Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1514

Odin waited for three minutes. Seeing that there was no objection, he also relaxed announcing in his heart, “Since there is no objection, then I will announce you in the name of Odin Bolson The two became officially legal couples”.

In an instant, thousands of people in the Golden Palace cheered and jumped for joy.

The voice reached outside the Golden Palace, and the entire Asgard city burst into enthusiastic, festive shouts.

Many people even shouted, “Long live Angela, long live Devonshire”.

And with the passage of time, more and more people shouted “Long live Angela, Long live Devonshire”.

William’s smile on his face grew stronger as he listened to it, while Angela peeped at Odin with a guilty conscience, and saw Odin’s mouth twitching at Angela before closing his one-eyed eyes. Letting go of Asgard’s burden and breathe a sigh of relief, and inevitably a little bit of reluctance.

But this is also understandable. After all, he has been the king of Asgard for more than four thousand years. Now that he abdicates like this, no one will give up.

Seeing Odin’s delay in speaking, William who was waiting couldn’t help but bitterly laughed secretly, hoping that the old man would not lose the chain at this time.

Fortunately, not long after, Odin opened his one eye and stretched out his hand. Eternal Spear, representing the right of Divine King, appeared in his hand.

“dong dong dong”.

The muffled sound of three consecutive metal collisions spread throughout the city, and the cheers outside the Golden Palace and the Golden Palace soon stopped.

Dozens of seconds later, Odin held Eternal Spear, and William took Angela’s hand, stepped back two steps to highlight Odin,

Odin faced William nodded, said in a tranquil voice, “I Odin, the successor and founder of Nine Realms, Asgard, today officially announced the pass to my second daughter Angela.”

“Your Majesty,,”.

Someone still couldn’t help but shout out, hoping to change Odin’s decision, but Odin, who had already spoken out, leaned on Eternal Spear and rushed to the throne. Hit the ground.

The loud bang of “boom” instantly suppressed the noisy voices in the Golden Palace, “I have given you half a year, and I have given my eldest son and eldest daughter half a year,

But in the past six months, neither Sol nor Hela expressed objections to me, so at the moment I stand on the throne today, everything is doomed, and Angela will be crowned king.”

Countless people who are optimistic about Sol and opposed to Angela are all looking at the calm William at this time.

If it weren’t for him, even if Sol marries the human Jane Foster, even if Sol’s heir is a short-lived Prince whose lifespan is not very long than Sol, the throne would eventually fall to Sol’s head on.

Gwanghaela has had a coup and massacred the Martial Goddess of Asgard. Angela is an illegitimate daughter, and the two sisters are not even qualified to fight for the throne.

As for Loki, this guy has been locked up for five years before death, and no one cares about Loki’s Prince identity, and many people have even forgotten him.

Watching Odin take off the crown that represents the throne from his head, William gently pushed Angela’s back waist, pushing her two steps forward.

Very passive Angela looked back at William, and after receiving a certain look from William, she bowed her head and knelt at Odin’s feet.

But Angela’s move just now made the Asgardians present frown, and even Odin began to look at William with worry. The crown in his hand was not on Angela’s head. on.

This hesitation caused many people present to breathe harder.

William saw this, thought for a moment, and directly sent sound transmission to Angela. After a few seconds, I heard Angela, who had been bowing her head, suddenly said,

“Father, I promise me In child’s surname, there will be Devonshire, and Odin III will be added as the middle name. My grandson will have Odin IV, and the throne of Asgard will only be passed on. To the grandson of Odin, the sons of Angela and William, not to other children of Devonshire, even “.

Speaking of this, Angela looked back at Sol with a serious face, “Once my descendants have no heirs, the throne will be passed on to Sol’s descendants.”

“Very good, very good”.

Odin soon laughed heartily, with the promise of William and Angela, which means that his name, Odin, will be Asgard forever with the Divine King and the royal family. People remember.

And Angela personally promised that even if her immediate descendants lose their heirs, they will not pass on the throne to the children born to William and other women, but directly return it to the descendants of Sol.

Odin finished laughing and looked towards William, waiting for him to confess it himself.

William twitched his lips, saying as if he cares about ruling Asgard.

Wait, that’s not right. He really cares about Asgard’s rule, but he doesn’t care so much about whether he wants to rule himself.

Otherwise, the management and military power of Olympus Divine Realm would not fall on Artenis and Athena.

The two gods really became one family, at least when he was alive, the probability of a war was extremely low.

As for his death, don’t care about him.

He only cares that he can live safely when he is alive.

Take out the three-in-one composition of Zeus’s “Lightning Fire”, Poseidon’s “Sea Emperor Trident”, and Hades’s “Pluto Scepter”, exuding fierce thunderbolt victory at all times The spear of the king, a meal on the ground.

The sound of “boom” was exactly the same as Odin’s muffled sound. Everyone was shocked at the victory gun that looked extraordinary and refined. It took a while before they looked envy, defensive, and horrified. The look of the eyes looked towards William’s face.

William opened the mouth and said after everyone looked at him, “I promise in my own name that the throne of Asgard will only be born to the offspring of me and Angela.

Unless they rebel, subvert the rule of Angela and his descendants, violate the laws of Asgard, and be disgusted by the people of Asgard, deprived of inheritance rights,

then Sol and him The descendants of, ranked behind Angela’s child, have the right to inherit the throne of Asgard.”

Everyone thinks about it carefully, so it seems that if Angela has no child, Sol is the crown prince.

As for the descendants of Thor, everyone looked towards Jane Foster with a bulging belly, and sighed in their hearts.

Unless Saul marries an Asgardian woman as his wife a hundred years later, I still don’t know that Blood Orchid, an Asgardian who can enhance the existence of lifespan, shook his head secretly in my heart.

When Bessore died of old age, he was already the Ancestral Grandfather in Ancestral Grandfather.

What is the significance of this royal heir to the Asgardians?

William actually took a risk when he made this promise. After all, it has been more than a year, almost two years since he decided to be a child, but the belly of all women has not grown.

However, if there is no offspring, he can only recognize it.

After all, at that time, with his close relationship with Sol until now, it is better to return Asgard to Sol’s descendants than to let others take advantage.

Thinking of this, William secretly decided in his heart that they have unified the two Divine Realms, and it is time to really start thinking about future generations.

As Odin received William’s personal promise, he asked the Asgardians who were present, and saw no objection, and looked towards Sol, the guy Sol directly nodded.

As for Hela, she actually kept staring at William at this time, making Odin a little bit of heart, and then cursing in her heart.

As her first child, Odin knows Hela too well, she must be playing William’s idea.

Once the two have a child, it is the root of the turmoil in Asgard.

But while Odin was worried, there was a faint feeling in his heart, making you William keep thinking about my position, and I will always find you some troublesome secret joy in the future.

With this unspeakable secret, Odin suddenly felt that wearing the crown on Angela’s head would not be so unwilling and helpless.

One-eyed gave William a meaningful look. When William’s heart jumped, Odin put away Eternal Spear and put the crown on Angela’s head with both hands.

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