Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1513

On the day of the wedding, William was dressed in a tuxedo, riding a unicorn wrapped in a holy light Battle Armor, and carrying hundreds of holy light Knights riding a pure white pegasus,

From the Olympus Holy City through the huge portal, to the Rainbow Bridge in Asgard a few kilometers long, I saw Sol in the same dress from a distance, with a hundred Asgardian warriors, riding towards us.

After saying hello to each other, William and Sol rode side by side, and the two hundred Knights were divided into two teams, following them.

After walking several dozen meters, William saw that Saul didn’t know what to say, he couldn’t help but smiled and asked, “Is Jane’s due date soon?”

“Hey” , When I heard William ask this, when Salton was incarnation, he grinned happily and said, “It should be about 20 days before counting.”

Then I remembered what I heard from England Prince Wilson that William personally used holy light to give Little Brat baptism when he was in Wilson’s eldest son, Little Louis, at the full moon.

Sol just rubbed his hands and asked sorry, “After my child is born, can you do holy light baptism for me and Jane’s child like Wilson’s eldest son?”

“No problem”, William without the slightest hesitation’s nodded, “The Little Brat who is about to be born is the first new member of our family, let alone holy light baptism, just give him away A little unicorn is fine.”

“ha ha ha, thank you, thank you”, Saul immediately laughed happily.

If both of them were not riding horses at this time, he would both want to hug William to show his gratitude.

Waiting for the team to pass through the more symbolic, more than ten-meter-high city gate built on the Rainbow Bridge, they saw the streets of Asgard’s King City full of Asgard in a robe dress. Gard.

When these people saw William and Sol, they bent over and shouted, “Asgard welcomes you, the great King of Olympus.”

“Thank you”, William smiled nodded, and then the holy light scattered from him a little bit, following the pace of the unicorn, any Asgardian within a radius of two hundred meters along the way As long as it is covered by the holy light,

any obvious injuries and internal injuries on the body will get better a little bit, and even energy and physical strength will begin to recover to their best condition.

And this move made the Asgardians welcome him more.

After all, William is Asgard’s husband, holy light Knight may also spread within Asgard.

Knight, who can fight, resist, and save, is more popular than the pure fighters of Asgard.

Among all the cheers, only Hela grinned and mocked’hypocrisy’.

Whether it is holy light or Life Power, he can restrain Hela from throwing himself into the dark. If she can just ridicule, she has given William a lot of face.

However, speaking of which, holy light Knight is a profession, William doesn’t really care. Angela’s direct guards can transform the city of Paladin in the future,

not only beneficial to Angela , Can also strengthen William’s influence on Asgard.

Of course, William himself doesn’t care, it doesn’t mean that he will easily be in Asgard and open up the profession of Paladin.

If you want to get benefits and become stronger, you have to show loyalty to Angela, otherwise, strengthening the strength of Odin and Sol’s men is not a good thing for Asgard.

The horse team crossed several kilometers of streets and came to the reconstructed Golden Palace Palace. Looking at Hela standing on a ten-meter-high step, William felt uncomfortable, but it did not happen at this time. .

Jumped off the horse, took Thor up the steps, and saw the Odin and his wife approaching in full costumes.

“Finally it’s the day you marry Angela.” Odin, who didn’t hold Eternal Spear, walked forward and hugged William. Not to mention, he kept patting his back with his hands. ,

William rolled the eyes, feeling upset that Odin rely on age to show of age, but he has nothing to do with his close behavior.

Today is talking about family affection. Even if William is equal to Odin, he still has to bow his head. After all, he married his daughter.

Of course, it’s impossible to make William retreat again.

Fortunately, Odin and William have dealt with each other for so many years. I don’t know where William’s mind and personality are. After taking advantage of it, I showed it to the Asgardians, and they just accepted it.

After William and Friga paid respect to each other, Odin personally took him into the Golden Palace. From a distance, he saw Angela in a white wedding dress standing beside the throne with tears in his eyes. , Looked at him excitedly.

From a precarious illegitimate daughter who tried to eliminate her presence, she now truly marries William. After the wedding, the throne will be handed over.

It can be said that everything Angela has at this time is all because of William.

This makes Angela not excited, how not grateful, if it were not for the wrong occasion, she could not wait to rush off the throne of the high platform and threw herself into William’s arms.


A series of horns and trombone sounds came. William reached out to Angela’s side and held her hand, looked at Odin standing on the throne, and asked seriously,

“William-Winston-Devonshire, would you like to marry the daughter of Audrey Odin?”

William glanced at Angela with a flushed face with excitement. Smiling nodded, “willing”.

Odin followed nodded and looked at Angela, “Daughter of Audrey Odin, would you like to marry William-Winston-Devonshire as your wife?”

“Yes”, Angela was nodded without stopping for half a second, “I have been looking forward to this moment for nearly ten years, thank you father.”

“Very well”, Odin showed a big smile, and asked again no matter what difficulties and pains he encountered in the future, William and Angela responded that they would not separate.

Odin raised his head and glanced at everyone in the Golden Palace, “Is anyone against this wedding?”

As soon as I said this, William’s spirit strength swept everyone in an instant .

If someone really dared to stand up against him, although he would only press the other person with his thoughts first, the wedding would be over and he would definitely be ruthless to kill that person.

Fortunately, many people at the scene focused on Saul, but Saul didn’t mean anything at all, and he immediately frustrated many people.

After all, more than six months ago, Sol publicly stated to Asgard’s upper management that he had given up the right to inherit the throne.

More than half a year has passed. Even if someone is unwilling or dissatisfied, Saul has no intention of repenting, but he has slowly accepted it.

Even Frigga, who William thought he would be unwilling to reconcile, was nothing unusual at this time. She always looked at Angela and William with a smile on her face, but occasionally looked at Saul’s eyes,


William was actually relieved.

What is this?

True unselfishness?

Kevriga, before showing any abnormality, William could only treat her as a respect for her elders.

Otherwise, once the slightest suspicion and hostility are shown, it will be pointed out by all means, and it will force Saul to think that other thoughts are impossible.

Frija is his mother after all.

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