Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1504

The wrist was chopped off, the painful, furious, and irritable fire giant did not wait for him to use his right hand, while the 80-meter Mecha was melted by the lava blood shell,

Stabbing the Twilight Sword into the land of Asgard again will no longer stop the blue strength of Space.

William, who escaped the blood of the lava, released a magic shield against the intense heat, roared again, and slashed with an axe on Surtel’s other arm.

Then in Surter, he was thrown back to the ground by four giant Mechas with a little ragged appearance. Two giant Mechas appeared, grabbing the twilight falling to the ground together. sword.

When the metal hands of the two new Mechas started to turn red, the blade of the Twilight Sword was turned around, laying flat and smashing several buildings, lying peacefully in Asgard’s on the ground.

William puts away the storm battle axe, and the sentry Battle Armor on his body is directly transformed into a flame-type Battle Armor and landed next to the hilt of the Twilight Sword.

After hesitating for a few seconds, he stretched out his hand and pressed it on the violently hot Twilight Sword.

Odin watched William’s direct contact recklessly and absorbed Fire of Eternal’s Twilight Sword. He just wanted to stop it,

but knew that even if he said it, William might not listen.

And in case William holding the Twilight Sword is okay, isn’t that making people suspect that he stopped aloud, there are other purposes?

I could only watch William helplessly, and while reaching out to press on the hilt of the Twilight Sword, he focused his attention on Hela who was guarding against the change in his face.

And Angela is even more direct. When Thor and Heimdall are imprisoned by the Black Dragon and stare here,

Silently holding the Frost Hammer , Standing in the clearing between Hella and William.

As for the loss of the Twilight Sword and the bonus of Fire of Eternal, it has begun to shrink a little bit, returning to the fire giant Sulter, who is less than three meters tall. Simply no one pays attention. he.

When the normal state of Sulter has the Twilight Sword, he can’t win the battle only with Thor’s Hammer, and he has not awakened Thunder Strength Thor himself.

He who lost Fire of Eternal at this time is just a Fire Element monster with good strength but not able to reach Peak.

The Sentry Frost Battle Armor released by William, stepped on his chest and dared not move.

On the contrary, I was worried that the six giant Mechas around, more or less damaged, would suddenly make a mistake and trample him to death.

Although he is really dead, he can be resurrected again in the country of fire, but this time is calculated in a hundred years, less than as a last resort, Surtel does not want to experience amnestics and resurrect a blank.

Can only lie on the ground and look sideways. In his opinion, William, who was courting death, was burned to death by Fire of Eternal absorbed into the sword of Twilight.

Unfortunately, Hella can easily touch Fire of Eternal in the movie. William is stronger than Hella, and he also wears the flame version of the Sentry Battle Armor.

After the sword, although he was shocked by the countless Fire Element elements released from the hilt.

But after these Fire Element elements were absorbed by the Battle Armor, he was not in a hurry to subdue the Twilight Sword.

Rather, using Fire of Eternal as a battery, it releases ten whiteboard sentry Battle Armor, which merges into the flames of the Battle Armor to absorb endless flames.

People like Odin, looking at ten dark-looking whiteboard sentries, put their hands on William’s shoulders, turning them into fiery-red a little bit,

and then becoming and William The energy on his body crystallized, and after seeing the flames of the Battle Armor like a ruby ​​from a distance, he couldn’t help feeling helpless.

In Odin’s heart, whether it’s the Longinus Demon Spear robbed from Mephisto, the unbreakable Heavenly Sword, or the frost created by the Ice Box Warhammer,

He didn’t care even if he suddenly took out the Storm Axe today.

After all, these Divine Item weapons are of the Eternal Spear grade, even worse.

Battle Armor, the sentinel of Battle Armor that may restrain the’Destroyer’ Battle Armor, has always been a divine object he has always wanted.

It’s a pity that this guy William kept guarding the Sentry Battle Armor tightly. Even Angela and William, their mother Lena, didn’t get one, even if it was the Sentry Battle Armor on the whiteboard.

Now I see a total of eleven Sentinels of Blaze Talk, Odin’s envious gnash the teeth, but I can’t do anything.

Instead, he had to start thinking about whether William, who had rescued all the civilians in Asgard City, would take the opportunity to use marriage with Angela as an excuse to force himself to pass the throne to Angela.

The people’s desire to save the next city, and Sol is really unable to beat Angela at this time,

Forcibly passing the position to Sol is not bad, but it can be annoying. With William, cut off the magic nectar, can Thor hold Asgard a hundred years later?

Without passing the position and dragging, William has no reason to cut off the magic nectar, even relying on the Life Water brewed by Tree of Life Cyria, Odin can live for many years,

But after one or two thousand years, will Thor be like Hela, waiting to sit on the throne?

Thinking of this, Odin couldn’t help but looked towards Hela. If Hela hadn’t fiddled with the undead, even if he didn’t want to fight again in those days, after a thousand years, there may be a high probability that he will actually pass on his position when he gets old. she was.

After all, in that respect, Hela is the one who most resembles his Odin among all children.

Unfortunately, regardless of whether Hela will change or not, the throne is impossible to pass to her.

I have to choose between Angela and Sol, whether it’s Odin’s own male chauvinism and the principle of male succession,

or because William has already taken the charge of Olin Divine Realm, once Angela sits on the throne of Asgard, does it mean that William’s offspring will inherit the two Divine Realms,

The Nine Realms and their Norse mythology, Asa What is Divine Race?

The Devonshire family ruled without blood. It took countless years from his father Bol to his Odin. It took countless years and sacrificed countless Asa Divine Race to lay the territory.

And what Odin couldn’t accept most was that the bull of Zeus was forced by Odin to return from Earth to Divine Realm in Olympus.

But once William directly or through Angela, his two descendants indirectly ruled the two Divine Realms.

A few generations later, in case something happens, the descendants of Athena, Artenis, and William might forcefully sit on the throne of Asgard as brother.

Doesn’t that mean that Zeus won in the end? And it was a total win.

Thinking of this, Odin suddenly became annoyed.

Forcing himself to calm down, Odin has realized that according to William’s past habits, he will definitely ask for benefits for helping Asgard this time.

And several treasures of Asgard are already in the hands of William, and he just got the Divine Item like Twilight Sword, ordinary treasure William simply can’t appreciate it.

In other words, the matter of determining the heir to the throne is almost too late.

Thinking about it, I fiercely from the storm axe that William just took out, and the hint I got thought,

Being the deepest secret, stay in the dwarf Wang Ai The best piece of Ulu metal from Cui.

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