Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1501

As soon as William’s magic Avatar appeared, he kept hiding in the dark, planning to sneak attack William’s Spirit Physique Thanos, without the slightest hesitation, broke the Odin’s treasury,

Then when I saw Fire of Eternal, I didn’t wait for Odin, who had already noticed the treasury to be breached, to return. He used space gems to confine the space around the treasury, then opened a portal, and a monstrous flame revealed the portal and charged straight in. In the treasure house.

A deep, strong voice came, “Odin,,”.

I saw the fire giant Sulter, who was full of flames, dragging the dark, quaint Twilight Sword with his right hand, and holding the thick iron chain with his left hand, walking out of the portal step by step.

When he saw Thanos, Sulter was shocked, but ignored him. Anyway, he is a flame elf, unless the kingdom of fire is destroyed, otherwise he will be fired again even if he is killed. Resurrected in the kingdom of God.

When I saw Fire of Eternal, the fire giant’s eyes radiated this flame, and the fierce flames shot everywhere.

I grabbed the iron chain in my hand and rushed towards the Fire of Eternal, a huge black dragon head was dragged through the portal by the iron chain, but Black Dragon didn’t dare to use it anyway. Forcibly squeezing its own body is a little small portal for it.

Sulter was dragged by the Black Dragon while he was running. He turned around and looked at the Black Dragon, who was full of fear of strength of Space in the huge vertical pupil. He couldn’t help letting go of the iron chain in his hand. Take a dozen steps quickly and put the Twilight Sword in his hand straight into the Fire of Eternal.


Odin, who is far away in the underworld, hit Hela with an angry and terrified shot. He couldn’t go back for the first time, so he could only watch Sulter’s Twilight Sword and absorb After Fire of Eternal,

The sword and the fire giant grew rapidly like a balloon, and the portal was enlarged by Thanos, followed by the Black Dragon entering the Odin’s treasure house.

greedily flew to Surtel’s side, took a big breath, frantically absorbed the flames into his stomach, and his figure grew a little bit with the fire giant.

“Stop, Hela”, Odin stared at Hela, who was hit and flew furiously, and then hovered. Hela was also shocked by Odin’s expression and tone of voice. sword.

For a long time suppression and familiarity with his father, let Hela know that when Odin is furious, it is better to be honest.

Already understand that Asgard has reached the most dangerous situation, Odin, who is like a real Divine King who kills countless people, shouted to the magic Avatar without any kind of politeness, “William, go now Asgard, take Friga to Folger Castle, and try to rescue Asgard’s ordinary person.”

Many years ago, spider robots were left in Asgard. In the last one or two years, William of Avatars such as incarnation adult cats and eagles were also left. At this time, he also knew about the Divine Realm. what happened.

The body is about to return from the mutant world, but when he uses the power of the space gem and wants to directly teleport to Asgard,

strength of Space just linked to the Golden Palace , The space gem sent a repulsive response.

He has obtained space gems for more than ten years. After only a little thought, he knows that this is mutual exclusion between gems.

And his greater advantage over Spirit Physique Thanos is that even if Thanos, a pure warrior, has studied magic for several decades, the perception through cultivation is not as good as his natural affinity space, and the strength of Space I don’t know it well, but any small space fluctuations can’t escape his spirit strength perception.

At least in Asgard’s Thanos, I simply didn’t feel it. The space gem in William’s hand, after linking Asgard with the strength of Space, the two gems are mutually connected The weak rejection.

Then William gave up the idea of ​​entering Asgard without thinking about it, and he was more mindful, closing his eyes and feeling the space gem of the mutant world.

That is, after being taken away by Stark in 2025, and then killing the Chaos in 2025, William personally brought it back to the mutant world and hid it in the base where the US team was born. Space gem.

Then the mutant world, the new Kamar-Taj. When the teacher’s magic Avatar, a teleport appeared in the base, when I was about to touch the space gem,

William had more After a careful thought, he hid the space gem in his hand into space and time, and then took the space gem of the mutant world and put it in the sentry infinite glove.

Body flashed, with the unfathomable mystery Jean-Gray, appeared in Olympus.

Because Angela was holding the Frost Hammer and suddenly left, Athena and Artenis, who were already on guard, ordered,

“Motivate all of Olympus Combatants, while on guard at the highest level, are ready to follow me on the march at any time.”

“What’s the matter?”

When Artenis asked out flusteredly, Athena without the slightest hesitation nodded, took it from the dimensional space used for storage A half-meter long horn was blown fiercely.


The sound of the horn that shook the entire Olympus Mountain and all the barracks at the foot of the mountain was heard. The entire Olympus Divine Realm, the battle strength belonging to William, began to mobilize.

Immediately, William ignored Artenis’ question, and instead asked Jean-Grey to guard his mother, and then fully armed sat on the unicorn’s saddle, looking at Mount Olympus. While waiting on the viewing platform,

A magical Avatar flashed, flashed out of him, and teleported into the Asgard Golden Palace, under the gaze of Sol, Friega, and Jane Foster ,

divided into two, two into four, four into eight, it will be divided into hundreds of Avatars in a few seconds.

An Avatar flashed up to Friega and Jane Foster, took the two of them and said to Sol, “I will take them to a safe place”, then disappeared and appeared in London. Erce Castle.

Ordered to stay in the castle, the Asgardian warriors who belonged to Angela began the highest level of security, and this Avatar also became invisible and stayed in the castle.

The other Avatars, in the huge flame silhouette of Sirtel, were strengthened by Fire of Eternal, swelled to the breakthrough Golden Palace, and teleported into the air of Asgard,

Disperse and use the wind of Vatum to disperse all the Asgardians near the Golden Palace to the abandoned royal city built by Father Bor in Odin.

However, as the number of people in the Abandoned King City increased, William thought about it, and just planned to open the portal and send the Asgardians to Folger Castle.

Secondly, it is not a good thing for so many Asgardians to appear, and although the space city has been built on fire star, it can only accommodate 10,000 people at most.

clenched the teeth, open the portal to the magic planet, the fairy garden hidden by the light elf Christian.

Anyway, this planet is really speaking of which, and the ownership is still Odin, or Christian.

The reason why William has always been regarded as a private property is that Odin doesn’t care, and Christine dare not care.

And if Asgard is really destroyed, countless Asgardians must have a home.

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