Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1498

As he walked into the Rainbow Bridge, Odin still hesitated for a few seconds, and used Eternal Spear to issue an order to summon the army, just in case there was an accident.

Then he said to Heimdall, “After the army is assembled, stand by outside.”

Heimdall is busy nodded, and respectfully said, “Understand, Your Majesty.”

When Odin and Saul showed their figures, Saul frowned and found that it was not Angela’s personal guard, the female assassin Evelyn Lazaro, who greeted their father and son.

Instead, hundreds of Asgardian warriors were armed with armor and armed.

These Asgard youngsters who followed Angela and came to Folger Castle, although they kneel down to pay respect when they see Odin and Saul,

Looking at their demeanor and the silhouette hidden all around, you know that these people have been vigilant, even in a state of combat readiness.

Odin sat on the god horse and asked four soldiers who were kneeling three meters away, “What happened?”

Four Hundred-men Commanders After looking at each other, they hesitated for a while before they nodded each other, and let the Hundred-men Commander with the highest status report.

“Your Majesty, I got a letter from Sol Prince ten days ago, saying that after Loki escaped , His Royal Highness Angela ordered the castle to be mobilized, fully armed and waiting for the order.

But after so many days, not only did Angela not come back, but also could not be contacted. What worries us is the Devonshire Manor in London. People also go to the building empty.

I only know that all the relatives under the crown of Devonshire, all took the spaceship disappeared ten days ago. At this time, London was almost messed up because of this.

Many Everyone wonders if there is a natural disaster about to come, and His Highness Devonshire took the family to abandon, abandon…”.

Sol was taken aback, and then he thought of what the people of England were worried about. This was because he was worried that William would abandon the people of Earth and run away with his family.

Before Saul laughed out, Odin sighed, “Could it be that Little Brat used big prophecy or time gems, what did he see in the future?”

Hearing this, Salton Shiyuan opened his eyes and looked at Odin with an incredible face.

“This is impossible, how could William be a deserter?” Thor shook his head. “He has that many industries on Earth, and he controls the third-tier economy of England. How could he try without trying? Run away with the family”.

Odin shook his head, “He is now Olympus, the new Divine King, and Zeus himself passed the throne, and he married Zeus’s two daughters, Athena and Artenis,

The legitimacy of the throne is unquestionable, coupled with his own strength, as well as the two Legions he has mastered, who can and dare to oppose him in Olympus.

There is a danger, of course. The family goes to Olympus.”

But this is also impossible, Odin shook his head immediately.

The six infinite gems and the infinite gloves are all in the hands of William. Who can stop the six gems in the real material world?

And the fact that William used six gems in the abyss is no secret where many Peaks exist.

I didn’t watch Domam from Dark Space. In the past few years, after Gu Yi retired from Paragon Sorcerer’s position, he didn’t even dare to hit Earth’s idea.

Thinking about this, Odin couldn’t help thinking weirdly, William became the Divine King, should Angela and the others go to see, see the Olympus god, or relax?

My heart suddenly relaxed. Since William didn’t run away, it means that the incident of Hela this time shouldn’t be a catastrophe affecting Asgard’s Nine Realms.

Or a disaster that William felt could not be solved.

Although Odin and Zeus are both Divine Kings, they have always disliked each other. Even Zeus’s Olympus gods were forced back from ancient Earth by Odin. The Olympus Divine Realm.

Two Great God Kings will tell each other how to enter their Divine Realm is strange.

I don’t want to kill Hela, but Odin would be injured or even fall, frowning thinking about how to enter Olympus, or contact Angela and William.

After thinking about it for a while, the solution is not impossible.

But this approach is too risky for him and Sol.

Just return to Divine Realm in Asgard and enter the abyss from the secret path left by his father Bor back then.

If it is good luck, you can reach the bottom of the abyss without any hindrance, and then enter the underworld of Olympus from the Purgatory of Tartarus.

Explain your intentions with Hades, Lord of the Underworld, and you should be able to reach Mount Olympus.

The abyss is easy to advance, but not so easy to travel far.

Even if there is no Demon King blocking the way along the way, but once discovered by the devil, countless low-level demons, even with a crowd of people, can kill both father and son.

I was about to take Thor and Asgard’s elite to venture into the abyss, but I saw Saul suddenly patted his forehead and looked for it in the secondary space he used to keep things. Take out a jade stone and crush it in one hand.

“Father, this is the messenger that William left me when he was playing and selling various cars to me.”

Speaking of this, Saul touched his head a little sorry, “But after the communicator was given to me, the racing business was handed over to the Prince of Wales and Abigail Young Lady, so, I almost forgot that I still had this communication token.”

Odin gave Saul a white look, but didn’t blame him at this time, but waited almost one minute, and didn’t see William’s silhouette.

Feeling that the seal will not last long, Odin, who has no time to delay, can only sigh in his heart.

I raised my head and said to Heimdall, who had been watching here, “No longer, let’s send a team of a hundred scouts into the underworld.”

Then take Thor and use Eternal Spear’s teleportation ability to return to Asgard Rainbow Bridge.

As soon as the father and son returned to Asgard, they saw a team of scouts quickly enter the Rainbow Bridge, and then Heimdall shared it with Odin, able to see through the entire Nine Realms’ ability.

Sure enough, as soon as this team of hundreds of scouts entered the underworld, they were attacked by star thief.

What can surprise Odin, Thor, and Rocky is that at least 30% of Star Thieves saw that the person who hired them was Asgard who had to deal with it.

Turned around and fled without even thinking about it. Even some Star Thieves who fought with the scout survived a few rounds and shouted’misunderstanding’, putting away or putting away their weapons and leaving the battlefield.

To make Loki and hiding outside the Nine Realms, a Spirit Physique in a battleship, a Thanos in the state of Spirit Physique, couldn’t help cursing in his heart.

If it weren’t for the Plunderer hired by Spirit Physique Thanos, they have used the actual action to rescue Loki to prove that they don’t care about Asgard, Thanos might have planned to kill first.

The Star Thieves hired by Rocky are not stupid. If Thanos and Hella can block the top battle strengths of Asgard such as Odin and Thor, they will definitely fight downwind.

They can be used as cannon fodder and sent to death. Even if they make the interstellar black market, these star thief have reasons to say that Loki breached the contract first and concealed who the enemy was.

After all, Asgard’s invincible reputation in Nine Realms is based on the Rainbow Bridge and the Nine Realms that year, piled up with the corpses of countless people.

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