Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1508

Hearing William’s ridicule, Odin wanted to be angry, but he felt cursed. With William’s cheeky and shameless, it would be better not to say it.

helplessly said, “If it weren’t for Sol and that Jane Foster in the past few years, do you think I’d give the throne to Angela so easily?”

“Hey,” William suddenly chuckled a few words.

At the beginning, Sol was taken back by Odin and rushed to Earth. He sat watching Jane Foster and Sol, who lost his power, and was attacked by a group of mercenaries. Although everyone was happy in the end, Sol not only got love , Also restored the divine force and picked up Thor’s Hammer again.

But Saul has been afraid to put Jane Foster back to Earth.

When Rocky took the Zetarians to attack New York, William did not gather the Avengers like in the movie, but managed the crisis efficiently by himself, so that Sol had no chance to take care of Earth’s affairs. .

This allowed Jane Foster, who stayed in Asgard, to spend some time with Sol.

England Prince Wilson, who has always had a cross-interstellar business with Sol, is still in charge of this interstellar business at William through Abigail,

intentionally or unintentionally let Wilson, Teach Saul to take Jane Foster to Warnerheim, Angela-ruled Yodonheim, Dwarf Nation and other places if he is fine.

Let Jane Fook who is studying astronomy Star, while enjoying the romance of her boyfriend, the charm of alien planets and star gods, while also combining the knowledge he has learned with the celestial sights he has seen in other planets.

After a long time, I didn’t even have the thought of returning to Earth.

This makes it strange that Odin, who cannot clearly interfere with Sol’s feelings, can dismantle Sol and Jane Foster.

After thinking about so much, William suddenly felt that although he helped Odin get a lot of trouble, but the benefits were not lost, and he did not plot against Odin and Asgard.

If Odin were to know that William was in the city of Asgard and had many eyeliners, Odin would probably furiously make trouble for him. After all, no king could bear the peeping of his territory.

So, now I’m going to swallow the whole Asgard in one bite, and William is starting to feel a little sorry.

However, this thought only hovered in his heart for a few seconds before it was thrown away without a trace.

You can eat meat only if you have a thick skin, and shameless can live longer and live a little more comfortably.

So, he was worried that Odin would play tricks, he just thought about it and opened the mouth and said, “Angela and Sol will play the first stage of the arena.”


Odin, who instantly understood William’s intentions, immediately shook hands with Eternal Spear.

If Odin didn’t plot against Angela in his heart, and used soft means like family affection to deal with Angela, then he is not the king of Nine Realms for thousands of years.

William thought that if Angela beats Hela first, she might keep her hands when she confronted Sol, and then forced Odin to agree to Angela and Sol first.

To be sure, Thor would rather Angela be the Divine King than Hela would be on the throne.

Because Hela not only has a heart to kill, but also a person who likes to speak with his fist, who seems violent and reckless, but has a bottom line in his heart, and even a kind-hearted person. .

And once Hela is on top, even if he has scruples and dare not want to conquer, he will definitely find a legitimate reason to fight with other intelligent creatures. When the time comes, Sol makes friends with Divine Realm, How many people have to die?

More importantly, under the rule of Angela and Hella, Frigga, the god queen, must be able to live more comfortably under Angela.

With William’s existence, if you choose one of the two, Saul will instinctively lean towards Angela.

On the contrary, Angela will keep her hands on Sol, who really cares about family affection these years, and will be entangled. At the last moment, she will definitely do according to William’s meaning, but like Sol, she will definitely not treat Hela. Keep your hands.

So, if the two fight first, they will think of relying on their full strength to fight for victory, otherwise it will be a cocoon to make Hela more likely to ascend to the throne.

Odin, who also knew this, frowned and said to William, “After all, Thor is the first heir to Asgard, and he is the only Prince with the right to inherit.

So, in order to silence some people in Asgard, and to convince the Warnerheim gods represented by Friga, I will definitely support him.

But when the time comes Sol If you and Angela both sides suffer, do you really plan to watch the sea go to the throne?”

“As long as you don’t play tricks, in addition to infinite gloves and gems, there is a storm representing the power of Olympus. The battle axe, the spear of victory and the holy light, as well as Thunderbolt War outside the armor.

The other Divine Items in my hand will be given to Angela, and even the Frost and Flame Sentry Battle Armor are not impossible.”

“Oh”, I heard that William had even brought out the elemental attribute sentinel Battle Armor. Odin was both happy for Angela and sorry for Sol.

“I will create a new Divine Item for Sol, and give him the’Destroyer’ Battle Armor.

For all Asgardians Understand, I support the tradition inherited by eldest son, but I also maintain the right to challenge among the heirs without being abandoned by Asgard.

Finally, I can be regarded as giving Friga one Explain.”

William eyebrow raised, silently calculating the authenticity of Odin’s words, and then shook his head again, “The first battle will determine the winner. If Angela loses, I will use the King of Olympus. He recognizes Sol as the King of Asgard,

and decides with Sol two Divine Realms to communicate with each other, not to attack each other, and to jointly maintain the safe quasi-ally of Nine Realms, Even let my son marry his daughter.

If Angela wins, the two Divine Realms will not be unified, but they will make a sacred covenant of offense and defense.”

After that, William extended the hand, waiting for Odin, whose expressions kept changing, to give a high-five to himself.

“What can’t be my grandson, marry your daughter?”

William shrugged, of course his own child should take advantage of it.

Faced with William’s rogue, Odin shook his head. After a while, he extended the hand and William gave three high-fives. Then both of them looked at them, and the distance was still flying. Stone, broken column, look for Hela of giant wolf Fenrir.

With a sigh, Odin turned away and said in a low voice, “You can fix her, but if you can, let her live.”

“No problem.” Since both confirmed with Odin, William and Odin will not give Hela a chance.

And far away in the magic planet, Loki, who was tied up by the magic rope like a zongzi, tried countless times, but he couldn’t break away from the magic rope, suddenly he broke away so easily.

According to William’s orders, I have been staring at Loki’s more than 80 elite scouts who can be sent by Odin to the underworld as the vanguard of Asgard,

Loki, who was very upset, wanted to run away, attacking without even thinking about it.

Under more than ten rounds of siege, Loki hugged his injured right arm and fled hastily for ten minutes.

In the sky, there was a loud roar of Heavenly Dragon.

All the animals and demonic beasts within a radius of more than ten kilometers are all lying on the ground shiver coldly, and you can see a natural phenomenon of redness in the sky in the distance.

Immediately there was a “hong” blast. The giant dragon Snug, who was at least a hundred meters away from his head and covered in blazing flames, rushed towards Loki’s hiding place.

Then, away from several hundred meters, a breath of violently high temperature dragon’s breath sprayed over Loki’s body within a hundred meters.

“Odin is on.”

Loki and a dozen Asgard scouts who were looking for Loki within this hundred meters range, they only came to shout these words in a hurry, and they were covered by flames.

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