Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1502

Ten portals instantly appeared in the royal city of Bor. Under the command of the magic Avatar, the Asgardians looked back at the figure that had swelled in the distance, directly breaking through the gold. Palace,

After the fire giant Surtel started plowing with the huge twilight sword, and after taking out Thor’s hammer, he desperately sent lightning to attack Surtel,

Immortal Palace’s four warriors were forced by the magic Avatar to lead the soldiers and the surroundings to let go of the portal, and the Asgardians, who were unknown and fearful, hurried through the portal.


Odin heard the magic Avatar that had been left in place, saying that the Asgardians had entered the magic planet, and Friega and Jane Foster also teleported to Folger Castle,


Standing on Eternal Spear, bends down and salutes William, then before William can say a few words of humility, he looks at Hela and Rocky Road seriously,

“Someone is taking advantage of you and At this time when I was right, I secretly sent the fire giant Sirtel to Asgard, and also offered to help him get Fire of Eternal.

Now, tell me that I am in Asgard. In the face of destruction, do you want to stand with the enemy? Or let go of your grievances and save Asgard with me?”

All Hela and Loki will fall to where they are today, Speaking of it, didn’t you want to overthrow Odin’s rule and sit on the throne of Asgard?

And Hela actually cares more about Asgard than Loki.

Once she returns to Asgard, she will not only have a strength bonus, but she will also be able to return to the peak of strength in a short time.

Seeing Odin, William, and Angela, there was a big disagreement and a three-on-one posture. Hela put away the sword of the night sky without hesitation.

The contest just now made her understand that she was impossible to kill Odin before setting foot on Asgard.

As for Loki, after Hela compromised, Odin and William simply didn’t bother him.

Odin nodded to William’s Avatar, and Avatar waved his hand and appeared in front of everyone.

Angela and Odin walked quickly into the portal without saying a word. Hela walked into the portal until he revealed the portal, saw the incomparable gigantic Sirtel, and felt the familiar Asgard After that, I rushed through the portal.

When Loki was still hesitating whether to take this muddy water, the portal suddenly closed, and then he realized that he could no longer move.

Avatar released a magic chain. After Loki was tied tightly, he released a portal linking the magic planet and said to more than 80 Asgard scouts who were still alive,

“You take Loki to the rear. If he has the slightest intention to escape, I authorize you to kill him directly.”

The scouts looked at each other, then looked up at the sky again, waited a few seconds, did not wait for the rainbow bridge opened by Heimdall,

plus they are real He didn’t like or even disliked Loki, and did not hesitate to salute William, holding Loki, who was horrified in his eyes, through the portal.

As soon as Odin, Angela and Hela returned to Asgard, they saw that Sol was being chased by a 100-meter-long Black Dragon, chasing him everywhere, and taking time to release lightning. Attack Surtel.

Odin and Hela, who had fought with Sirtel, who had obtained Fire of Eternal, and Hela once, can’t help but think of the countless elites who sacrificed to protect Asgard, of course. How dangerous is Sirtel?

So, instead of helping Sol, the two father and daughter stopped Angela from supporting Sol, and then attacked Sirtel with all their strength.

As for the Black Dragon?

No matter how big it is, it will destroy Asgard’s buildings at most, but once Sulter vents enough, he can easily use the Twilight Sword that has absorbed Fire of Eternal and plunge into it with a single sword Asgard’s core directly destroyed the entire Divine Realm.

For a time, Odin’s golden divine force, the frost released by Angela’s Frost Hammer, and the two huge night sky swords launched by Hela,

All hit With the sword of twilight, he used the sword of twilight to plow wildly, destroy Asgard, and was laughed heartily with Surtel.

The strongest effect turned out to be the frost released by Angela, and those magic Avatars of William, only then transferred all the people in the city of Asgard away,

See you Frost magic can restrain the fire giant, all flying around Sulter to release one after another frost magic.

Only ten seconds, except for Sirte, which is a hundred meters nearby, the entire Asgard city was filled with snow and frost, swept toward the already dimmed fire giant. .

Surter had to converge the scattered flames to resist the ice that restrained him.

At this time, Thanos, who had been hiding in the dark, had hesitating eyes flashing in his eyes, scanning hundreds of them in the sky back and forth, all of which looked like the magic Avatar of William’s real body.

Then he yelled in his heart that Hela and Loki were all rubbish, idiots, and idiots.

In his plan, he never thought that Hela would give up hatred and join forces with Odin because of the appearance of the fire giant.

And Angela, who has never appeared in the other world, also surprised him.

Odin, William, Angela, Hella, and Sol, plus the presence of Shanghai Mdal, which is not weaker than Sol, makes Thanos feel that he cannot one strike certain kill William and Odin, I didn’t believe in winning this battle.

Looking at Sulter being hit by hundreds of magic avatars, the magic chains released bound his hands, Thanos looked gloomy and uncertain, thinking that if he didn’t do it, he probably wouldn’t have a chance to do it.

But he wanted to use six jewels to wipe out William, the Odin family and affiliated forces with a snap of his fingers, but he was worried about William, who also had six jewels.

, Do not eat this kind of attack.

Furthermore, after the snapping of the fingers, the power released by the gems is not to destroy everyone in an instant, but to take a while to name them one by one.

Just give William a few seconds, he can snap his fingers, use the gems in his hand to resist attacks, and even save everyone back.

Then the greatest possibility is to see who can survive the side effects of using six gems with a single finger sound.

Or in the twelve gems of different dimensions, under the mutual impact, all the gems destroy each other, and even directly destroy this World, including him Thanos himself.

In this case, Thanos clenched the teeth raised the infinite glove in his hand, and the six gems lit up.

With a sound of “Pa”, an existence with sufficient strength in the entire universe can sense a huge energy wave to disperse.

As a result, Thanos couldn’t understand it at first, and when he reacted a few seconds later, he fell directly to the ground.

He planned to have a smell of sneak attack. Before giving William a reaction, he attacked him alone with gems, but it turned out that all the gems were perish together.

The tyrant has a vague consciousness, and he can feel his snapping fingers work, but the energy released by the six gems in his hand disperses,

Probably because William is not on this plane, the target of gem attacks is first all magical Avatars of the main world, then magical Avatars of other dimensions, and finally William’s body.

After a few seconds of delay, William simply couldn’t stop William from reacting and then defended and counterattacked. ,

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