Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1509

After Long Yan swept the floor, the flame dragon Sturger had two vertical pupils larger than a small car, staring at a distance of 100 meters, the scorched earth was emitting blue light Energy shield.

After seeing that the person in the energy shield is Loki, he kept fluttering his wings, and approaching the Sturger, without the slightest hesitation, he spouted a dragon’s breath again.

And the range of effect of this dragon’s breath is no longer 100 meters. In Loki’s horrified gaze, at a distance of several dozen meters, he ran straight into the magic shield.


Looky, who found that he couldn’t move suddenly, couldn’t escape, suddenly realized that he was trapped by magic.

After making an unwilling roar sound, the magic shield broke, and the dragon flame attached directly to him, burning violently.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah”.

Amidst a series of painful roar sounds, Loki’s whole body began to scorch, and Stranger borrowed from William to release the space imprint on Loki’s body. After feeling that Loki was really dead, he listened to the order. Flew back to the volcano hundreds of kilometers away.

“Odin, Odin is on.”

More than 60 elite Asgard scouts who were still alive, after the dragon flame was extinguished, and after personally inspecting the charcoal Loki, he wholeheartedly looked at the person with the highest rank among them. .

“Report the truth,” the scout Hundred-men Commander frowned and meditated for a moment, then suddenly said, “Wait, Rocky was hunted down by us while he escaped from the rope,

He hurriedly broke into the battlefield where the giant dragon preyed on the blazing tiger, and he was accidentally affected by Long Yan and died.”

As soon as the scouts were taken aback, someone began to say, “Captain,,”.

But before finishing speaking, Hundred-men Commander interrupted, “I know what you want to say”.

For a moment of silence, Hundred-men Commander sighed, “Once I report this way, the dozen or so comrades killed by Long Yan will have no reason to seek revenge on that giant dragon.

But you have to understand that this is the territory of Your Excellency William-Devonshire, do I need to say more about the origin of the giant dragon?”

The scouts around suddenly became silent, and Hundred-men Commander shook his head. Continue to say, “Moreover, even if we want revenge, a giant dragon with a hundred meters long and full body wrapped in flames is so easy to kill?

Now only a dozen comrades have died, really revenge If it were, it would be hundreds or thousands of comrades killed in battle.

Even Sol Prince took the Immortal Palace four warriors, but they couldn’t beat that giant dragon.

Finally, you think Didn’t it happen, why is Magic Rope Suo suddenly broken away by Loki?”

Although some people in the scout had been suspicious for a long time, they were scared to say so easily to Hundred-men Commander. , His face was even more horrified.

“You are the same as me. You support Saul Prince, right?”

Hundred-men Commander stared at everyone for a while and saw the scouts listen At this point, the face looks good, and even some people have a slight smile on their faces.

For the fighters of Asgard, Sol and Loki have a choice. Simply don’t have to choose, it must be Sol.

Even if Angela, the heir, and Rocky choose one of them, they would rather have a queen with William with their backs back.

Seeing that his subordinates stopped talking, and there was no expression of righteous indignation on their faces, Hundred-men Commander was relieved to remind everyone again that they must be unified after returning.

Only ordered, “Let’s go, let’s go home”.

Not long after this group of people left, they disappeared in the vicinity of the magic Avatar, laughing out the silhouette of their mouths.

If this group of people said something William didn’t want to hear, they would definitely not survive the moment of returning to Asgard during the critical period when Angela is about to be in charge.

Now that there is Loki is an excuse for being mistakenly killed by a giant dragon because of bad luck. Even if this is the reason, 99% of the people in Asgard will not reveal it.

The remaining 1% of people, even if they are not smart, will be warned by those around them.

William, after fixing the instability factor of Loki, looked at Hela in the distance with a smile on his mouth.

Yes, probably by special means, I felt Loki’s death, and he looked at Odin’s nodded with strange eyes, and his body flashed over the ruins of the Golden Palace.

“Do you need help, Ms. Hela?”

“Go away?”

Hela’s mouth is stiff, but in action, he still has to stop After cleaning up the ruins, he looked at William with a serious and vigilant face, “What do you want?”

“Very simple”, William squinted at the flames outside several dozen meters Battle Armor, “Odin and I have decided to let you, Sol and Angela,

1 month later, come to an arena to decide the successor of the next throne.

And that set of Flame Battle Armor is one of the equipment I plan to use for Angela Fiancee.”

Hella suddenly knew what William wanted to do, but before she could speak, William continued,

“I will help you find the buried giant wolf Fenrir, And your undead Legion, and lend you a ray of Fire of Eternal to resurrect Fenrir and your men.

And all you need to do is lead Fenrir and the undead Legion, Fight with my Battle Armor.

If you lose, you will automatically withdraw from the competition for the throne. If you want to stay in Asgard, you have to be loyal to the new king, or bow your head to acknowledge the legitimacy of the new king.

As for if you don’t want to lower your head, you can go, but” William waved his hand, a space imprint, when Hela swung his sword to attack the imprint, it easily penetrated the sword of the night sky and imprinted on her.

“If you go back, dare to return to Asgard, or subvert in the dark, plot against the rule of the new king, I believe Odin will not stop me from killing you.”

“Crunch, crunch,” Hela squeezed her fists in anger, making a burst of crunching noises.

And I heard that William just let himself fight against a set of Battle Armor, instead of against Angela who is wearing a flamed Battle Armor and holding several Divine Items,

Hela not only I didn’t feel the slightest advantage, but knew that the Flame Battle Armor, under the command of the master William, would definitely play a bigger William than Angela was wearing.

If you don’t agree, not only can you not pass William’s level, but Odin, who looks at her from a distance, will definitely not agree.

Many times, the background is more important than your true strength.

Just like before William’s full rise, he was plotting against Odin and Gu Yi, and even if he suffered a little loss, he had to make good friends with them.

Otherwise, even if he is not afraid of Mephisto himself, he has so much confidence to use Mephisto, who has countless demons, as a fool.

Hela heard William say that Odin never thought of killing her at this time, and there was still a little warmth in her heart.

Then regained the queen’s appearance again, and said with a confident smile on the corner of his mouth, “So, I won, I am eligible to participate in the ring?”

“Yes”, William nodded and said, “If you can’t even beat Angela’s Battle Armor, you still feel at ease to go outside of Nine Realms, grab someone else’s territory, and become the queen yourself.”

Hella’s heart moved, thinking silently that he was facing the Divine Kings of Olympus and Asgard, and the probability of winning was too low.

But if you take a step back, maybe there will be a day when you return to Asgard.

Putting away the sword of the night sky in her hand, Hela smiled and said, “I would like to listen first. If I quit now, how much support can you and Odin give me?”


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