Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1507

William was very surprised that Odin would ask Sol to go to Folger Castle to report safety to Frigga and Jane Foster at this time.

Not to mention that Hela, who has been going through the ruins, looking for giant wolf Fenrir, may break out at any time. At this time, Thor should not leave As for the safety of his father. Gad.

The refugees who came to Asgard for the second time came back from the magic planet, it was the time to get good impressions.

Even if Saul doesn’t understand or disdain this kind of showy thing, Odin shouldn’t understand it.

But at this time Odin, without the slightest hesitation, let Sol go to Folger Castle in London. After Sol left, William looked at Odin’s one-eyed tentatively.

And Odin laughed instructed Angela to go to the magic planet, lead Asgard’s subjects back, clean up and rebuild the ruins of the Asgard King City.

Wait for Angela under William nodded, ride the unicorn Gemma Duran through the portal, and enter the fairy garden of the magic planet,

Odin looks calmly He said to William, “What guarantee did Zeus want you to give him before he was willing to pass it to you publicly?”

When he heard this, William immediately frowned. Is this none of your business? And this kind of secret involving inheritance, let alone the prospective father-in-law, can’t talk about the wife or child.

But after thinking about it, my heart moved.

Looking at Odin’s arrangement just now, it was to give Angela the task that should have been given to Sol. Now he asked Zeus about the transfer of the throne. If William couldn’t see anything in this unusual behavior, He is a fool.

After thinking about it for a moment, I picked two words that William can fully control himself, and Odin should also like to hear them.

“After marrying Athena and Artenis as the gods of Olympus, the next generation of Divine King can only be selected from the descendants of my sisters Athena and I.”

“That’s it?” Odin stared into William’s eyes in surprise.

After watching for a long time, I didn’t see that William meant to lie. Suddenly I thought that William should have really not lied, but that he didn’t say something.

Questioningly asked, “No, Olympus, that many Divine Item, Zeus did not let you guarantee that the Divine Item must be reserved for the children of the Athena sisters?”

Upon hearing this, William suddenly understood what Odin, the old man, was thinking.

But he would rather not Asgard, or before he died, he would not hand over many treasures to the next generation in advance, let alone infinite gems.

Once the Infinite Gems are distributed to six offspring, it is the beginning of disaster.

Just think about the ancient rebellion of the celestial dynasty, and know that in front of the throne and power, the grown up Princes are not good babies when they were young.

At most, rebuild treasure for future generations.

Fortunately, Odin himself experienced the coup set off by Hela. When he saw William frowned, and his eyes slowly turned bad, he quickly responded and added,

“What I said is that when you are going to fall, give all the rights and treasures to you and Angela’s child.

If not all, at least the treasures you got from me, and The space gems, reality gems, and infinite gloves that were mastered by Asgard thousands of years ago remain in Asgard.”

“This is impossible”, William shook his head without even thinking about it, “I decide how to distribute the things that belong to me. Even if Zeus takes the Olympus Divine Realm as a condition, I only agreed to him. Limited conditions”.

“But I am not a desperate Zeus”, Odin said with a serious expression, “Although Asgard will weaken a little bit as I get older,

But the people of Divine Realm are still there, and the army of Asa Divine Race is still there. As long as I abdicate, the successor will be able to take over a good and powerful Asgard.

And you want Let me give up Sol and elect the heiress Angela to the throne without paying a price. How do I explain to Asa Divine Race, how to Sol and Friga, and the Warnerheim Divine Race behind her Confess?

Because you are better than my old fogey? Because you have six infinite gems?” Odin said angrily behind the enemy, “but no matter how strong you are, it’s just Olympus Divine King, our status is equal”.

Listening to Odin’s low voice of reproach, William rolled his eyes and dug his ears, “Divine Item and treasure belonging to the Divine Realm of Olympus, I will stay at Mount Olympus, others Give everything to me and Angela’s offspring.

A flash of satisfaction flashed in Odin’s one-eyed eye. This means that the treasures that William got from the two Divine Realms will eventually stay with the Divine Item he got from Asgard. Asgard,

that is, his grandchildren, will get at least 2/3 of the Divine Items in William’s hands. Even in the future, when William gets more Divine Items, it will not only 2/3.

But the six most critical gems made Odin’s heart tight, “What about the infinite gems?”

William shrugged, revealing the infinite bracelet on his left hand, and his mind moved. Except for the blue space gem, the other five treasure cells are all empty.

Odin grabbed William’s left hand and lost his voice, “Boll is on, where are the other gems?”


William looked regretful, and explained the origins of Spirit Physique Thanos, and Thanos used six gems from other dimensions to kill him, and finally William counterattacked all the gems perish together. .

As for why this gem in his hand still exists, William is not interested in explaining.

Odin squeezed his shocked palm on William’s arm, then suddenly laughed and said, “If you ruin it, then ruin it. Without the other 5 gems, it’s a good thing for us this World. ,

In the future, we don’t have to worry about this universe, when it will be destroyed by people, haha, this is a good thing.”

William curled his lips in agreement, but in his heart he thought that Odin had never experienced the pleasure that everyone’s life and death were in his hands. Of course, he didn’t care if the Infinite Gems were in William. Ruined in his hands.

Furthermore, although he had been hinting at passing the pass to Angela just now, but he didn’t say it clearly, and immediately wanted to change his mind and stop mentioning the pass.

William, who sensed the change in Odin’s attitude, separated out a magic Avatar, teleported it into the mutant plane, and went directly to the magical planet with the power gem, and he easily got the protection power gem. The cosmic spiritual ball, returned to William.

William, who had an experience once, opened the universe spiritual orb with his thought power, revealing the purple power gem, and before Odin could speak, he was inlaid in the infinite bracelet.

The peculiar violent energy of the power gem, scurried several times on the Sentry Battle Armor, and was suppressed in the infinite bracelet.

Then William flashed his hands a few times, and Green’s Power of Time was applied to both of his hands, his face mockingly looked at the stunned Odin and said,

“Except for getting The requirements for soul gems are too troublesome. Although I don’t know where the other three gems are, it’s just a waste of time to find them.

Moreover, with the power gem as the source of magic power, there is space for gem manufacturing. Space barrier, or space blur to avoid attacks,

I don’t believe anyone dares to fight against my Divine Grade Sorcerer, or a Sorcerer who can use Power of Time on his own.”

“Okay, you won”, Odin patted William on the shoulder without any shame on his face, “1 month later, when Asgard is ready, I will give Sol , Angela and Hela held a throne contest.

The one who wins is the next king of Asgard.”

“One more move”, William, who has received a positive answer, wanted to mock a few words, but when he thought that he was plotting against Odin’s family property no matter what.

At this time, don’t irritate Odin too much. I am definitely not reconciled to the old man.

And if Angela still couldn’t win if she had her own support, William recognized it.

As for Angela said before, that he does not want to fight for the throne with Sol, William is sure to use Child’s future to persuade Angela to change his mind.

When the mother is for the future of the child, the younger brother probably has to stand aside.

As for the unreserved Devil, it is the top grade in the world and cannot be counted as a normal person.

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