Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1512

After listening to Sol’s words, William couldn’t help but lament that his decision to create conditions to bring Sol and Jane Foster together was really wise.

I sigh again that there are people in this world who love the country, the beauty, and the family more.

However, in the movie, Sol said more than once that he did not want to be on the throne, Asgard was destroyed, and the other world’s Thanos was killed, he even directly gave the throne to Martial Goddess.

Faced with Sol, who is so magnanimous and regards rights as nothing, William didn’t know what to say for a while.

If he heard these words ten years ago, William might think that he would plot against to plot against and use military force to secretly persecute and rob others of their family property. What’s the point?

William, who can reach the top with strength, is also 37 years old, and has passed the age of passion and frivolous.

When people reach middle age, both their preferences and thinking have begun to change, and things have reached this step, Asgard must be in his hands.

Immediately, William began to rejoice that Odin had been pressing on Thor and only gave him the task of charging into the battlefield.

As a general in the capacity of Prince, he didn’t really taste the taste of power, so he could easily take the position of Divine King inappropriately.

As for Jane Foster, who can influence Saul’s decision, let alone tasting rights, she has not even enjoyed the life of the rich.

After knowing that one’s several decades of life were only a short rush for the Asgardians, there is no surprise that they want to live longer.

Furthermore, the pregnant woman’s mind is all on the child. After seeing the one-sided battle between William and Hella more than 20 days ago,

If Sol treats her I’ve said that I’m not even sure about winning Angela, let alone winning William or the like, it’s normal to fool Saul to abandon the throne.

I just don’t know if Jane Foster will regret his decision today after seeing his child being no better than Angela’s child in the tens or hundreds of years.

No, she will definitely regret it.

But when the time comes, she and her children regret it, so what can they do?

Dayihe has fists in hand, and if I have something to say, I hold it in my stomach. Even if William’s own child, he has to kneel obediently under his father’s fist.

William has to worry instead that long-term peace will nurture the next generation into dudes. Don’t when the time comes. It’s hard to cultivate a good heir. That’s funny.

Worrying about how to cultivate offspring, William took Thor, who put away his Tomahawk, Warhammer, and the “Destroyer” Battle Armor, went back to the castle, picked a shotgun, and rode on two sweaty horses.

In Oxford Territory, wandering aimlessly, discussing how to discipline a child with worry and expectation.

This scene made Odin, who was always watching all this in Asgard, unwillingly and helplessly longing for the arrival of his first grandson or granddaughter.

And this unexpected third generation may become the most beloved child of the two Divine Realms.

Don’t talk about Angela, her relationship with Sol has always been good, and now this child encourages Angela and Sol not to fight, so that the power can be smoothly transferred.

, And stabilized the relationship between Odin’s family and won’t turn his face. Therefore, even if Angela likes him, William will definitely spoil him or her, true or false, no matter how much he thinks.

If this first child is really a girl, and the character does not make William hate, it will probably become the most favored Princess of the two Divine Realm, as Odin thought.

As for the boy, the biggest dude of the two Divine Realms was doomed the moment he was born.

As for how bad it will be, it depends on whether Jane Foster is honest.

If she is really not arguing or making trouble, although the dude is annoying, there are still many people envy, and she is not all villains, right.

Since Sol took the initiative to abandon the throne, William had to be kind and even show them to others before the Sol and his wife showed other ideas.

As for conscience, this can be said to anyone, but not to a qualified ruler, because people like William will put a quotation mark on the conscience,’Does it threaten him?’

Of course family fun is the best ending, but the fact is often that people are on the sidelines.

There are consistent people, but why we have to believe and respect such people is because there are too few.

Asgard Nine Realms Earth calendar, October 2017.

After returning from Sol to Asgard, he said publicly that he had never beaten Angela and retired to the throne. After six months of construction, Asgard’s Golden Palace and the Royal City, finally It was fully completed before the wedding of William and Angela.

However, the wedding location is not in Mount Olympus. Although William is the Divine King of Olympus, because of the existence of Athena and Artenis, Angela can’t, and it’s impossible to go to Olympus. mountain.

Furthermore, after the announcement of the wedding with Angela, a few months ago, in June, William was forced by Athena and Arteni to re-run the show. All Olympus has a temple. Both attended the wedding.

In August, a private wedding was held with Abigail on Dinosaur Island, and Abigail was officially announced as Madam, Duke of Devonshire.

Then brought other women to the original Hell City, now Holy City, to Abigail, Jesse, Serena, Nissa, Daddario, Natasha and The others held a formal wedding.

Fortunately, there is a precedent for Zeus to marry seven wives. The Divine Realm of Olympus, seeing that Athena and Artenis are not opposed, they will not jump out to find it. Feel at ease.

As for Laura, this little girl saw that Duke Madam was not her, and she was unwilling to marry no matter how William promised. Then she went on an adventure without saying hello.

Jin Grey said that he needs to be considered when he is less than 18 years old, and even if he wants to marry, he must go to Mutant World to hold a wedding.

William marries Angela, of course, he has to have a handy dowry gift, think about it, and finally get back the Medusa Shield and the Eye of the Warlock.

The domination of the Frost Hammer, the Heavenly Sword, the Bow of Epirus, the four unicorns, and even a total of 10,000 golden stone wing beasts were also given to Angela.

And what delighted Odin and Saul the most was that in the undisclosed dowry, William gritted his teeth and planted the Blood Orchid flower that produces magical nectar in Angela’s garden.

Of course, this kind of Blood Orchid flower that has left the Tree of Life Cyria roots has to be reduced by two levels, but it has a quantitative advantage, enough for the Odin family and future children, about ten People used it.

As for the use of magic nectar as a takeaway product, don’t think of taking advantage of William. Even Angela will control the number of Blood Orchid flowers in the Golden Palace.

The Life Water produced by Celia will be completely in William’s hands from now on, even if Odin doesn’t even want to rely on his lips, he can get it from William.

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