Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1503

Finding that the magic Avatars hiding in various planes were killed one by one, William, who was feeling dangerous suddenly appeared in his heart, suddenly knew that there was a major event.

Under the divine light flashed eagerly, I feel that apart from the infinite gems, it seems that no one has the ability to kill their Avatar, and they still work on all planes at the same time.

Otherwise, I’m scattered in the abyss. In the three 2025 movie worlds, mutant world and other dimensional magic Avatars,

don’t say the number, these Avatars in the In the past time, as long as it has been there, the total amount of magic power is no different from William’s body.

It’s not that William is boasting that he didn’t lose dozens or hundreds of Heavenly Father-level Avatars in an instant, not to mention Odin. The Heavenly God team will not be able to do it.

Fortunately, because of the large number of Avatars, the power released by Thanos with the infinite gems is offset by the Avatar layer. While the power is weakened, it also gives William time to react.

After realizing that he was being spotted by an unrivaled force through Olympus, William activated the six gems in his hand without any hesitation.

Two When the forces of the same kind and homology cancel each other, coupled with the attack across the five dimensions, the unexpected result is that the will of these five dimensions actively rejects the power of gems.

In the end, not only did William not get killed by Thanos’s snapping fingers for the first time, he had the opportunity to launch gems to actively counteract Thanos’ attacks,

then he felt that there was an infinite mutant world William, who used gems as a spare tire, made up his mind first. Instead of attacking and defending each other, it would be better to have the infinite gems in his hand and Perish in Thanos’ hands together.

Snap your fingers together, and the twelve gems instantly ruin each other.

The huge reaction force was first borne by the Sentry Battle Armor. Fortunately, the Sentry Battle Armor has resisted the power of six infinite gems several times, even though the reaction force this time is extremely huge,

The Sentinel Battle Armor was only scorched, and William was slightly injured, and he was okay with a few coughs while clutching his chest.

You can take the initiative to attack, and you must penetrate the dimension to fight against other people’s Thanos, so you won’t be so lucky.

Using the reaction force of six infinite gems, the repulsion of the will of the five planes, and the energy impact of the simultaneous destruction of six gems, he collapsed instantly to the ground, and Spirit Physique almost flickered and dimmed The soul dissipated between Heaven and Earth.

William endured his physical discomfort and released himself several holy light recovery, before looking down at the scorched sentinel version of the infinite glove.

With a thought, new sentry materials are added, and the sentry Battle Armor will be repaired in a moment.

A magical Avatar was separated again and sent urgently to Asgard, looking for the secret mastermind using infinite gems. He himself immediately hid it in time and space, belonging to this plane. The space gem is back.

In other words, the six gems of William’s own plane are only space gems, and mutant world loses one space gem.

William, who felt that he had recovered completely, put the space gems into the infinity bracelet, and turned his head to nodded to a group of worried women,

“Don’t worry, it’s just a little injury. It’s okay now”,

Then ordered Athena, “The expedition is suspended. Your task now is to guard against the demons in the abyss, the underworld of Hades, and the titans in the sea.” .

“Understood, Your Majesty”, Athena solemnly nodded, “I will keep my home safe, and you can rest assured to deal with those who attack you.”

After speaking, she looked towards William’s left hand again with a worried look.

William didn’t say anything about Infinite Gems, but he snapped his fingers in the abyss. After six or seven months of gestation, most of the existences of strength or power were Already known.

“Don’t be so nervous”, William smiled and revealed the blue space gem, “With this gem, it will be sooner or later to find the other gems.

And I just rely on me With my own power and this gem, you can still beat Demon Kings like Mephisto down.”

After finishing speaking, I suddenly came to Olympus and saw that William had so many women who couldn’t adapt to Jean-Grey nodded, “protect my mother.”

After the piano was nodded, William rode a unicorn covered with sentry materials and teleported to the magic Avatar, watching the Spirit Physique Thanos whose soul was flickering.

“Didn’t expect you are the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed”, William squinted and said fiercely, “Tell me, how do you break through the constraints of the soul gem, I will I’m happy, or else…”.

“Don’t waste your time”, before William finished, Thanos said in a tranquil voice, “I know my current situation, even if you don’t torture my soul, it won’t take long. Dissipate in between Heaven and Earth.

Or if you really want to torture me and repair my soul, then I will thank you, and then quietly look at you, how is it that those who have hatred against you , Or the crowd blocked the road attacking it.

When the time comes, when you can’t hold it and don’t want to let me go, I will die with you.”

“hmph”, William coldly snorted, looking at the fire giant Sirtel who was besieged by Odin and his daughter in the distance,

and Sol and Heim Dar and God World warriors, the 100-meter-long Black Dragon besieged, revealing the space gem on the wrist.

“This, this impossible”, Thanos looked terrified and couldn’t believe it. William turned his wrist half a circle, and the strength of Space instantly imprisoned the Black Dragon,

and Su Er Ter, with the addition of Fire of Eternal, tried his best to resist the strength of Space.

Under the pressure of the blue space power, the power of flames is pressing down on Surtel little by little.

When he felt that he was almost unable to support himself, Sulter burst out with the strongest power of Fire of Eternal. When temporarily blocking the strength of Space,

hold several with both hands A dozen meters long Twilight Sword, one sword wants to plunge into the land of Asgard, and then use Fire of Eternal to detonate and destroy Asgard’s center of the earth.

But when William showed expectation and crazy expression on Thanos, Strength of Space was launched, and he didn’t have the slightest pity or hesitation to kill Thanos completely.

Then one teleported to Surtel’s side, and four giant Mechas of more than 80 meters appeared instantly, and each of the two Mechas held Surtel’s hand.

The giant lava hand that prevented him from holding the Twilight Sword and swinging down, fortunately, the four giant Mechas made the sound of’creak, creak’, but Surtel’s arm , Only dropped one or two meters, and stopped in the air.

Seeing this, William suddenly smiled at the corners of his mouth. When the hands and shoulders of the four Mechas began to get intensely hot, and when they started to turn red, he took out the Storm Axe.

With a roar, the sky full of thunderbolt flashes, and the sparkling axe, relying on the unique cutting force of the attachment space, slammed down at Surtel’s arm.

With a loud bang of “ka-cha”, the fire giant’s wrist broke instantly.

“Ah, ah, ah”.

Sulter roared and roared in pain, while lava-like blood scattered everywhere.

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