Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1510

“Smart”, William didn’t feel relieved when he heard this. On the contrary, he began to really consider whether to kill Hela now.

In the novel and reality, Prince was driven away, and finally went out of the kingdom to fight hard, leading the army back to the stage of revenge, which is not a rarely seen story.

Furthermore, with the 5000-year lifespan of the Asgardians, as long as Hela does not die, there will be at least 23000 years of lifespan. Even if it is only the Peak period, there are still one or two thousand years.

For such a long time to guard against Hela, it is better to be like Loki, death ends all one’s troubles.

As for the joking idea of ​​marrying Hela and Angela together, after marrying the two sisters Athena and Artenis,

I am already worried about my future child. Plot against each other, and even William, who was in the dark, had already thrown that idea to the horizon.

spirit strength Through the ruins of the Golden Palace, extending down several hundred meters, you can feel the Fenrir and thousands of them, who are held down by the boulder, wearing armor and holding weapons. Mummy.

A single thought, Fenrir and the undead army, who is more than twenty meters long and ten meters tall, appeared on the ruins of the royal city.

William took out the Twilight Sword that exuded great heat, shaking his hand, and a small group of Fire of Eternal floated towards Hela.

Then he said to Hela who was catching the flame group, “I think I will let you fight the Battle Armor, lest you regret it in the future and feel that you are scared by me”.

These words not only made Hella Meizhou wrinkle, even Odin suspected that William wanted to take the opportunity to kill Hella.

But who is Hela, she dared to rebel and wanted to kick her old son Odin off Divine Throne.

I was forced to this point by William, even if I felt that I couldn’t win, but didn’t fight, there would be no face to face William and Angela in the future, and I would no longer have the right to worry about Asgard’s throne.

The red Fire of Eternal in his hand turned into a ghostly green ghost, and then slammed to the ground, and the flames of the undead swept all around, past Fenrir and thousands of undead.

In the eyes of Fenrir and the undead army, a green soul flame suddenly appeared, opened the big mouth of the skeleton, and roared silently and struggled to stand up.

This caused countless soldiers and civilians who had returned to Asgard’s city to line up or retreat.

“Very good, very good”, William, floating in the air for two meters, squinted and waved his hand. The Twilight Sword in his hand seemed to be put away by him,

But the fact is that the Twilight Sword and Ten Sets were placed in the storage space by William, together with the spare Flame Battle Armor,

Rongjin has been standing still, only two meters high. The flames of Battle Armor.

As long as the Fire of Eternal in the Twilight Sword is there, the Fire Element Energy of the Battle Armor is endless, and there are eleven sets of Sentry Battle Armor, even if William goes to forcibly demolish it, he doesn’t know. When will it be demolished?

After all, the sentry not only has extraordinary defensive power, but also absorbs kinetic energy, and then releases magical energy to offset the attack.

In other words, as long as the sentry cannot be dismantled in one blow, the eleven whiteboard Battle Armor can kill the enemy.

Not to mention that the Blaze Battle Armor is actually the most powerful of all magical Battle Armors. Once the Blaze Field is activated, within a radius of two hundred meters, there is a world of flames.

In addition, as long as the Flames Battle Armor is close to and covering the enemy, the enemy whose mobility is restricted will not be able to escape from being burned to the ground.

Of course, except for those who are immune to fire, but William has more than just the Battle Armor in his hands. The ones with high fire resistance are not necessarily anti-frost, thunderbolt and holy light.

But before William commanded the Battle Armor operation, Hela stared at him and shouted, “William-Devonshire, Olympus’ new Divine King,

I am the daughter of Odin, the grandson of Bor, the commander of Asgard in the Nine Realms battle, and my opponent is you”.

After finishing speaking, Hela jumped onto Fenrir, stood on top of the giant wolf a dozen meters tall, and looked down at William, “Even if I die, no one can humiliate me.”

“Good point.”

The surrounding Asgardians, not only the soldiers agreed, but even the civilians began to praise Hella’s courage and fearless.

“NM”, William looked at Odin with erratic eyes, and couldn’t help sighing. Hela really deserved to be able to almost overthrow Odin’s existence.

This fascinating ability, really comes with open hands, and the effect is pretty good.

Even if Hela loses today, but as long as she does not die, as time goes by, the Asgardians will be like humans, forget Hela once rebelled and set off a foul wind and bloody rain, and the massacre of the entire Martial Goddess Legion by one person.

Instead, I only remember her today, as the Queen of Asgard, without fear of life and death to challenge William, to challenge the Divine King of Olympus.

Maybe when she reappears, there will be a large number of unknowns, so even if they know the atrocities she committed, people who blindly worship her kneel to greet her.

So, William coldly snorted when thousands of undead rushed towards him, not only put away the flame Battle Armor, but also put away the holy light Battle Armor he was wearing.

Don’t use holy light magic to restrain the undead, but mobilize the power of Phoenix just acquired in the body.

William burst into a dazzling light when Hela rode Fenrir towards him.

As an infinite multiverse, the storage container and governor of the life and emotional energy of future generations, the power of Phoenix is ​​not only the incarnation of spiritual strength, but also the actual expression of life force.

The Undead Magic and Life Strength are absolute enemies.

Thousands of undead warriors are irradiated by the power of Phoenix, just like encountering oily cheese, they instantly turn into ashes and dissipate between Heaven and Earth.

Even the giant wolf Fenrir, who is as powerful as Hela’s own, only lasted for three seconds before being blown by the power of Phoenix, his body was carbonized, his fur dissipated, and his flesh and blood melted to the ground like sand. After six or seven seconds, it completely dissipated between Heaven and Earth.

And Hela, the death Goddess who devoted himself to the Darkness Domain, hadn’t wrapped her with the sword of the night sky and resisted the power of Phoenix, at this time he would definitely have turned into ashes like Fenrir, go to see her grandfather Bored.

Although the sword of the night sky is a Divine Item, it has the same energy and has to be protected under Hela in all directions. It has not lasted ten seconds before it has been penetrated by the power of Phoenix.

Hela hiding in the pitch-black metal group appeared one after another blisters burned out by the power of Phoenix, and then the muscles began to scorch and carbonize.

However, Hela deserves to be known as standing on the land of Asgard and has the existence of Undying Body.

No matter how Phoenix’s power burns, the injuries on the body will soon show signs of recovery.

When William discovered this, she put away the power of the scattered attacks and began to focus on Hela. After suffering from severe pain, she couldn’t help but start to roar in a low voice to cheer herself up. Persevere with gritted teeth.

“Enough, William”.

William coldly snorted, looking at Odin, who was expected to speak, lifted her hand and lifted Heratos away from the land of Asgard,

silhouette flashed, Pinch Hela’s neck.

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