Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1506

“I,,”, Angela wants to stay with William, but she is the Princess of Asgard anyway, even if she doesn’t care about the throne in her heart, she certainly doesn’t Fortunately, leave at this time.

“Okay”, after understanding what Angela meant, William looked at Hela who was irritable, and began to worry that Angela would suffer a loss to Shanghaila after he left.

I thought about it and asked Duran, “Ms. Duran, your two children, Lilia Duran and Assia Duran, are you suitable for Angela to be your partner now?”


Jemma Duran shook her head after thinking about it, although she was anxious to be a mount for someone with Angela’s identity, although she was anxious for her two children,

But the difference in strength was not a short time. It can be changed, “Let Elis serve Ms. Angela. Lilia and Asiya are still underage, and their strength is two levels worse than Elis.”

William directly rejected this proposal. For the four unicorns found from the magic planet, Duran was the strongest, but Elis was not much worse,

Lovely Lisi likes to see Elis with her at first sight. In the temples and the fairy forest in Oxford, she rode the smaller Elis and wandered around.

If Elis is surrendered to Angela, that little thing Alice will definitely have trouble with William.

Jump off the horse, put away the holy light sentry Battle Armor on Duran, and replaced it with a nano vibrating gold horse armor to cover Duran.

Then hung the Heavenly Sword filled with holy light energy equivalent to William’s magic power and the bow of Epirus on the horse armor, and after thinking about it, the three sisters’Medusa’ were inlaid with the first level Hanging on Angela’s back,

In addition, let the dwarf king create Ulu metal ribbons for Angela, Frost Warhammer, Nano Zhenjin Mark 50 Battle Armor, I don’t believe this, Angie Ra and Hella who suddenly came into trouble will not be able to beat Hella.

William will do this in order to prevent Odin from having an accident. If he suddenly hangs up, Saul as it should be by rights as the first heir is the new king.

When Angela saw that William was willing to ask for Artenis several times, she didn’t want to arrive. Even though Athena didn’t say it clearly, she also hoped to get the “Medusa” aegis in her eyes. Yes,

Even if you can’t get the ownership, but just the right to use it, Angela’s excited hands put her arms around William’s neck and kissed her in one bite.

Not far away, Odin watched Angela’s back with his eyelids fluttering, and there were three aegis of the colorful Banshee with snake hair,

He was suspicious of this side in his heart. The Aegis that has never appeared before, as well as the divine force it possesses,

He also put away the unicorn to William, the holy light sentry Battle Armor was relaxed.

At least I guessed it right. No matter how much William loves and loves Angela, he won’t use the Sentry Battle Armor for her. But looking at Angela’s excitement, the shield of’Medusa’ It must be extraordinary.

Looking at the appearance of the brilliant lights and vibrant colors of the Aegis, you know that the defensive power of this Aegis must be super strong, and the colorful statues of the three snake-hair Banshee reminded Odin of’Medusa ‘Three sisters.

It’s just Medusa. Fortunately, after all, her fame was completely strengthened by Poseidon, as well as Athena’s disgust and curse.

Banshee is really powerful, but Medusa two less famous Demon God elder sisters.

If William really seals the heads of the three Medusa sisters in the Aegis, it does not mean that once the power of the Aegis is activated, anyone except the owner of William will look into the eyes of the three Medusa sisters. , All have to be petrochemical?

Damn Divine Item collector, Odin stared at William with a crooked face in annoyance.

Wait for William to enjoy Angela’s scented lips while thinking that Hela is the Goddess of death on the dark side, and put in his forehead, he can see through the fog and phantoms, and even suppress the Power of Darkness. ‘Warlock’s Eye’,

When it was temporarily integrated into Angela’s forehead, Odin suddenly felt that even he himself could not give so many Divine Items to his wife Frigga.

While happy that Angela can find a man who truly loves her, he also began to worry that even if Thor had the new Divine Item weapon and the’Destroyer’ Battle Armor, he would not be able to defeat Angela who was armed to her teeth. .

After all, Angela’s true strength surpassed Sol a few years ago. This treasure is not dominant. How can he fight in the ring?

Furthermore, the unicorn, the power that he showed when he released the holy light to stop Hela just now, made Odin feel that Duran’s strength was no worse than his mount.

Does the future ring have to lend all his mounts to Sol?

Really doing that will definitely make people accuse him of being partial to Divine King.


In this brief moment, Odin suddenly felt like there was nothing he could do, and why Asgard was so troubled, why William’s strength grew so fast, he didn’t even know if he wanted to return. How to return the irritability.

Now that Odin’s treasury is destroyed and I don’t know what treasure is left, I can’t give my Eternal Spear to William as a reward, right?

Odin suddenly felt that he was really old. The eldest daughter taught by hand, wanted to overthrow his rule. Another eldest son who taught by hand was smart, strong, brave and kind, just not suitable for king. .

Forget it, let the ring decide who will be the crown prince of Asgard, the worst result is even if Hela wins in the end,

I have my own Divine King here, down With Sol, Angela, and William behind Angela, Hela did not dare to rule Asgard with tyranny as it did a thousand years ago.

If you want to be the crown prince, you have to consider the possibility that the Asgardians will welcome Sol or Angela if they are dissatisfied.

And if Angela wins in the end, Odin thinks that he must live to be Angela’s child and grow up. No, it’s a grandchildren who grew up. After all, he looks at Asgard’s throne. , Inherited by Angela’s descendants.

This idea was originally decided by Odin when he was depressed. It is likely that he will regret it in a few days.

After waiting for William to say hello to him and Sol and plan to leave, Sol suddenly grabbed William and said, “Wait, William, my mother Friga, and Jane are in London. If possible, I would like to visit Folger Castle.”

When Odin heard this, his forehead suddenly went black.

With Angela, Odin was not afraid of Hela’s chaos, but before, he thought that Sol is a male and must inherit the throne, so he intentionally or unintentionally ignored Sol and Jane Foss. Special feelings.

Because of the existence of William, Sol doesn’t need him to put out a fire in the lower realm even if there is a major event on Earth. Some have time to accompany Jane Foster. The two did not just get along like in the movie. We broke up after a few years.

But once Sol and Jane Foster have a child, according to the lifespan of the descendants of Asgardians and Earth, the next generation of Divine King may not have a lifespan for a hundred years. It will probably be hundreds of years if you order.

Furthermore, it is nonsense for Jane Foster to rely on his mother, and it is a real benefit to rely on his father for William.

Thinking of the many Divine Items in William’s hands and the infinite gems, Odin did not believe that the grandchildren and granddaughters he taught would be inferior to the children of Athena and Artenis.

When the time comes, most of the Divine Items in William’s hand, and the Sentry Battle Armor are inherited by Angela’s child, it’s really hard to say who has the advantage.

After all, Asa Divine Race, or the child who recognizes the daughter of the European and American department, also retains the blood of his grandfather. The bloodline is actually the same as the grandson.

And what worries Odin the most is that he is still alive, and William’s strength is still in the bones, not showing it, but no matter how you don’t want to face it, Asgard will definitely be ruled by William in the future. The suppression of Olympus.

Once he passes away, William has no scruples, even if he does not oppress Asgard under Sol’s ostensibly, but secretly, or William’s subordinates, will definitely suppress Asgard for the benefit of all. Gad.

If it were the descendants of Saul and Jane Foster, Asgard might have become William, or a vassal of his descendants.

Thinking of this, Odin’s eyes flashed lightly, with a smile on his face facing Thor nodded who looked over, “It’s time to tell your mother peace.”

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