Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1505

What Odin didn’t know was that that piece of Ulu metal was actually the raw material for making the Storm Axe.

Since the materials are the same, not only does the dwarf king have his hands intact, but the other dwarf masters are also alive. Brainstorming and adding Asgard and the dwarf kingdom, we can create something for Thor regardless of the cost, which is more powerful than the storm axe. Weapons are not impossible.

Even Odin thought, when the time comes, like the “Destroyer” Battle Armor, let all the gods of Asgard and Warnerheim,

Separate part of your own divine force, bless you into the new weapon, and then lend the’Destroyer’ Battle Armor to Thor.

Hidden the new weapon and the “Destroyer” before the competition. After Angela and Sol stood on the Martial Arts Competition Stage, William thought about arming Angela even if it violated the rules.

Odin is right. Even if William loves Angela, he won’t use the Sentry Battle Armor for her. In this way, it is not impossible for Sol to defeat Angela.

But in this way, the new weapon will definitely not look like a battle axe, Odin couldn’t help thinking in his heart, or just two hammers?

After all, there were many styles of designing Thor’s hammer back then, and Thor was used to using hammer-like weapons, which would make it easier to use.

So, wait for William’s ten whiteboard sentries to fully absorb Fire of Eternal and convert them into a spare Battle Armor, and put them in storage space.

Then imprison Sulter in Jotunheim, the ice prison of the ice giant world, and use the severe cold to restrain the fire giant.

As for the one-hundred-meter-long Black Dragon, William scanned it back and forth several times with spirit strength, and found that the dragon seemed to be a female.

I control this Black Dragon with joy, and send her to the magic planet, and give birth to a baby dragon with the flame dragon Snug who has been staying in the volcano.

Next, I controlled the sword of Twilight, made the sword smaller and held it in my hand for a while, then put it away and walked to Angela’s side,

Odin suddenly looked at the sea. Ra said, “No matter how you blame or hate me, you are my child after all.

Seeing that you did not hesitate to stand up and help Asgard this time, and you have already sealed you For the sake of punishment for the millennium,

In the name of Divine King of Asgard, I am forgiven for your crimes. It is your freedom to go where you want to go in the future.

But As the king of Asgard and an old father, I have to remind you that with Sol and Angela with me, you want to rely on tricks and military force to ascend the throne is impossible.”

“hmph”, Hela is coldly snorted. She has fought with Odin for countless years. When I heard that Odin had pardoned her for her crimes, she hadn’t deprived her of her eldest daughter’s identity, but also William, Angie Ra’s fiancé was excluded.

It is easy to hear the underlying meaning of Odin’s words that the only way to ascend to the throne is to go to the ring.

And don’t think about it, Odin must be plot against in her heart. The first thing she has to challenge is Angela who is blocking Sol’s way to the throne.

After all, he is a guilty person, Odin did not admit the throne, nor did he publicly lift it.

But what is certain is that her ranking has dropped to third, even behind Rocky. If she wants to be on the throne, she can only go up one by one and become the first again. Heir in line.

But what makes Hela even more irritated is that Odin’s words mean that she, the first heir of Asgard, led the army to fight Nine Realms. The prince daughter of, actually can’t beat Angela, a younger sister who is more than two thousand years younger than her.

How can this be tolerated?

I can see William who sent six broken giant Mechas to the repair shop. Hela dare not impudent in front of William who easily killed the fire giant and the old and strong Odin.

As for William, even if he wants to take advantage and push Angela to the throne, he won’t make it clear in front of Sol. After all, Sol thinks he wants the throne.

But once William is in front of him and asks Angela to grab it, then Sol may be aroused to fight for the throne even if he does not want the throne.

Furthermore, looking at King Asa’s city that had destroyed one third, William also understood that it was too untimely to say something good at this time.

Separate a magic Avatar, and the Avatar will separate more Avatars to fly to the sky, use frost magic to extinguish the fire, and then take the Asgardian warriors who are still alive, to rescue them everywhere outside the royal city people.

This behavior seems normal to Saul, and I am very grateful to William for his help, but to Odin and Hela, it is totally different.

In their eyes, William’s act of buying people’s hearts is too conspicuous.

Rescued the Asgardians from the entire royal city, now they are looking for a sense of existence outside the royal city, saying that William had no other intentions, and fools didn’t believe it.

Hela’s mouth turned upturned to look at the frowning Odin, and then at William, who was holding her arm by Angela and whispering, suddenly felt that this kind of man Qualified to be her husband, and if she wants to sit on the throne, she must also be supported by people who even Odin is scrupulous and can’t beat.

As for Angela, when she is defeated in the ring, according to the tradition of Asgard, those who lose are not qualified to speak. If they are unwilling to acknowledge allegiance, or admit defeat and bow their heads, they Faceless staying in Asgard.

Thinking of this, Helamai walked towards William, but did not wait for her to take a few steps. The whole body was covered by the unicorn Gemma-Duran, the holy light sentry Battle Armor, golden On the single horn of the spiral, a dazzling holy light suddenly appeared, warning Hela not to come near.

Damn, Hela, who has already joined the Darkness Domain, stared at the unicorn Duran with disgust and mania.

She who likes to build the undead Legion, and the unicorn of the holy light category can be said to be deadly enemies. Duran attacked her without meeting, which is already considered as a face to Angela.

Hela, who was forced to go no further, was furious at the same time, and immediately thought of his mount giant wolf Fenrir.

Kneeling down, stretched out her hand to press on the land of Asgard, Hela felt the breath of Fenrir for a while, and couldn’t help but anxiously asked Odin, “You put Fenrir Where is Lille?”

Odin’s expressionless pointed to the Golden Palace destroyed by the fire giant, “under the Odin’s treasure house.”

“You,,”, Hela turned her head and looked towards the ruins, collapsed several dozen meters, and even the deeper Golden Palace, staring at Odin angrily for a while before rushing towards On the ruins of the Golden Palace.

The sword of the night sky turned into an axe, crowbars, flying claws and other tools, constantly flying rocks and huge pillars.

Unfortunately, she is really good in combat, but no matter how strong the warrior Transcender is, it is impossible to dig up a dozen football fields in a short time.

William who uses holy light all the year round, even if he doesn’t really yearn for light in his heart, he has developed the habit of instinctively hating the undead and demons.

He doesn’t plan to help Hela at all. Find Fenrir, the giant wolf that has been made into a mummy by Odin, and the countless army of undead warriors made by Hela.

Riding on the saddle of the unicorn, she asked Angela, “I have to go back to Olympus to tell my mother that they are safe. Do you stay in Asgard or follow me back to Olin Mount Pith?”

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