Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1511

“Enough, William”.

When Odin saw William squeeze Hela’s neck, William, who was concerned about the power of Phoenix in his heart, worried and even feared at the same time, instantly thought of Hela who was crushed. Can’t die.

In the past, Odin still felt that William was no matter how good it was, only because of Infinite Gems, no matter how strong he was, he was still a little worse than Odin.

Now that Phoenix is ​​easily crushed by the power of Phoenix, Hela, who is only slightly weaker than him, Odin suddenly felt that even if Angela sat on the throne, William would avoid William from hiding the sky with one hand in the future , Completely control Asgard,

When facing William with Angela, he can speak and make decisions with confidence, and Angela must have strong support behind him.

If you just rely on yourself and Sol, want to suppress or make William scruples, where is the security of adding Shanghai?

Furthermore, after today’s fight, Hela, whose confidence and ambition was hit, is not qualified to be rebellious anymore, it will be much easier to win.

After that, even if Hella has other thoughts, he can still trouble William and let William put his mind on preventing Hella, and Sol will have much better life in the future.

But Odin didn’t even realize it. He would think so, which meant that he had no confidence in the battle between Sol and Angela.

After hearing Odin’s blocking sound, William put away the power of Phoenix in his hand, stared at Hela with an expression of fear, and smiled taunted, “You are locked up for a while. Have you been silly for thousands of years?

Or do you really think that Asgard is the highest battle strength in the universe, except for Odin, you are the strongest.”

Hela grabbed William’s right hand with both hands, and said with difficulty, “If you want to kill, you don’t need to humiliate me.”

To kill or not to kill?

In less than three seconds, William decided to speak after Anji** took the throne. He glanced at the space mark on Hela’s forehead, and relaxed and pinched Hela’s neck indifferently.


Teleport came to Odin’s side, “1 month later, Angela and Thor’s ring will determine who is the new king of Asgard?”

“En”, look While Hela was coughing violently on the ground, Odin was helplessly nodded. He had to admit what he said, and after seeing the super power of the power of Phoenix, he showed no confidence even if he didn’t recognize it.

“That’s it.” William blew a whistle, and Angela, who was riding on the back of the unicorn, was teleported to him and turned up on the back of the unicorn.

Holding Angela in both hands, leaving the sentence “I have something to go to Devonshire Castle in Oxford, and find the magic Avatar left by me”, then she appeared on Mount Olympus with Angela instantly.

Then, while talking to Angela about his plans, and the 1 month later ring, he released the magic Avatar, entered various planes and abysses, and filled the hundreds that were killed by Thanos. Instead of him guarding, monitoring, or having business vacancies in Avatar.

Although Angela didn’t care much about the throne, she was stared at by William a few times, and she did not dare to say any more and agreed.

In order to dispel Angela’s resistance, William laughed his arms around Angela’s slender waist and explained, “Olympus Divine Realm will become the domain of Athena and Artenis’ children. ,

Earth and other industries will be the common industry of Abigail and their children.

So if you want our children to have a good family property, you have to Take the throne of Asgard to the children.

Furthermore, I promise you that in the future you think that child is the most suitable, you can abdicate early and stay with me.”

“Really, really?” Angela looked at William with bright eyes. She was always worried that William would push her to the throne in order to take her status for a period of transition, and then personally control As Gad.

If this is the case, in the future, while she will be a puppet Divine King, she will definitely have serious conflicts with Odin, Thor, and the upper echelons of Asgard, and even war.

But now what this means is that since the heir can make her mother’s decision again, and if she can pass the position early in the morning, a lot of infighting can be avoided, and the family will not turn against each other.

Thinking about having a bright future for her child, Angela immediately decided to compete with Sol.

After talking about Angela, William took his mother and other women to play around in the Olympus God World. In his free time, he personally played against Angela.

But I only played three times. She was wearing a Divine Item and even Angela, who even used the Medusa shield, was easily beaten by the empty-handed William.

If you want to restrain Medusa’s shield, you only need to close your eyes and use spirit strength and mind strength as your eyes.

In the end, Athena and Artenis became Angela’s new sparring partners. Fortunately, William explained to Angela in advance, only using the Frost Hammer, and all other Divine Items were put away.

Otherwise, Athena and Artenis would definitely have trouble with William because Angela is a Divine Item.

Time unconsciously in the past twenty days.

Lena, who had been in Divine Realm in Olympus for more than a month, and Abigail couldn’t let go of London. William took them back to the manor in London.

Not long after returning to London, William looked up towards the sky, and a rainbow bridge landed directly at Devonshire Castle in Oxford.

As soon as Sol appeared outside the castle, William’s silhouette came to Sol.

Looking at Thor’s Hammer in his left hand, right hand a double-edged short-handled one-handed battle axe, wearing a’Destroyer’ Battle Armor, fully armed Thor.

William frowned, just listen to Saul said with a smile, “How have you been, buddy”.

“Not bad”.

Saul didn’t talk much when he saw William, just staring at him, and couldn’t help but smile and said, “Okay, I’ll just say it straight, suddenly I came to find Angela to fight.”

Wearing luxurious equipment, William of course knew that Sol was here to fight, but the battle was ten days in advance, and Sol planned to fight in private, which was surprising.


Sol did not sell too much, put Warhammer and Tomahawk on his back, clapped his hands to indicate that he did not maliciously say, “Jane is pregnant, I I don’t want to affect Jane and the child in her stomach because of the duel with Angela.

And you know, if I sit on the throne, the probability of marrying Jane is even lower.

After all, there are not many Asgardians who can accept a goddess who will not live to be a hundred years old, and heirs who have only a few hundred years of lifespan.

And I don’t want several decades later. I passed away and left me, and I don’t want to just watch my children and see my grandfather Bor earlier than I did.

After Angela came to power, my wife is your younger brother and sister, I and Jane’s Child is your nephew and niece.

You and Angela are the Divine King of Olympus and the Divine King of Asgard. You can’t helplessly look at me if you have a way. Wives and children will pass away one by one”.

William squinted, laughed nodded, if he only paid some magical nectar that can make people live longer, he could make Thor give up the throne.

Don’t talk about nectar, the seeds of Blood Orchid can’t be considered.

Understanding that Sol came today, it should be a cutscene, William reconfirmed and asked, “Are you sure you will give up the throne if you don’t fight? Don’t start to regret it again after a few years.”

“Don’t worry, I’m Sol Odinson,” Sol patted his chest and said, “I’m not going to regret this, and I think Jane’s right, even if I win .

Since I knew you, you guy has been so strong. In the future, Asgard will be suppressed by you and Olympus.

And if I want to seek more benefits for Asgard’s subjects, I will definitely have disputes and secret fights with you and Olympus.

Once there is a fight, Even if we are willing to sit down and talk, those of us will continue to quarrel in secret, and when the conflicts accumulate to a certain extent, one day there will be an unreconcilable hatred.

In this case, let Angie simply let Angie Sit on the throne.

When the time comes, the Asgardians and Olympians are your people, and you don’t have to fight, you will definitely treat you equally.

Even if it is not completely fair, there will be no crisis of confrontation between the two Divine Realms.

Asgardians can live no worse than they are now, and I can live with Jane and children for a long time. Together, let alone thinking about how to guard against you and Angela’s elder sister, this is a good thing with three birds with one stone for me.”

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