Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1496

Even William had a faint feeling in his heart that even if he wanted to create a wise life out of thin air, it would not be too difficult.

However, unless as a last resort, to create life, he would rather create humans with his own women than create a smart creature that does not know what trouble it will cause.

Close your eyes and feel the power of Phoenix and its influence on your own thinking. As he gets deeper into his own mind, the more he can feel all kinds of emotions are increasing.

Whether it’s love, justice, friendliness or irritability, greed, and desires are all increasing. Fortunately, the Sorcerer’s career for so many years has not only made him extremely strong in spirit strength, but also very good at not letting himself go bad. Think about it.

The most direct manifestation is that William prefers to use the power of holy light, which makes people feel hypocritical, and rarely uses the power of darkness.

This means that his thinking of removing evil from good has long been integrated into his deep consciousness.

Moreover, some desires are actually easy to release. A single thought appeared on the yacht, and the piano was frying steak, and he felt like he was being hugged tightly from behind.

When a familiar breath came into her nose, it was probably the mutual attraction of Phoenix’s power. Within a few seconds, Qin couldn’t help but want to have an in-depth exchange.

Turn around and put his arms around William’s neck without the slightest hesitation, and stick to each other on tiptoes.

After a while, the yacht was full of rough noises produced by intense running, and with the ebbing of time, the Phoenix power on the two people actually began to entangle, collide, and confuse each other.

Wait for the two powers of Phoenix to be entirely different, but you and me, and me and you are entangled, and Qin can’t help but sing high notes with excitement.

A huge shock wave swept across the sea all around through the yacht.

After ten seconds, hundreds of fishes in the sea turned out white belly and floated on the sea, and more sea creatures, like encountering inevitable natural enemies, Get away from the yacht in a panic.

After more than an hour, William, who was running vigorously, finally stopped breathing comfortably, and the two Phoenix powers also stopped, and each returned to the owner’s body.

After a few minutes, Qin was relieved of his breath, looking at William with a confused look with a rosy face, hesitated for a while before asking quietly,

“William, why are you There is also the power of Phoenix in the body?”

William, who has had a belly case for a long time, smiled and said with eyes opened, “Otherwise, why would I find your house ten years ago?

Why can I be promoted to the extraordinary with only one-tenth of their time and one-hundredth of the time compared to other Divine Kings?

And you have only used ten years, and you have been better than Charles. Level 5 veteran mutant?

In magic, it can also reach the level of Kamar-Taj’s battle Sorcerer, which will take dozens, or even hundreds of years, to reach the level of the higher demon Sorcerer?”

In response to these rhetorical questions, Qin was taken aback for a moment, and then said to himself, “Do you mean that the power of Phoenix can speed up the cultivation speed?”

“Of course”, William nodded, “Phoenix power represents the heart and spirit, and even the power of life. The stronger the spirit strength, the easier it is to learn magic”.

After saying this, William faintly felt that it was probably because of Phoenix’s power to overtake time and space, and his understanding of time and space seemed to have risen to a level.

Now even if you don’t use space gems, you can travel through dimensions and return to the main world with your own power.

2nd day, in the Kathmandu of the mutant world, William and Qin wore two sets of hoods and walked freely in this ancient city with hundreds of years of history.

It wasn’t until after dark that he brought the piano to a remote mountain with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. During the dark, he released a large number of engineering robots and the buildings prepared on Sunday in the past few days. material.

For three consecutive nights, a manor house in ancient Chinese style covering an area of ​​3,000 square meters. Quietly erected on the white snow peak.

In the early morning of the fourth day, William, who got up early, walked outside the manor alone with his hands on his back, standing on the edge of a cliff, watching a gentle slope connecting to the mountainside not far away,

I thought about building a ladder to the foot of the mountain, and that route would be more labor-saving and simple.

Flying suspended in the air, the spirit strength scanned the mountain and the surrounding environment back and forth. After the route was finally determined, William’s silhouette appeared outside the manor.

Phoenix’s power is released. As he walks, the rocks within ten meters in front of him are like piles of snow meeting sunlight. The rocks dissipate into dust and are swept away, leaving behind a ten meters long, three meters wide, and half a meter wide.

Walking down step by step, the ladder leads to the mountainside a little bit at the same time, on the surrounding mountains, one after another occult array was carved by William. Unless you are away from ten meters, you can’t see it. This mountain ladder.

And this kind of deserted snow peak, let alone people, even animals are very few.

Walking all the way to the foot of the mountain, William didn’t stop. Instead, he floated up to take up the power of Phoenix, and used Earth Element magic to change the rocky land at the foot of the mountain at will, creating an ordinary road open to traffic, extending To ten kilometers away.

Only in a valley five kilometers away from a real road, did the magic stop.

Looking at the valley plains made of stones outside the valley, William suddenly felt that he wanted to learn magic, and it’s better to ask Scholar to walk in.

Turn around and fly back, then every one kilometer At that time, a river of five or six meters wide was created. Unless a tank is driven, no car can pass through a valley full of rocks.

After doing this, William was thinking about where to find a good magic apprentice with innate talent.

Then he thought again, simply replace all Kamar-Taj’s borrowing objects with his own magic, so as not to be like Trinity Weishandi, or Domam, and find a mutant person. surface.

The incantation of the wizards of England does not require that many requirements. According to the level and contribution of the magic Sorcerer, the teaching is divided into ten levels.

On the day when discussing with Qin, William will check Loki who is flying to the underworld of Asgard every ten hours of Mutant World, which is one hour of Lord World.

I saw this guy probably just got off the spaceship, looking at the gray underworld with his eyes hesitantly, and struggling in his heart whether to release the elder sister Hela he had never met before.

After all, Loki is not stupid. He can be sealed up by Odin regardless of his kinship. Can he be a good person, a good stubborn?

Not to mention the existence of Odin Seala, which has to be erased from Asgard. It all means that Hela is an extreme danger.

In case Hela was released and Hela retaliated against Odin, but in the end Hela was allowed to sit on the throne, then wouldn’t Loki make a wedding dress for someone?

Don’t release Hella, let alone revenge, even just and honorable appearing in the sun is impossible.

Once Heimdall finds his trace, he will face endless hunts, even hunts.

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