Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1500

Odin sighed and said to Loki with a sad expression,

“Loki, even when you were a baby, I would treat you as a hostage Lao Fei took away from her birth father, and finally imprisoned you, so it’s normal for you to hate me.

Kevriga personally raised you and taught you magic, don’t you have the heart to watch her being killed And what good is it for you to destroy Asgard?”

“What are you talking about?” Loki, who has been diminishing his sense of existence, can’t help but frowns saying when he hears Friega , “I never thought of being bad for mother.”

Odin was happy, and angrily accused, “But you released Hela, forcing Sol and I to rush here from Asgard, and send someone to attack Asgard. How to explain?”

Loki, who was prepared in his heart for a long time, would definitely be used by his rescuer. Hearing that Asgard was attacked, he immediately worried about Friga’s safety.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Rocky gritted his teeth and stared at Odin with a grin. “It seems that you have to choose one of the two. Is your queen important, or me and the sea? It’s important to pull these two rebellions?”

These words said to Odin and Saul, it’s nothing, but how could Hella care about Friga’s future safety, and instead wished Friga died.

And if she wants to return to Asgard, she must have a bargaining chip in her hand, otherwise Heimdall will never open the Rainbow Bridge to her.

Now the two Odin father and son who are eager to return to Divine Realm are tantamount to putting the chips in front of her. It is strange that Hela will let it go.

Moreover, once the fight starts, Odin, who is impatient, will definitely show a weak spot.

If you really kill Odin, or capture one of Odin and Thor, when you set foot on Asgard, she will be called the new king of Asgard .

After all, Odin is no longer the powerful Odin more than a thousand years ago, and Asgard is not the Divine Realm back then.

Since Odin began to capture her, Hela personally killed Asgard’s elite and countless, and even the Martial Goddess troop with hole cards was completely killed by her.

Thinking of this, Hela raised her hands, gathered her black hair back, turned into a black antler-like helmet, threw away a black sword and shot it at Odin.


Eternal Spear in Odin’s hand easily blocked and smashed the sword of the night sky.

But since Hela can abandon Thor’s Hammer, it means that the sword of the night sky is definitely more powerful. The right hand sword that was knocked open will split into several sharp swords after a few turns, turning around in the air and stabbing them straight. To Odin.

However, since Odin, who was able to fight Hela, escaped from Asgard, the two must have fought each other. Of course, he knew the characteristics of the sword of the night sky.

Eternal Spear stabbed several shots in succession. Golden’s divine force immediately slammed the sword of the night sky and flew farther, and then the muzzle was turned around, and a golden energy light rushed sharply not far away. Hella.

“Dang~~”, the other sword of the night sky in Hela’s left hand, easily blocked the divine force light, summon returned to the right hand sword of the night sky, staring at Loki and said, “You What are you waiting for, descendants of the ice giant.”

Ke Rocky’s reaction made her frown.

If there was no such phrase as’the descendants of the ice giant’, Loki, who was worried about Friga’s safety, might not have made up his mind so quickly to let Sol go back to rescue Friga.

But it was this sentence in Hela’s eyes that reminded Rocky that the ice giant and Asgard were feuds, which immediately made Rocky extremely dissatisfied.

He even killed his own father Lao Fei, in addition to wanting to ascend the throne of Asgard, did he hide the secret that he was an ice giant?

Staring at Hela’s back, Loki, who was guarding her hands, squinted and stepped back with a mocking expression on his face.

After retreating twenty meters, he smiled and said to Sol, “What are you waiting for, Sol, immediately roll me back to Asgard to protect my mother.”

Salton was overjoyed when he was about to call Heimdall, but saw the gray-haired Odin waving Eternal Spear and fighting Hela together.

For a while, he left Odin alone to face Hela alone, and Sol was not at ease.

After all, Loki is notoriously fickle and scheming, and now he doesn’t make a move because of Friga.

But the ghost knows that after he leaves, Loki will be nervous again and team up with Hela to deal with Odin.

No, it’s not possible, but certain. After all, Rocky’s hatred of Odin is not fake.

One side is his mother, and the other is his father. When Salton had difficulty making a choice, he couldn’t help thinking of William and Angela.

If they were there, what Rocky and Hela would be meat on the cutting board.

Waving the Thor’s hammer violently, he roared in a low voice, “Damn William, Damn Angela.”

With a sound of “peng”, Saul, who had just finished cursing, was hit by a hammer and flew more than ten meters away, braving his frosty head and slamming into the silhouette, and then flustered Loki.

I saw Angela wearing a golden winged golden helmet with a Nano Zhenjin Mark 50 Battle Armor, holding the Frost Hammer in her hand, and a jump came to Loki, who dodges Sol, with a hammer. Smashed down.

As soon as Loki wanted to avoid him, he saw William who was smiling from the corner of his eyes, raising his hand to face him, and then realizing that he could not move anymore,

Looking at the Frost Hammer getting closer and closer, a hammer hit his face, was hit more than ten meters away, hit a rock on the side, and knocked out a personal dent.

“Odin is here, you two bastards finally came over.”

Thor, who was hammered, got up from the ground without any anger, and wanted to hug William not far away when he was happy.

But he didn’t walk a few meters before he was teleported back to Asgard by the Magic Avatar.

William, who had been watching for a long time, had been secretly calling Hela a waste. If she could kill Odin, William would definitely not show up.

But the father and daughter have been fighting for so long, Hela has nothing to do with Odin wearing the “Destroyer” Battle Armor, and Odin probably really doesn’t want to kill his daughter by himself, and has never killed him.

Or deliberately showed weakness and wanted to draw out the real mastermind behind the scenes, so he kept his hands.

So when he was hitting, William finally understood that the father and daughter didn’t mean to work hard until now.

Instead, Asgard caught fire and exploded everywhere. The only reassuring thing was that there were no traitors inside Asgard who were in the city to riot together, which shows that the enemy came from outside.

The purpose of the external enemy, in addition to Odin’s life, may be to destroy Asgard.

If Asgard is really ruined, then even if Angela is on the throne, what’s the point?

Bringing a group of Asgard refugees to London, how is it different from the Asgard youngster recruited by Angela?

It’s nothing more than more people and less people.

In addition, if Frigga died, Odin would definitely go crazy, not to mention turning his face with the William and his wife, and he would never forgive them for the rest of his life.

Angela couldn’t sit on the throne, and she forced her former reliable and close ally into an indifferent black hand who didn’t even know when she would stab her in the back.

So, don’t just let it go for William.

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