.

In an instant, he collected the sentry on his body, together with the six infinite gems, into the storage space, barely resisting the impact of massive energy.

In a few seconds, one after another gilt energy appeared on his body, causing skin cracks.

Fortunately, the power of Phoenix also represents the storage container and ruler of life. Once a crack in William’s body appears, it will heal automatically in a few seconds.

Furthermore, with his own spirit strength, the more Phoenix power he absorbs and assimilates, the spirit strength soars, and his strength also increases rapidly.

I improved all the way to the strength bottleneck. When the spirit strength tried to break through, it slowly settled down because of the absorption of Phoenix’s power.

For an instant, William felt that he had never been more comfortable, never felt so powerful.

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