Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1499

Loki looked at some star thieves who had collected money with an ugly face. Not only did he give up attacking and run without dignity, but he also tricked others into running away with them.

If Loki hadn’t had a complete plan himself, maybe he would have to follow along.

In the end, only a higher bounty can be used to strengthen the determination to resist the star thief who is not afraid or has never heard of the glorious deeds of Asgard.

Then clenched the teeth and took out a demon-breaking weapon that was exchanged for thousands of healing charms, which he planned to use against Sol, and pierced it against Hela’s seal.

And Odin, who was far away in Asgard, saw Rocky’s move, his heart tightened, and he rushed into the Rainbow Bridge without any hesitation.

He appeared on the battlefield in two seconds. At this time, Loki had already stabbed two shots with a magic weapon. When the seal was on the verge of collapse, the third shot had not been pierced, Odin’s hand The Eternal Spear inside emits a golden energy ray,

It shoots straight at Loki’s back, forcing Loki to close his gun and hit the energy ray back.

Kezheng Loki took the initiative to close his gun, with a crafty smile at the corner of his mouth, and still let the energy rays penetrate his back.


Odin was watching Loki’s silhouette disappear, but he didn’t understand that he was attacking Loki’s phantom, and the energy ray penetrated the phantom and hit the seal.

With a loud bang of “hong”, the seal was easily broken.

The dust spread all over the sky. After dozens of seconds, I saw a young woman with black hair and tight-fitting battle clothes with black and green edges and a mocking smile on her face. She stepped out of the seal. .

Seeing Odin’s white hair and white beard, Hela showed an unbelievable look in his eyes, and after a few seconds he smiled and said, “long time no see, father.”

As soon as Saul, who rushed over, heard this, he looked at Odin with a calm face a little annoyed.

There was Angela, an illegitimate daughter, and now, Hela, who knows that she is not a good person by looking at her expression and dress, has established Odin’s daughter.

Suddenly asked dissatisfiedly, “How many illegitimate daughters do you have, father?”

“The illegitimate daughter…”, Hela stared at Suo with dissatisfaction. Er, with the Thor’s Hammer in his hand, squinted at Odin, “I also want to know, after you sealed me, how many sins did you give birth to with other women, father”.

Evil species? When Salton got furious, he lifted the Thor’s hammer in his hand and wanted to smash Hela.

But before the hammer was thrown out, Odin pressed on Thor’s shoulder, “The Thor’s Hammer can’t hurt her, and calm down.”

“This,,”, Saul looked at Odin with a serious expression in surprise, “Why?”

Odin hesitated for a while, since he can’t help it. There is nothing to say about the existence of Hela.

“Because Mianir was your elder sister, my first child Hela’s weapon before being called Thor’s Hammer.”

“So she is really my elder sister?” Saul was about to accuse Odin of being unfaithful to the god queen Frigga, but suddenly thought of Odin’s words of the’first child’.

Since Angela was born before the god queen Friega married Odin, Hela was born earlier.

Thinking of this, Saul could not help calming down, “father, since she is really my elder sister, why do you want to seal her?”

Odin looked at Saul with satisfaction , Being able to calm down and ask key questions so quickly, I finally didn’t waste so many years of expectations.

He smiled and patted Sol on the shoulder, “After Asgard completely ruled Nine Realms more than a thousand years ago, I plan to slow down the pace of the battle and recuperate.

The young and energetic and wild ambition Hela opposed my expectation of peace, and even her ambition was so great that she wanted to overthrow my rule and sit on the throne by herself.

He failed in the coup Later, I couldn’t get my hands to execute my child personally, so I had to seal Ah here.”

“I am ambitious?” Hela squinted angrily. “It is not so much that I am ambitious, it is better to say that you are not enterprising, and I am more afraid that I will overpower you and suppress me everywhere. ,

Even if I want to avoid conflicts with you, I want to bring my subordinates to fight other Star Domains and establish my kingdom. You don’t agree.

In this case, I can only take it by myself. Anyway, Asgard can have Nine Realms, at least half of the credit belongs to me.”

“The battle has exhausted the war potential of Divine Realm”, Odin shook his head, “And what makes me most unacceptable is that you turn your dead guards into an army of undead.

I actually stretched out the black hand to those who made it clear that I only wanted to enter the souls of the dead warriors who wanted to enter the Hall of Valor. By doing so, you are shaking the rule of our family over Divine Realm.”

The words Hela snort disdainfully, but the Divine Realm warrior who came with Saul was nodded in his heart with a look of approval, and then Hela’s eyes were full of vigilance and disgust.

As long as the brain is normal, no one wants to be overtaken by the soul after death and become an undead that everyone hates.

The Odin family is arguing, Spirit Physique Thanos uses the space gems in his hand to sneak into Asgardli, and then orders the Plunderers who have collected the money to attack Asgar in the open. De, even some people lurking in the market early in the morning, are still setting fires around the city, causing panic.

Attract the attention of the entire Asgard defensive power so that he can sneak into the Odin’s treasury and find Fire of Eternal.

Plunderer, who has already sneaked into Asgard once, is not difficult to create chaos in Asgard.

Odin soon learned about it, frowning at Hela and Loki, thinking about the probability of winning.

It can be counted, I still feel that even with the assistance of Asgardian fighters, the odds of winning are at most 6 or 4 open.

Fortunately, Hela said that Odin just said that many things, just like Hela, secretly testing the strength of both sides.

Odin is confident that even if he can’t beat Hela in a short time, he will definitely be able to hold her back, after all, Hela is not in a complete victory at this time.

Only when she sets foot on the land of Asgard, can she recover to the peak of strength under the blessing of Asgard.

Kor Thor and Loki, although it seems that the odds of winning are great, but Loki, the god of fraud, is not for nothing.

In case Loki has left behind, the life and death of Asgardian warriors will become a drag on Thor, who cherishes his life.

Once Saul crashes, their father and son will have to fall in the sewer today.

This is not the worst. If he died in battle, Hela used Thor to blackmail Heimdall, Heimdall would definitely send Hela to Asgard.

While Hela really entered Asgard, no one in Asgard can subdue her, and it is okay to even pick the entire Divine Realm.

Since the odds of winning hardly are not high, try to break the alliance between Loki and Hela.

After all, there is simply no family affection between these two people. If it weren’t for their own common enemy, they might have started fighting.

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