Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1497

Loki thought for a long time in the underworld of Asgard before gritting his teeth and thinking to himself, “I have two paths now, or I will give up revenge on Odin and hide in the universe. Stay far away from Asgard, so as not to be hunted around.

Or you can only contact people who have hatred and grudges with Odin and overthrow Odin’s rule together.

As for myself, Hela will be the king of Asgard in the future, that is the future.”

After making up his mind, Loki began to search for the sealed Hela, where is the seal in the underworld.

But Asgard’s underworld is said to be underworld, but in fact it is also a planet, and will be regarded as Land of Sealing by Odin, only because this planet has living conditions, but it is too barren. , The climate is not suitable for ordinary people.

So, it is not so easy to find a magic Land of Sealing in a planet.

I have searched for three days without any clues, while the main world is three days, and the mutant world is 30 days.

William was playing around with a piano that was so sticky to him, he also paid attention to some children who have magic innate talent.

However, he did not directly take these children to Kamar-Taj in this World,

Instead, he told them about the Northern Part of City in Kathmandu, 26 On a mountain peak a kilometer away, there is a Secret Realm called Kamar-Taj, where you can learn legendary magic.

Every child he looked pleasing to the eye, dragged his dream for three consecutive days, and then left the drones for surveillance and escort, and the Kun-style spaceship carrying combat robots on standby.

Then leave ten magic avatars in Kathmandu to act as guides.

And the new Kamar-Taj also has a magic Avatar as a magic teacher, as well as a magic item of the first grade in the magic scripture in the piano hand, which serves as a teaching carrier for magic and incantion.

As for those child believing or not, whether to go or not, it is up to them to decide.

Anyway, the battle robots that William left behind can’t deal with Magneto. It’s not too simple to deal with werewolves, human baddies and so on.

Furthermore, the Black Blade drones are all equipped with bullets, and the spider robots are more capable of discharging and use sharp claws to assassinate them.

After another month, three days in the main world, Loki finally found out where Hela was sealed.

But he didn’t do it right away. After all, Odin personally sealed this place. Once there is a change, it would be nice to break the seal the first time.

Maybe it happened to unite with Hela to fight against Odin, who came in an emergency.

And if the seal cannot be destroyed for a while, wait for Odin to lead a large number of elite Asgardian warriors and ride on the rainbow to arrive in an instant,

encircle him and Hela Hit hard.

Good luck, you don’t need to die, but you will definitely be locked up in a more tightly guarded prison.

Loki, who has been imprisoned for five years, would rather die than go back to Asgard and go to jail.

So, it took him several days to let the star thief who sent him to the underworld of Asgard to summon a lot of interstellar mercenaries who worked hard for their lives, but he concealed what he wanted to deal with Asgard.

As for the energy crystal, this has to thank William for his healing charm.

A few years ago, he was in charge of Asgard’s healing charm before he united with the Frost Giants to overthrow Odin’s rule.

After the incident was revealed, he stole tens of thousands of healing charms when he escaped from Asgard, and now some are energy crystals.

With enough money, he himself prepared a lot of weapons and equipment, and when he felt that he was foolproof, he began to really break the seal.

When he did it, Odin in Asgard’s Golden Palace frowned.

With a stretched hand, Eternal Spear and the God Armor “Destroyer” who had been guarding in Odin’s treasury walked out of the hidden seal formation and instantly teleported to the Golden Palace to attach to Odin.

Under the Golden Palace throne, a group of Asgard high-level officials saw this, but they didn’t understand that this matter was a big deal.

For more than a thousand years, Odin, except for Eternal Spear, held in his hand, simply never used the’Destroyer’ Battle Armor.

Sol also stretched out his hand and called Thor’s Hammer, and asked with a serious face, “father, did he find Loki’s trail? Or did he collude with him?”

Odin is satisfied with nodded, it seems that these years of experience have finally achieved some results.

Not only is Saul less stupid, but he also prefers to use his head.

“We are going to London now and must notify William.”

It’s not that Odin feels that he can’t surrender Hela. Over the past ten years, he has been using the magic nectar provided by William.

Lifespan is increased by ten years a year, that is Hundreds of years of vitality have restored Odin not to mention the heyday, at least to 7-Layer at the peak.

But if he defeated Hela on his own, this decade of recovery would be wasted, and even perish together would be possible.

Since the daughter and son-in-law are strong and they are a family, why don’t they all get on?

Moreover, with his knowledge of Loki, maybe when he and Thor hurried to the underworld, it was a trap that greeted them father and son.

Even if it is not a siege trap laid by a strong person, it must be a trap such as technology or magic explosion.

After all, it has been 7 days for Loki to escape, and Loki can escape, and Saul does not believe that there is no one behind the scenes.

And in these seven days, no one knew what Rocky and the people behind the scenes did to prepare.

Now that he is so blatantly attacking the seal and releasing the secret Hela hidden in Odin’s heart, Odin is impossible to think about.

This is also the scruples that he didn’t want to send Asgard fighters in the first place.

And what worries Odin the most is that if a large army goes out and the person behind the scenes is Asgard’s inner ghost, even if they win the final victory, they will directly shake their family’s against Asgard. The rule of Germany.

So, at this time, when I thought that Angela and William hadn’t really married yet, and the marriage was just a verbal agreement, Odin felt a little regretful and tricky.

Fortunately, Angela can use the many Divine Items in William’s hands at will. With these Divine Items, maybe Angela can handle Hela without having to do it himself.

Thinking of this, Odin thought to himself, “Even if William refuses to move, he must bring Angela with him, and it is better for Angela to bring William’s mechanical Legion, even crazy. War Demon Legion.

In these years, William, from the Silent Leader in Mephisto’s Territory, has convened mad warfare from time to time, which can conceal the ordinary person, but can not hide the extraordinary existence of Great Influence or Odin.

Calculating the number, William should have expanded the mad war demon Legion to one hundred thousand. With this undead Legion, who is not afraid of death and stronger than Asgardian fighters,

There is also the mechanical Legion that doesn’t care about battle damage, and Angela is the king of the Frost Giants, and the Frost Giants under him act as cannon fodder. Even if other forces intervene, the loss of Divine Realm will not be that big.’

Thinking of this, Odin’s brow furrowed even deeper.

The two major Legions plus William’s own strength have faintly surpassed his Divine King, and the thought of Zeus’s bull would abdicate, giving the position of Olympus Divine King to William, Austria Ding regretted not having her wedding to Angela earlier.

But the agreement that year made Odin unable to make up his mind. William officially married Angela, so Odin had to give Angela a retreat. After all, Saul was a son.

Although this agreement, William didn’t seem to care about it this year. He verbally said to marry Angela, but once Asgard’s Divine Realm has something, the ghost knows whether William will go back and take the agreement. Say something.

In exchange for the eight-legged god Maslebnir, he turned on his horse and felt the situation of the Hela seal. He felt that there was still some time. He did not use the Eternal Spear transmission function, but went to the Rainbow Bridge. Away.

After all, this kind of time can save a little divine force.

After a while, Odin father and son arrived at the Rainbow Bridge. Heimdall, who was notified by Odin, wanted to salute Odin and Sol.

Starting the Rainbow Bridge without any hesitation, without saying a word, a huge rainbow instantly connects to Folger Castle in London.

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